People Don’t Listen

Since I’m almost blogging like every other day when I’m in the office, I thought that I should blog today too, since this weekend will be much longer and most likely everybody left on time today, which means that I need to leave much later today haha.

I think that our beloved Oi here mentioned this somewhere deep inside her blog before that normally people only ask questions, expecting you to ask them back the same question. The final motive for asking you the question is really not to hear what you have to say but in fact to tell you what are their answer for that question. At that time, I actually agreed to that, but I can’t remember what I have commented, or perhaps I didn’t even commented. Sometimes, I’ll also use this kind of tactic. When I want people to ask me about that, then I will ask them that particular question, I can’t remember what kind of questions because at that time I still used this kind of tactic.

Now, I just force people to listen even without them asking me.

Anyways, at that time when I used this kind of method to get people to ask me back the same questions, they really never asked back either. It’s either I’m really so damn smart that I asked them a question that just nice they also had chunks of answer on that or they really are just not interested in knowing the answer from me. Haha. Most of the time, it’s the first one though.

So guys, you gotta understand that next time if I ask you questions, please remember to ask me back because that really is my motive for asking you guys that question in the first place. Yet, then again, I rarely used this method now, but who knows maybe I might revert back to the same innocent, pure me hehe. However, sometimes when I ask people on “how’s life?”, I really only wanted them to answer me back and not ask me back because my answer will always be the same old one word, “sucks.” Questions that I want people to ask me back is never fulfilled yet questions that I don’t want people to ask me back will always be fulfilled. Tsk.

You can see that up till now, I have not even talked about the main point of my title. That’s the reason why my blog name is The Art of Randomness hehe.

My point is that actually most of the time when people talk to you, they just want somebody to listen to. It’s just as well as talking to the wall, but when they talk to you, at least they know that there is people listening. However, when you reply back to them or sometimes you have something to talk to them about, they won’t be listening. You can tell when you continued saying and ask them a question and they would just give you a blank look on their faces, it’s happened to me a lot of times. Most of the time, I’m just kinda lazy to repeat what I have said. Zzz.

It’s really frustrating.


9 thoughts on “People Don’t Listen

  1. i dont even remember typing that. and i'm the type who people ask questions of and i very seldom remember to ask them back.i cant tell if it's because of an innate narcissm of mine, a complete lack of interest in other people's lives or just pure blur-ness.

  2. but there is really people who ask questions and then would have want you to ask them back, its really they just wan to express their opinions on it lol. i met this kind of situations before lol just that i dun remember what.

  3. it's quite strange. Why ppl want others to ask them back. they will say like "eh, ask me back leh~" O_O Why cant they just go straight to the point. OH, i suddenly rmb somebody It's like one day he tell me that he din not had lunch and wanted me to ask him why. But then i just listen and "orh" LOL~i will only ask back when i really got nothing to say.. or i will totally quiet down after answering the question.. LOL~ (i only do that to acquaintance)

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