Hi Peeps!

It was a little sad to leave my previous blog since I have finally managed to suvive in that blog for 2 years already. Well, not like it matters anyway.

I have to be honest here, I was already tempted to leave my previous blog because I’m always attracted to trying out blog in different places, but due to the fact that I had already survived in there for more than 2 years now I thought it would be stupid to leave and then since now the blog there is merely used as something for people to pry into my archives to see if there is anything else that is bad I thought it would be a good decision to delete everything now there.

Was thinking between going blogspot, tumblr or onsugar. I don’t deny the fact that blogspot is good, but I just don’t like the extension of blogspot.com. Ayz, if only somebody can sponsor me a free domain name haha.

There maybe a chance that I will still change my blog now because seems to me tumblr is kinda like still developing? Or maybe it’s because I very used to WordPress already. It’s a pity leaving WordPress because everything inside was very complete, though I didn’t like the fact that no java widgets could be added in, which explains why I was uing the comment box all the while.

Well, I will currently reside here first and see how is it like. Unless meanwhile I could find some other blog hosting sites that seems much better but less likely though.

Hm, oh yeah. People, please don’t link my in your blog anymore, like I’ve said I initially wanted to stopped blogging altogether and then decided otherwise because if that’s the case, most of you guys will thinking that I have vanished from the Earth. Besides, I need something to keep track of my life anyway.

Deleting archives from previous blog was not only to stop people from prying further into what I have written but also because when I looked back on what I’ve wrote it kinda felt weird too. Initially I still used “lol” in my posts long long time ago, I didn’t quite like that. So now I can start everything anew again! Hip hip hooray!
Have made up a decision to not attend the graduation ceremony. Partly because of the thing, and the other reason is because I really don’t forward to attending it either. Just mailed my lecturer of my decision but she encouraged me to attend though, that’s kinda surprising. Anyways, will give it some more thought, since the deadline is still long~

I’m still waiting for my pay day to come~~ I’m so poor recently. Sobs.


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