Lion King 3 – The Movie

My all time favorite show from Waltz Disney has gonna be The Lion King, I don’t think this was the first Waltz Disney movie I have ever watched. Sadly, I think my first Waltz Disney movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or the Cinderella as to both I also didn’t quite like. Eh, I think when I was little I liked that 2 movies, which I don’t understand why I did but I did. I even have the video tapes for Snow White and Cinderella, I think I also have the CD for Cinderella, but I didn’t have any video tape or CD for Lion King. Wait, maybe I do have the tape for Lion King, but it was like an unofficial one which I think my father get from God-knows-where-he-got-it. My Snow White and Cinderella have the official video tapes though, what the hell.. By official, I mean that there’s a plastic cover the the tapes and there’s cover for them too.

Anyway, after re-watching and re-watching the Lion King for a zillion times, my brother and I could even recite the lines before the characters say it. Zzz. Ah~ The good old days of slacking around and not doing anything at all.

Anyway, I have watched Lion King 3 / Lion King 1 1/2 a long time ago, but it was a Chinese version and I didn’t quite concentrate much on the show because I don’t like it dubbed in Chinese. Worse still is that even the songs are sung in Chinese. Ayz. Original is still the best. I finally got my hands on the original English version a few days ago and watched it on TV yesterday.

It’s funny and have a slight twist to the whole story, I think when you’ve watched it, you’re not gonna look at the Lion King 1 the same way ever again. Ayz, I just love Simba!! Actually I’m thinking whether I should write out the content here in this post or not. Then when I think twice, maybe not haha. I don’t know what to write about the movie anyway, just wanna say that I love Lion King and I just cannot miss any episode of it. I didn’t quite like Lion King 2 though, though Lion King 2’s songs are nice, maybe I just didn’t quite like the fact that Simba’s daughter ended up with Scar’s son? Wait, then again, if I were to watch back Lion King I will feel miserable again because I have to see Simba’s father (Mufasa? Is that how to spell it haha) die in that horde of bulls and it was very very saddening.

Well, which is why I would recommend Lion King 3. It’s funny and it’s not saddening like Lion King.


3 thoughts on “Lion King 3 – The Movie

  1. I din know Lion King got 2 and 3.. all i rmb of lion king is the scene whereby the lion holds it’s child high up at the cliff..

    OH.. that reminds me of one of the lilo & stitch trailer.. LOL!

  2. LOL! the lilo and stitch.. i forgot about that story liao lol. but i think i know the scene youre talking about LOL!

    eh.. but lion king 3 is nice. theres nothing big in lion king 3 la, it’s kind of like a behind-the-scene movie, if you got the time you should watch it again its actually quite nice LOL!

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