It’s a Random Friday

I could not come up with a better topic, I think the one good thing about blogger is that you don’t necessarily have to come up with a title for every blog post that you have written, but it’s a compulsory for blogging in wordpress. I’m always very stuck when I have to think of one for the title, because normally what I post has more than what the title suggests, because if I blogged as according to the title, it’s very limited to what I can crap about, because I blogged more than what was suggested by my blog post title, because my blog name is The Art of Randomness and I got a lot of random things to talk about which cannot be squished down into a title. That’s why I came up with a random topic.

There isn’t anything particular that I want to blog about this time round. It’s just that I’m really damn free today during my lunch time. My lunch colleague took leave today and next Monday, so meaning I won’t be going to lunch for these 2 days. I ain’t got anything to do, I wanted to take my Japanese things to work to study during lunch today. The things are too heavy though, and I decided that my PSP is more important than the books (so I can play during my way back home), and I thought that most likely I won’t have the mood to study too during my lunch time (because I’m ultra good at slacking) and thus now I don’t really have anything to do.

I refuse to sleep.

Actually I’m really sleepy now, but I don’t wanna to sleep because my boss is like sitting behind me, I think he skipped his lunch too. Busy person. I thought I have to blog anyway, it’s a good practice to train up typing speed haha.

SIT really cannot be bothered with me because I have stood up the first interview. I requested for a postpone, and they emailed me like 12.52pm to tell me that postponing is quite impossible. Well, even if I did wanna to go down at that time, it’s quite impossible. My essays are not done, I’m in the middle of all my work, I already told my supervisor that my interview is postponed, so meaning no more half day leave for me. At the same time, after much thinking and a bit of discussion here and there, I decided that I don’t want to for the interview anyway. Pity since I have finally came up with 4 rules to change the Monopoly. Oh wells. Wasted my brain power and brain cells.

I really wanted to study overseas, but so many people asked me to stay in Singapore, even my colleagues. Ayz. So saddening. I really looked forward to staying in Australia and try a different new lifestyle. Oh wells. Since I’m not a rich asshole to begin with, I really don’t have the chance of living a life like a rich bastard. That sucks.

Has been raining so many days now. For what I have remembered and it’s definitely correct is that this Monday,  Tuesday and yesterday was raining. Why is it that I remembered so clearly is because for these 3 days, I have been wearing my new shoes which I have just bought like last Friday. It’s beige in color. The first day was lucky enough, it started raining like 5 plus, I even forgot to bring my umbrella. Oh whee. Anyhow, I waited for my colleague so that I could go to the bus stop with her using her umbrella. Then got onto the bus, on the way to AMK hub, a woman on my left side lost her balance when the bus suddenly jerked. Then, she stepped on my left foot. I looked down and saw a dark trace on my shoes. Zzz.

Never mind, take it I was super unlucky. Wore the same shoes again on Tuesday, continued being stubborn and did not bring umbrella (actually I really just didn’t wanna bring since it will add on to the weight of my bag, and my bag is tearing around the handle part). Around 5 plus, voila! It rains again and yay! I don’t have my umbrella!!My colleague thought it was pretty weird that I still did not bring my umbrella, but in the morning it was really sunny so you can’t blame me haha.

Wednesday, the morning looks sunny. To play on the safe side, I put the umbrella into my bag, and wore my other black shoes. 5 plus, it’s sunny. 6 came, and it’s still sunny. It didn’t rain that day. WHEN I wore my black shoes and brought my umbrella.

Thursday, I brought umbrella but wear back the beige color shoes. In the end, it started raining around 4 plus. Stopped at 6. However, the ground are wet, and it dirtied my shoes. It’s didn’t rain so my umbrella was left untouched in my bag.

Today is Friday, wore my sneakers and brought umbrella. I think today won’t rain.

Oh God loves me so much, whatever I do in preparation, He will definitely do the opposite for me. I didn’t know I had so much of His blessings. Haha.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Random Friday

  1. not meant to be funny lol. and even though it’s a new pair of shoes, it already looked like i’ve wore it for 3 weeks. ZZZZZ

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