Sadly speaking, after switching from blogspot years ago, went to some random wretch blog and was bring rapidly scolded by Oi because she think that blog name itself sucks, and of course scolded by other people from my clique. Then I changed to I can’t even remember if I had a blog there or not, let’s just assume yes so as to make it seems like I have went to a lot of hosting sites before. I tried DiaryLand and thought it wasn’t that good, it’s either not enough or there was advertisements. I tried LiveJournal and I think that also contained advertisements, or that their blogskins doesn’t looks nice. Then I went to baidu to set up a blog there and after struggling a few months there, I decided that baidu is not that good either.

Finally, I went to WordPress. Managed to stay on for 2 years, even had a nice 2nd year anniversary just some days ago, and then I finally changed it due to some incident happening in school and many many watchful, curious, waiting-to-see-jokes, all kind of prying eyes looking into my entries. View counts went up especially high just because of that and that made me damn pissed off to the max and then after giving it some thoughts, I decided to delete off everything from the site. Not kidding because I didn’t even save up any entries at all. All were deleted. That’s fine, since when I looked back on the histories it contained a lot of weird terms and I didn’t quite liked my archives.

Changed to Tumblr a few days ago, in fact, I think that was just 2 days ago. After playing around with the CSS codes and HTML codes (It’s customizable like blogspot), then I decided that changing codes around was too hard and I don’t have so much time to look into the whole of HTML and CSS, I fed up with changing the codes because no matter how I put it in, it’s just hard coded and if the screen was too small it would not fit in.

Finally, when I saw the blogskins of bloggers, I made up the decision to come back. Though I still got to say that WordPress is still the nicest one to me. I could have just changed the blog address name and continued using WordPress but because I’m stubborn and I won’t change my display name no matter what.
Now that I think about it, I could have write reviews on the blog hosting sites!! HAHA! Okay, if I’m bored one day I could write on that and somehow persuade people to use WordPress, but then again, since I’m now in blogspot, I think I should promote blogspot more hehe.

Till then~ Adios~


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