Interview for SIT

I think my chances of going into NTU is as tiny as you telling me that I’m going to struck lottery tomorrow which equates to zero, because I don’t buy lottery. Just got a call from SIT yesterday during lunch time, been asked to go for an interview. Anyway,  I think they asked all the applicants to go for the interview. Wasn’t really interested in going into SIT, nonetheless, after being peer pressured by a bunch of people, I think it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Then I received a email from them today about the details of the admission details and am damn shocked to realize that I have to write 2 essays so that I can submit to them during the interview. I’m not sure if they have posted this on the website before because I wasn’t really that interested in going this before, this was a back up plan haha. Since there isn’t anything else that I can apply for, I applied for SIT. Then, I went through a struggle of life and death again to decide whether or not I should spend the time to go write out the 2 essays, each essay must be of around 2-3 pages, which means a total of 4-6 pages of words.

No matter whether or not the details was written on the website or not, I didn’t know that I have to prepare this 2 essays, and thus it’s quite impossible that I can prepare it by tomorrow 2pm, so I just wrote an email back to request for a postpone for it. Well, I think maybe they’re rearranging or they’re just pissed off that I’m creating so much trouble and just wanna kick me off the list, hmm.. If that’s the case, then there’s no fate between me and SIT.

I really really really wanna get into NTU. Ayz, what to do, my aggregate wasn’t high enough. Sad case. Don’t think appealing would have helped anyway.

Now going for plan C. I’m currently very very tempted to go according to this plan. That is to go overseas to study. My beloved supervisor graduated from a University in Australia ( I really cannot remember the name haha ) and given me some tips if I wanna to go overseas to study. Okay, the only problem now about me not able to go overseas study is that I don’t have the money. It’s either:

a) I slog another year in ST and earn that much amount of money and get some from my parents and fly


b) worse come to worst, bank loan and then spend the rest of my life repaying the debt.

I think most likely it would be the (b). Which means I would have to spend the rest of my life slogging away. Tsk.

One important thing is, how much is it to study overseas anyway!! Dammit, I need to know more information. Guess I’ll do it next week~

Till then. Adios~


9 thoughts on “Interview for SIT

  1. LOL! what peer pressure just asking you to give a try nia. the final decision is up to you. If peer pressure works, i shall everyday pressure you to go for the grad ceremony!! *evil laughter*

    In my opinion I think its best not to go to overseas to study, unless you really can find a good university and the certs they gives is recognized. I have know some people who goes aussie to study in the end they came back with certs that the government/company does not recognize it. That’s a really damn sad case when you spend a lot of money to study and in the end you get a paper that is as worthy as the toilet paper.

    Moreover, school fees + textbooks + living expenses = money and more money. I think the money spend for studying oversea is a lot. Given that you study in aussie for 2-3years, each year you need to spend about 35k at most. You might need at least 100k~~ OMO! Get a study loan? I think the interest will make fainted for a few seconds before i continue writing this.. Even with discount the interest is still around 5%(I checked the DBS) some more for DBS they only loan to those students in their list of university. There is also a few other banks like Maybank, Citibank, HSBC, RHB etc etc. If you are interested you can go to their website to check. But, you know, you will be spending you lifetime repaying these debts.

    If you really cant get to NTU this year, continue to work in this industry and you can always reapply every year.

    Good luck~

    1. LOL no the grad ceremony is not going to work because i need to fork out 30 bucks for the crap attire LOL! and a day leave. and im not interested bahz.

      eh lol. as for universities wise.. i dun think is so unrecognized ba LOL im not sure though, i feel like its kinda good opportunity to go outside of the country and see how its like leh. but the money is really a big problem. as for the cert wise, just have to choose those that are more well known for technology lo.

      5% is really damn a lot. ayz theyre so damn jian when it comes to borrowing money from them wth lol.

      even if not studying overseas right.. im not sure if sit is a good choice. i mean if you compare sit with studying overseas. i much rather choose overseas lol. but then again, im not sure lol.

  2. There’s only 2 Uni in s’pore that’s recognised.. that’s NTU and NUS. Overseas, only oxford, cambridge (did I spell it right) and harvard or was it something else can go.

    all the others are not recognised, even SMU is not gd enough. If u want to go to a uni, but can’t get into the few recognised one, at least go apply singpore uni, at least cheaper. Or maybe u try appealing to NTU?

    1. yeah i know, which is why i dun really wanna go to sit also, because its really not that recognized either no matter how a lot of people tell me that digipen is actually quite recognized for this industry, but i seriously just dun wanna go lol.

      no, i dun wan smu either lol. and definitely not sim. then again, those are business courses right lol. i dun think appealing can work either lol.

      ayz i dunno lol. ‘sides, i havent got the rejection letter yet LOL so the appealing will be a few months later lol.

      1. Digipen is quite recognized in game industry only and you will only learn C++. Singapore’s game industry is even tinier than the red dot. That means if you compare a person with comp science degree and Digipen’s degree, with comp sci degree u can get more jobs opportunities. Digipen is more of a specialize deg, unless u are have this mindset that “i’m going to be in the game industry for the rest of my life!”.

        Another thing about SIT is that, they are newly set up and if u get to go in you will be the first batch(feel honored?), since its new, meaning they are not very experienced in the things they are going to give you. The first batch of students will be their guinea pigs(IMO)

  3. I have great faith in your ability to enter NTU.
    because i sure as well dont want you to go flying off to australia!
    and practically speaking, unless it’s Harvard, Oxford or you’re doing your masters or the like, I don’t reccomend overseas universities. going to NTU or NUS and taking a bank loan is a crazy enough debt to pay off.
    only rich idiots go overseas. (screw you, rich people!!)

    1. thanks eh. but i think highly impossible that i can get in lehz. especially when my o level results arent that great either. ayz this is so damn frustrating.
      and seriously, i hate the rich people LOL!
      ayz, i dunno la. im gonna just drift off to some random island and die and decomposes into thin air. and im damn hungry now.

  4. weren’t you gonna work for one year and then enter?
    and yeah, we should totally join some I Hate Rich Assholes club. or i can form one.

    1. yeah maybe that lor. but of course i would have prefer it if can like this yr go in ma. arbo still need to wait another yr~
      HAHAHAA you can go form one LOL!!!! maybe there is this club la but then we dunno nia HAHA!

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