Confucius – the movie (contains spoilers)

I’m quite shocked that I will be blogging a movie review on this. When I first saw the advertisements and press release for this movie, I was thinking who will watch this movie, and here I am, going to make a movie review on this.

It started with this movie vouchers that my dad bought from his colleagues, which till now I couldn’t understand why he bought the movie tickets ayz.. It’s not cheap too, 8 dollars for 2 movie tickets, worst of all, it’s actually Eng Wah movie theatre. I think watching a movie in Cathay are much cheaper, popcorns sweeter, screen bigger, more comfy chairs and most impotantly, more human beings. However, due to the expiry date that is crashing down on me (31st Mar 2010 which is today), I have no other choices because How to Train Your Dragon is in 3D, the movie vouchers are only for normal movies. I refuse to watch Being Human and Kidnapped, thus in the end there isn’t much other choices left. Since this movie is by Chow Yun Fatt I think it wouldn’t be too bad though I really resent watching this movie for no apparent reasons. I really really wanted to watch Clash of the Titans but the brilliant thing is that it only starts showing on 1st April.

Me and Kai Lan reluctantly made our way to Jubilee Centre in AMK yesterday night after having dinner nearby our houses. We wanted to watch the movie today instead due to her eating too much of pork in her house which causes her a stomach upset, but she decided that she would be lazy to move her ass down AMK the next day and after much discussion we made up our mind to just get it over and done with. Watching movie was supposed to be a very enjoyable experience but I didn’t quite understand why it was tormenting us instead.

However, after watching the movie, I needa to say that it really isn’t that bad, the movie. Oh, before talking about the movie, I need to describe the environment. Since the opening of AMK hub and a very cool cinemal theatre owned by the Cathay, the Eng Wah in Jubilee is as good as empty because the tickets are much more expensive, chairs not as comfy, screen is smaller, and it’s outside of AMK hub which has the link to the MRT station and bus terminal. We really thought that the theatre will really just has the 2 of us as audience, Kai Lan even suggested me buying black melon seeds to go inside and snack on. I was very tempted to but let’s just assume that there will be 1% chance of having other audiences, so in the end I rejected.

9.40PM, we got admitted into the theatre, and just as predicted, the theatre was empty. As soon as we climbed up halfway, they started the advertisements. That’s when I thought that “Oh gosh! It’s really just the 2 of us!”. Having only 2 person in a movie theatre is cool, but it’s also very eerie at the same time, the feeling is really just like watching TV in my house with us sitting on the sofa just that the screen is bigger. We started talking louder, laughed madly, talked crap, Kai Lan even tried putting her legs on the front seats. Luckily she thought better of it and put it down because 10 minutes later, a middle aged couple came in, followed by a random guy. In the end, there are only 5 of us in the theatre. Don’t even bother sitting on the designated seats because there’s plenty of seats for you to choose, I think you can even barbecue Otahs and pork on the empty space at the front.

Much as we have always heard of people using famous lines by Confucius, I never actually knew the story of him at all. I knew he was kind of like a philosopher, a thinker. What I didn’t know is that he has suffered a lot throughout his life. A patriotic person yet being exiled out of the country, he has to leave his family, his wife, his daughter and his disciples and wandered around the different nations. Well, of course his disciples caught up with him. Then they wandered together. Kai Lan was saying something like Confucius had 3000 disciples. So I asked “Huh? Got 3000 so much?” She decided that she is not very confident with her answer and replied, “Maybe 300, don’t remember”. I looked at the screen, “Perhaps is 30 but you mixed up.” Well, there’s literally only around 30 people following him all the way.

What I didn’t quite understand is why did the poster picture made Zhou Xun to look so important in the show. I initially thought that perhaps she is Confucius’ wife or some really really important people. Turns out I think the amount of time she came out is less than 30 minutes. Ayz. She tried seducing Confucius and that failed of course. Oh yeah, I need to mention one thing that kinda surprised me in this show.

As she was trying to seduce the Confucius, the camera did a close up view on their faces. I saw Chow Yun Fatt’s eyes clearly, and realised that actually his eyes looked very beautiful, it’s not completely black so you could still see a small black dot inside. (Forgive me because I really don’t remember the terms for the eyes in detail so I assume that you people understand what I’m saying, if not you can skip this haha.) For most of us people, our eyes are just a big black thing in the middle, so you can only see black and white, whereas most foreigners you will see the white, then a random color and another random color inside the random color (chimology).I was so captivated by his eyes, it’s really bright. Then the camera shifted to Zhou Xun’s face. I have this perception that girl’s eyes will actually looks better than guys’ ones, so I happily searched for her eyes, and was shocked to realised that her eyes looked very blank. It’s like, it’s like dead fish eye(translate to chinese). I looked into her eyes and what I felt was hollow, empty, blank, nothing. It’s really damn weird.

Okay, back to the point. She tried seducing, failed, said that while people might understand the sufferings and pains he had gone through but people would not understand the level that he had attained through this experience (I really have no idea what this meant). She bowed to him and he bowed back to her. Next scene, Confucius made the decision to leave the country ( Oh yeah, Zhou Xun is kinda like a ruler of the other country ), he said that the country would be destroyed soon. Flashed to next screen again, then Zhou Xun died. Random.

He had a lot of disciples and they were actually great talents, many countries invited them to go to their countries to help defend against enemies (Seriously, they only start thinking about them when their own country is in trouble zzz), but sadly some of them died in the process. I think it was supposed to be very sad since in the end, a few of his disciples all died at the same day or something, but maybe cuz there wasn’t many people in the theatre, I really didn’t have the atmosphere and ambience to cry in.

The show isn’t really that nice but it isn’t that bad afterall actually. Maybe it was because of Chow Yun Fatt’s acting. Sometimes I don’t really quite understand what they are talking about since it was too profound, and some things that happened doesn’t seems to quite make sense to me either, perhaps because I didn’t understood their profound language. Oh wells.

At least this movie did make me have a better understanding of Confucius anyways. I guess that’s the most important part of this movie? Haha~


9 thoughts on “Confucius – the movie (contains spoilers)

  1. a black dot? lol.. u referring to the pupil of the eyes or what? at first when i read "the black dot" i was thinking did he had some illness and how it will look charming to u.. =_=Anyways. It DAMN cool to have only a few of you in the cinema theatre. But why dun the cinema close down sia.. seems like its really in a damn horrible state. OH! FIRST!! YAY!! FIRSTTTTT!

  2. it's called a pupil. >.<but the roundabout way you took just to describe it is FARNIE.haahhahahahahahand i'm dying from lackofgoodmovia….but no time to go watchhhhh!!!me very sad.

  3. ayz cuz i thought the pupil is the round big thing that is in the middle de, but i thought in the middle of the pupil still got another thingy? i not so sure also HAHA!but at least you guys understand what im saying after i explained the layer of colors right hehe.lack of good movie… lol. i dun even know what good shows are there.. OH YEAH! clash of the titans LOL im so so so attracted when they say battle between the gods and humans. its like W-O-W!!hm apparently there will be a few funny movies coming up, i onli remembered the actresses name though, one is starring jennifer lopez, and another one is starring jennifer aston or anston. I think that both movies are nice.

  4. go watch how to train your dragon then LOL! alice in wonderland also have 3D one but dunno is still up on the theatre nia bo lol. but 3D movies more expensive eh. i think i prefer normal one, dun particularly like 3D ones anyway haha

  5. eh, i think blogspot actually got quick editing features. you can go check it out. i remember you were saying something about it not being able to edit like wordpress or summin. gah and i cant seem to get the comments thing to show up on my blog's main-page.

  6. i know, which means that you can onli edit the posts that were posted. what i wanted is really a button that shows "new post" so that when i suddenly really nothing to do i can press on that and go to the posting page of the blogger immediately ma, instead of i have to go to and then press the posts tab then can start writing. and most of the time i like to come my blog first, so its like a lot of steps for me lol.

  7. i think can. you have to be signed in to google all the time lor, so that when you go to your homepage, the new post option will be there.

  8. im signed in all the time lol. sadly dun have this option sia. or is because of the theme? i dun think so though. theres onli this quick edit feature which you can press this small pencil icon at the bottom of the post then can edit that post de.

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