Back to my Beloved WordPress

Ayz, came back to WordPress after all. I really wanted to just stay in Blogger for good, but every time I have to upload pictures in Blogger, I will need 5 minutes to upload it on PhotoBucket and then bring it to blogger (It’s possible to just upload the photo on Blogger itself and use it directly, I know. Problem is I have no idea how much is the storage space given and it’s not stated, I feel very unsafe when they don’t specify this kind of things haha.) , that’s okay I don’t really mind that 5 minutes. However, I will need another 10 minutes just to make everything looks nice on Blogger.

Blogger have this WYSIWYG policy, meaning what you see is what you get. The problem is, the things that I saw on the post editor and the things I’ve saw that is really posted on my Blogger site is totally different. Then I keep comparing to how perfect WordPress was, even the word WordPress itself is so much more pleasant than Blogger is to me. I think I’m just used to it, since 2 years is not really a short time either. Ayz, I really kinda regret deleting all the posts in my previous blog though, ah~~ Never mind, I should start everything anew!

Next is, how do I come about having this weird pokemon-like name, E-Leafy. I didn’t realized it really seemed like a pokemon name until Eileen told me. Oh wells, I like the name anyway hoho. E of course stands for the initial of my name, and leafy wise.. I just like the word leafy, I like leaf and then I just added a ‘y’ to it to make it sounds more nicer. If it’s only Leafy, it’s too common a name, definitely it’s taken and besides E-Leafy sounds more game like and cyber, and it’s also contained my initial. So it’s the perfect name! Hoho.

I gotta thank the game review blog that I’ve start with Eileen though, else I would not have bother to think of another user name because MirlZ is rare enough. Well.. At least I have a back up user name haha. All I need now is a new logo which I don’t think I have the time to make, even if I have, it’s not now because I’m blogging in office hours.

That’s about it. Ah~ I love WordPress so much~~ I also love my new user name HAHA!

PS: I just then realized that my blog post about the blog hosting sites contained 2000+ words. No wonder my hands nearly broke while typing it haha. What the hell.


10 thoughts on “Back to my Beloved WordPress

  1. where got 5mins so kua zhang! is your internet slow ba.. lol.. cant blame it on blogger becos of ur shit internet connection.. Oops. =X

    1. pi la!! ai ya, 5 min includes the process of going there also can LOL! then sometimes the picture size come out is not what i wan ma, need to edit de ya know~

  2. really dont understand whats wrong with blogger but please stop moving around.
    what are you, some kind of gypsy?
    zhen shi de.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! blogger got a lot of problems la!!! is a lot until i dun even know how to pin point the exact problems okay LOL.

      1. updating of photos is super troublesome because i need to upload to photobucket
      2. every time i uploaded a picture, i need to manually move it down to the end of the page because it will always end up at the top of the post
      3. the lining have a lot of problems, its either the picture and the words are too close together or the pictures and the words are too far apart
      4. doesnt provide word count
      5. Tag is manually typed in instead of choosing like wordpress
      6. the logo itself does not look nice enough
      7. i dun like the overall user interface

      after much tolerance, i decided to come back to wordpress lol.

      hahahahahaha~ ai ya told you liao ma. last moving le unless i decided that im fed up with the pokemon name and move back to mirlz la. but thats highly highly impossible. oh yeah, can you link my this blog. just dun write my name can le LOL! hmm you can write something like the Genius i dun mind. hehe

      1. because this name definitely nobody will know lol. so it doesnt matter anymore LOL! and besides i wun write my particulars inside here anymore so it wun be that dangerous even if people know its me.

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