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Since it’s lunch time now, and I’m still running things on my computer, and I refused to recap on my Japanese because I can do that later during working hours (which will make it seems like I’m doing something serious), then I thought I should blog. However, due to the fact that I’m only living a simple and monotonous working life, I think if I just write what’s occurring around would turn you guys off totally. From what I have written for the previous post, I thought it is time that I should write something meaningful just in case perhaps you guys want to know what I have experienced from these previous years that I am changing my blog round and around and made you guys threw asterisks, dollar signs, stars, brackets, exclamation marks at me.

Firstly, starts with Blogger, because this is the place that started the whole blogging journey. However, I don’t remember my first blog address because that was really a long long time ago, way back when I was still a young and innocent kid in Prebyterian High School. I can’t even remember if I started in when I was in the lower secondary or upper secondary. Well, I would be a “young and innocent” kid if that was still in lower secondary so don’t rush to stop me from saying that yet. If I started my blog in the upper secondary, that was when I was a little depressed, a little pissed off, had a pinch of hatred, and some degree of hoping and wishing that the world will explode deep within or something. I’m not saying I’m not now, but at least not that pissed off and depressed, don’t particularly hope that the earth will have destruction. Ayz, I was such an adorable kid then.

It allows for customization of HTML and CSS codings, which can allow you to have a blog design of your own or downloaded from a lot of websites available that you can find on the internet.
Easy way for you to move your box widgets around, widgets in sidebar can be shifted around easily using the method of “What You See is What You Get”.
Adsense, which allows you to earn money through the advertisements on the blog. So far I think this is one of the few blog hosting sites that allow this, because most of the blog hosting sites would force you to put advertisements on your blogs and they will earn the money instead of the blogger.
Changing of blog URLs, when you decided on a blog address already and then you decided that it doesn’t suit you or you got fickle-minded as time goes by, you’re just one click away to change your blog URL (not mentioning the typing in of verification codes, it’s easy anyways).

I guess that’s the most significant benefits for Blogger, at least that’t what I feel haha. Now about the bad points.. I’ll actually be doing comparisons more to WordPress, well, since I liked WordPress more haha. Though customization of codes could not be done, well, if it could be done, I think it will just be like Blogger or Tumblr. I’m just biased haha.

Due to the allowance of customization of codes, I will normally tends to get itchy handed and decided to shift things or add things into the skins. That’s when the problem starts because then I will get stuck somewhere (I didn’t really go into the basics of HTML and CSS, just moved things here and there which will cause more confusion because it’s really messy). Then I get pissed off, then I will find another skin and just use it instead. After a while, I will repeat the same step. offer a lot of blogskins done by users. It’s a good thing but a bad thing because there is so many choices you won’t know which one is better, and I have to click on a lot of things before I can preview it, I’m really lazy.
After moving back, then I realised this problem, there isn’t a word count on the bottom of the blogging box? (Unless there is actually an option to and I didn’t know? Haa~)
I normally tends to bookmark my blog, then from there would press a button from the dashboard to write a new post straight away (WordPress function). Then I realised that when I go to my blog, there isn’t an option to post at all, I’m just viewing my blog like a reader. So in the end I have to go back to and press the button to blog instead.
One really bad thing is that, blogspot is really common, I’m a weird person so I like things that are not really used by a lot of people. Singaporeans like blogspots a lot, so when you go to your friend’s blog and they have links to other blogs, you would find 80-90% of them are blogspots.

Wow. Blogger itself is already so damn wordy. Tsk.

Then I will move on to my next blogging place. Diaryland.

I really thought that Diaryland sounds nice, I even had a friend who were using that before, though I don’t remember who, she had a very pretty skin for her blog, so I thought yeah, maybe Diaryland is good! I went to the site and was shocked to realise that the site itself is not very developed. Instead of nice graphics like what all the other blogging sites offer, it’s just words and more words.
Nevertheless, I went ahead to create a blog in there. I was in diaryland for less than an hour then I quitted. So there isn’t much that I can blog about this.
I only remembered that I met a lot of problems while trying out, I think the main problem was that I didn’t even knwo where to get the blogskins? Blog sites that probide templates for Diaryland is also very limited.
I was shocked to realise that there isn’t even any Diaryland logo. I went to google and typed in diaryland logo, it suggested Dairyland logo for me instead. I have to get this picture from the main site itself.

Another blog which I think I spent less than 2-3 hours?
Can’t remember whether or not the templates could be customized or not, but if I didn’t remember wrongly, no matter whether or not it could be customized, the advertisements could not be taken away from the blog. I don’t really like additional things in my blog, so naturally that itself already makes me feel like changing again.
If the templates could not be changed, I remembered then that the templates given were very limited and not really appealing to me, especially ever since I had seen nice ones when I was in Blogger.
Then I changed again.

I really didn’t understand why I used this site the last time. This one is kinda similar to the baidu site that I’m going to talk about later on. I think I was attracted to this site because it ended with Actually I still thought tha the blog site URL is hard to remember, I think I survived in here for a couple of months before moving on.

This site allows for customization of HTML and CSS. I used the template that was given by them at that time, and it was very messy.
It’s a site from Taiwan by the way, I remembered that random people would just come and tag on your blog. Even though it was fully customizable but I still don’t quite understand why I took a hard time changing the things and all. I think is because that the user interface given by them is quite hard to understand.

This would be good if you want some blog URL that is not as common as in Singapore, your site would be full of things and widgets are all around the place. Random people from Taiwan would come to leave comments on your tagboard at the side bar.

Another Chinese website. Why am I going to these chinese websites to set up my blog? Seriously I have no idea, I cannot even recalled myself in these websites before. Nevertheless, I spent another couple of months in here, I remembered I spent quite a long time in here, even took time to change the blog skins. I guess a significant difference in these blog hosting sites are that their blog templates are all kinda messy. This one also had widgets all over the place.

Hm, when I think about it, maybe Baidu and Wretch perhaps didn’t allow the customization of codes, I think most likely they provide the blog templates and you can arrange the things around like Blogger method, but instead of a simplified version of the layout, you really just move around the thing on the blog page itself. Yeah, and it’s laggy. Ain’t very cool, too much things around and was laggy.

Then, finally I found WordPress. Ayz, so sad when I’m mentioning about it. I really missed WordPress so much!!!

One bad thing about WordPress is that they don’t allow customization of HTML and CSS codes, so you can only choose the blog templates that were provided by them. However, the blog templates they gave are really not bad, very organized and neat. As compared to most of the blogging sites, the default blog templates that they have are much better.
You have to pay if you want any customization of codings.

There is no tagboard. Initially when I changed to WordPress, I really could not get used to not having tagboard, because when I am bored and got nothing to do, most of the time I just like to go other’s blog to spam their tagboards HAHA! This is when I got used to using comments instead of tagboard haha.On to the good points~
When you are on your own blog site, there is a task bar on the top of the page for registered users, so you can mouse over it to start posting a new post, or you can click on the dash board wording to go to your blog’s dash board.
Additional features such as view counts are shown for everyday so you can have a look on how many people visited your site for the day. People who clicked on links to come to your blog is shown. Links on your site also would be shown if people clicked on them. If people used some search terms to come to your blog you would also see it. I thought blogger already had this feature then I was surprised that there isn’t. That’s a really great feature.
Widgets page are available, it’s still not customizable so you can only use the widets that WordPress has provided, nonetheless, there are a lot of widgets available, such as for you to upload file for your readers to download, songs, photos, videos, number of visits and all other basic features that you will need.
Word counts are available when you’re blogging.
WordPress has this function that when you upload a portrait photo, it will appear on the left side of your URL on your explorer bar ( don’t really know what it’s called, but the bar that is on top of your browser whereby you type in URL and browse to that webpage ).

This is similar to WordPress, initially I was deciding between OnSugar or Tumblr. OnSugar allowed customization of codings. I didn’t have much time to explore around this because then I decided on Tumblr. OnSugar is still a developing site in my opinion.
If you don’t really mind a new developing blogging site, perhaps you can try this because it’s almost close to WordPress and it can let you customize your own blog template.
There’s even this widget that you can add in to your site that allows you to earn money, just like Blogger does.

Yay, finally it’s the last one. I actually blogged this from my lunch time till my knock off time. Zzz

Tumblr is actually quite good if you’re the kind of advanced user that are comfortable with using your own HTML and CSS codes. They do provide you blog templates but it’s really basic kinds. So most likely you can take it as the first stepping stone to your layout. I would have stayed there if I was comfortable with coding everything out myself.
It also has a task bar like WordPress so that when you need to customize, you can just edit your codes on the blog site and preview the changes immediately.
Tumblr also allows you to have this small tiny picture next to your URL on the explorer bar as according to your portrait photo.
More over, tumblr sounds nice. Still I think it’s like a developing site like OnSugar but of course a but more developed.With that, I fnally finished off this ultra long post. Oh my, I think this is the first time I wrote something so long. My hands are sour from all this typing man.


4 thoughts on “Blog Hosting Sites Choices

  1. FIRST.And wow, that was one LONNGGGGG post.and i've experimented with other homepages and stuff before blogs came into existance. But my actual blog history can be summarized into one sentence: I joined blogger in 2004. >.<Blogger should give me loyalty points.hahahahhaha

  2. Yeah it was really damn long la. I typed until my hand damn tired lor and the worst thing is that I started blogging from lunch time around 12 30 until like 6 30 hen finished especially in between working hours when I need to sneak and type at the same time, damn damn tiring lolbut seriously I think I still prefer wordpress sia the user interface for users is really much better as compared to blogspot

  3. HAHAHA cuz seriously im still more comfortable with using wordpress ma~~ and i did mention the good points of blogger also ma. toldja im biased of wordpress already anyways haha.

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