Rainy and A Busy Week

Back then I was complaining because I felt too bored at work, I could only run a big big big terrain and sit around day-dreaming as I wait for the program to finish its job of converting it to another format. The only time I had to use my head then was when something cropped up and I need to think of solutions and stuffs to solve it. After that then  run the big big big terrain and wait for miracles to happen again. I suspected that mushrooms were growing in my head during that period.

Not long ago, I finally got used to the slacking life. Even if I was really slacking, and by slacking, I meant chatting on Skype, and that wasn’t considered really obvious slacking, because blogging is a obvious slacking. At least if I’m talking on Skype, it’s a normal thing in the office. Blogging however, is just typing and typing on this big whitish page, and my job don’t requires typing too much (I don’t do documentation) so yeah. Well, I finally got to know another colleague (who just nice moved beside me a few days ago) and he seems quite free and it a perfect candidate for crapping with me. I also got few contacts on Skype for chatting purpose.

Then finally, jobs started raining down on my head. I’ve been given a few tasks which I have to finish by the end of next week. The codes that were passed to me, is super duper complicating. It’s not really messy kind of codes, but there’s a lot of linking here and there, and I have no idea what I am doing even though I have completed 2-3 of it already.

I was really really stressed this Tuesday. Surprisingly, Tuesday was only 3 days ago yet I felt like it’s been 3 weeks. Is time passing too slow in ST or time is passing slow generally. You should have really seen my face on Tuesday. There’s like so many pimples on my face, I don’t know is because

I have scrubbed my face too harshly and it came out some random thingies which I see it as pimples.


My pillow is dirty and I always wake up in the morning with my face splat flat on my pillow.


My aunt(hopefully you know what it meant) is coming soon and my body is heaty.


I have been taking too much heaty food.


I’m stressed.


Perhaps is all the reasons added together.

My face was hideous. Luckily, it was much better now. Maybe since I’m more relaxed after that day. Well, I still have the deadlines crushing on my head. It was a really drastic change of moods. It was like one moment I was still filming a romantic movie, having my honeymoon or holidays or whatever relaxing event you can think of; Laying down on the kind of chair you will normally see on a beach, enjoying the sunset and holding a glass of grape wine in my hand whilst I listening to the sound of the waves in the sea. Then suddenly, the scenario changes 180 degrees and I’m made to film a horror movie on the same beach, instead of the sunset, it became a stormy night with thunder and lightning striking everywhere, gentle waves became strong waves. Zz. Might as well just come a tsunami and wash me away..

Although I really hate the codes part, because my eyes nearly popped out one day when I was staring at the screen too much, I even got a headache from doing it, but luckily my colleagues are nice. I thought most likely if they threw me the codes, I will be made to struggle and die in the sea of codes, but he actually came over to help me when I have random bugs and errors. Maybe since because the deadline is also falling on his head haha. Well, still, he’s really very helpful. Eh, then again, most people in the office seems quite helpful to me in my opinion~ So in the end it wasn’t quite a disaster for me. Though the deadline crushing down is really a stressful thing.

This week is raining non-stop like almost everyday. Based on the post I have written last week about the umbrella and the beige shoes theory. I can’t remember whether or not last Friday was raining. I does have a log on the rain as according to what shoes I wear this week though.

Monday – Raining around 5 plus, stopped at around 6 plus
Wore beige shoes, had my umbrella, left around 6 plus so umbrella was unused.

Tuesday – Raining around 5 plus, stopped at around 6 plus
Wore beige shoes, had my umbrella, left around 6 plus, umbrella left unused.

Wednesday – Sunny, not sure whether it was raining in between working hours
Wore sneakers, had my umbrella, left close to 6, umbrella left unused and sneakers was dry.

Thursday – Raining, raining around 5 plus to 6, stopped around 6 plus
Wore beige shoes, had my umbrella, left around 6 plus, umbrella left unused.

Friday – Raining around 5 plus, still raining
Wore sneakers, had my umbrella, going to leave soon, fate not yet known.

I’m beginning to see a pattern in here. Finally finally, it’s raining when I’m wearing my sneakers. I hope the curse breaks soon. IT’S BEEN RAINING WHENEVER I WORE MY BEIGE SHOES AND THERE ISN’T ONE DAY THAT WAS SUNNY WHEN I WORE IT. NO WONDER IT’S SO DAMN SMELLY NOW. ARGH!!

I love rainy days. Did I mention this before? It let me think of my childhood. I don’t know why either. Perhaps I used to look out the window very often when it was raining. To think of the past when I’m living a relaxing life is good.

To think of the past when I’m suffering is a torture to me.


7 thoughts on “Rainy and A Busy Week

  1. LOL! FIRST!!!

    Very nice description that lets me imagine your situation.. haha..

    omo. smelly shoes, thats reminded me of the first day of iap.. normally when i realized my shoes getting smellly or before it starts to smell after wearing for a long time i will sprinkle some talcum powder, i think its quite effect in keeping my shoes from smell.. lol.. plus everyday changing my socks makes my shoes free from smell (i hope) go wash ur shoes and put it under the sun to tan. i think don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday, if not it get wore out easily(tho i like to wear the same pair of shoes every time i go out)

  2. mooyalty: hmm.. cuz its actually flats la.. so cannot wear socks.. at most wear stockings.. but stockings ah.. if i walk fast my foot will easily come out of the shoes lol.. so yeah… i got put talcum powder… thats why the shoes life can prolong longer lol. of course if got socks, most likely the shoes wun get smelly de..

    teng2: ayz. i also lor. everytime see in the mirror also sian 1/2 zzz.

  3. maybe you should just buy a pair of cheap slippers and a shoebag and put it in your office. then when it rains you can use it? i dont know. i feel sympathy for you.
    i hate it when it rains and i’m wearing my pair-of-birds shoes.
    anyway, jia you! hahahhaha

  4. haha okay la it wasn’t that strong yet. i can onli like switch between sneakers and flats lo.. its not that cannot wear sneakers la.. just that im already wearing jeans everyday liao, so very ps if i keep wearing sneakers everyday also lol..
    wa, you bird shoes still around lol.

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