How To Train Your Dragon – Movie

I want to keep this poster big. That’s because I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

I don’t even want to write about what is this movie about since not only you can guess how it’s like from the title itself, and because I really thought you should not know about this movie and just get the tickets and watch it!

Hm, it’s been a long time since I watched a movie without knowing how it’s going to be like, and what it is all about. Saw this movie trailer a few times in movie theaters, and on television adverts before but I really didn’t thought that it’s an interesting movie. It didn’t even really caught my eyes, however, the reason why I watched it was because I really badly want to watch a movie and this is an animation, and normally animation isn’t that bad. No wait, that excluded Sky Crawlers.

Ayz, due to me deleting all the archives from my old blog, I cannot link to my review on Sky Crawlers. Maybe I should blog about it one day when I have got like nothing to do. Ayz, my previous blog was really a pity especially since I have a few movies reviews in them which I thought was nice, especially Alice in Wonderland. Tsk. Oh well, not like I couldn’t write it again as time goes. Sky Crawlers is not THAT bad, the story behind it was good and all, but I think it shouldn’t be what the movie title suggest and just let everything CRAWLS past because I nearly feel asleep and the goddamn Oi slept in the movie theaters without telling me.

Anyway, after much comparing, though I did say I wanted to watch Clash of the Titans before, but once you get a “human” movies and compare it with animations, I still prefer animations. Of course I would have choose it though, because I would not watch something like Sky Crawlers again. *Stares at Oi*

Perhaps I watched the movie without expecting it to be very nice, thus  I was very very drawn in to the show. The dragon came out and I’m like “AWW! So cute!!!” though the movie theater was quiet when I said that, I don’t understand why.

I think it’s also the first time that after I watched finish a movie and felt kinda empty, because the movie is over and I really just wanna continue watching haha. It’s so hard to explain. Hm, you know when years ago I played that stupid Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on my bro’s PSP, I was so absorbed into the game that when in the end the guy died, I was devastated and emo-ed about it the whole week round.

This movie let me have that kind of feeling too. I normally don’t feel this way about movies because movies are too short to let me get very absorbed into it. I felt this way through games, books, animes, dramas before, but nope, not movies.

However, this movie is a happy ending of course. So it didn’t let me got emo for a whole week, I was just kinda… Sad that the movie finishes.

Which is why I think you guys should watch. See! It’s even the first time my post didn’t contain any spoilers on the movie at all haha.



6 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon – Movie

  1. FIRST!
    wah, so long liao. so nostalgic sia.
    and er, sky crawlers….god. that was….erm….fantastic in its own special way.
    and i have so many movies i wanna watchhhhhhh

  2. being first is nostalgic to you?!
    there is something wrong with you.
    and im not saying sky crawlers suck, its just that is at a crawling speed. AND YOU EVEN FALL ASLEEP IN THE THEATER YOURSELF!!
    hmm, go watch how to train your dragon, is really really very nice. believe me.
    i can assure you that its very much better than sky crawlers

  3. are you rubbing salt into my wound?
    you know i cant watch movies now larrr
    i also want to watch movies de you know. *sob*
    the kick-ass i’ve been waiting for for so long is finally out also. *double sob*
    me very very very sad de you know.

    and it’s not my fault i fell asleep lar! i was tired! and it was crawling at the pace of a crippled snail!!

  4. mooyalty : thats really random lol

    hantu: no, im merely squeezing pure lemon juice on your wound and rubbing it in.
    i dunno you cant watch movies ah, am i to know that LOL! you can la if you wan to fail lor. i dun mind LOL!
    ah… i also wanna watch kick ass eh. seems really funny. then again maybe i can go download it lol.
    oh yeah the torrent for how to train your dragon is out and theres like 12k people seeding, you can go download if you wan to lol.
    i was tired too lor. and then i struggled on to continued watching. theres like a few seconds my brain drifted out and i struggled to catch it back ye know lol.

  5. i am a responsible person who treats my exams seriously. afterall i am paying shitloads of money to come take them.
    and i dont want to download!! i wanna watch a movie in theatre!!! with dolby surround sound!!
    i want i want i want!!!!

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