Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Was searching for a nice and funny comedy anime and I chanced upon this on catalogue. I didn’t quite like the drawing style of the show but the story was really very funny.

This anime revolves around a teacher who is very pessimistic. In fact, he is on the extreme verge of negative-ism, small things could make him very depressed and he would move on to commit suicide in the next scene. Yup, and this summary is what that makes me feel like watching the show.

The start of episode 1 started off with him trying to hang himself on a sakura tree. He did succeeded in hanging, but did not die as a female student appeared out of nowhere and saw him hanging on the rope by his neck. She tried to save him and eventually did though the process nearly ended up killing him instead. She wanted to pull him off the rope which resulted in her pulling him down on the rope instead, well, after much struggling, he didn’t die and shouted and her, “What if I had died?”. The girl is actually a very positive person, she looked at everything in a very positive light, and due to that sentence he shouted at her, she thought that he wasn’t serious of killing himself because if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have said that.

After much argument of whether he’s serious about killing himself, he made up the decision to continue committing suicide. However, it was stopped again because the girl thought that it’s not a good idea to die on such a beautiful day, and insisted that he was not committing suicide anyway, he was just trying to make him self “taller” by hanging on the tree.

Hm, I think the funny part is whenever he explained why he think it’s not worth living anymore, the girl would always do some other thing that’s random. The girl had named the sakura trees with weird names that starts with the word “pink”. Then she decided that the guy be named “pink supervisor”. This started off with him talking about how depressing the world is because to name something that exist in the world, you need to have money to buy over that thing. So in future, mt. everest would not be name mt. everest anymore, it would be called some mt. takashida organization(giving example only, I don’t remember). Then she put a 50 yen coin into his hand and insisted on calling him “pink supervisor”. He did not take the coin and stomped off to his homeroom class.

By right, he should actually be the most problematic, troublesome person in the class. However, as I continued watching, I realised his class is full of problematic and troublesome people including himself. He got a super positive student who looked on everything on the positive side, even on the worst thing possible. He got a hikkikomori student who never come to school. He got a student who has split personality. A student who don’t talk but only send SMSes. A student who stalks people she love. And some other weirdo students.

Oh oh, the hikkikomori is the funniest one. I think I should tell you guys on what happened even if you all are not interested. I don’t care. The school nurse told the sensei to go visit the hikkikomori and persuade her to come to school. He went together with the super positive student. They went into the house and saw that the hikkikomori’s room was locked inside, there are chains inside which prevents you from opening the door fully. Her father kept asking her to come out but she kept herself inside while watching some random shows. At this time, the super positive student got the idea that the person inside the room is actually a room spirit (I have no idea how she got this idea). So she told the sensei that the thing inside the room is a room spirit, they should not let her out. The sensei (I don’t know what got into his mind) listened to her and they took a lot of planks and nailed across the room’s door, and barred it so that nobody could go in or out of the room.

The student then asked the sensei to go across the roof to bar the room’s window. He climbed up with a rope around his waist, slipped and in the end the rope was on his neck instead. Not wanting to die without preparation, he struggled and struggled and just nice the hikkikomori turned and saw him by the window. Freaked out, she wanted to escape the room, she run to open the door and realised that it’s being barred. She became hysterical and took the whole television and threw it at the door. The door was being forced open and she walked out. The positive student, being very positive that the hikkikomori is a room spirit, decorated the corridor with millions of candles, I don’t understand why but the room was black and red color, the positive student carried a doll in her arms and persuaded the hikkikomori to stay inside the room forever. Then suddenly, the corridor was filled with dolls. The sensei suddenly appeared behind her and suddenly everything became super creepy, the dolls, sensei and the student all asked her to stay inside the room forever.

Then she becamed cured.

Ayz, I realised it’s not funny when I write it out like this. Bahz, whatever, since I typed for so long I’m not going to delete it HAHA!

If you guys got some free time you can go watch the anime. I didn’t watch finish though because I think only the front parts are more funny hehe.

I’m feeling very ashamed but I think I should tell you guys that I actually failed my BTT.

Yes, I know Imma retard. I was shocked to see the word “failed” came out too. Well, wasn’t really disappointed anyway, because when the questions came out I realised that I really don’t remember HAHA! I’m so lazy to go and test for it again tsk.

I told my brother that I failed my BTT. Here’s the conver.

bro: fail leh
only banglahs fail BTT
me: but i failed
bro: you’re worse than banglah
You got study or not de
me: anyhow browse through
bro: then you deserve to fail
me: ai ya
BTT this kind of thing hor
either you pass in 1 try or I need to fail hundred times then pass
bro: orh
okay lor.
You go and take another 599 times
me: very expensive leh
bro: you go take another 364 times lor
then next time when people ask you you can tell them that you pass your BTT in 365 times
me: no money
bro: your godly bro here pass everything in 1 try, BTT and practical
me: ai ya
when one succeeds in everything, you need another 1 to fail in everything de ma, like that then got contrast.
bro: orh
then good luck

Boo hoo, I’m such a disgrace for failing my BTT! I need to go fail another 9 time so when people next time ask me how many times I took for my BTT. I can proudly say 10 times! Instead of saying something like I took 2 times (Ayz, no matter what also won’t sound confident)


3 thoughts on “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

  1. LOL!!! yeah~~ hmmm learn driving also dun have car LOL! if i have then drive you guys around haha! or or or, oi shan can you buy me a car if i get my license LOL!

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