Bounty Hunter – Movie

Went to watch Bounty Hunter yesterday, the plan was Ip Man 2 initially, and obviously the tickets sold out for the earlier timing, I don’t wanna wait for the later time slots, ‘sides, the tickets for the later timings are also selling out fast. Bounty Hunter’s trailer seems funny and nice, so in the end we just decided to watch Bounty Hunter.

Hm, this show is funny. If you’ve seen the movie trailer, it’s like you’re already going to know like 60-70% of the story plot? This couple was married and divorced. The male is a bounty hunter, and the female is a wanted person. Well then the male kept going after his ex-wife, I meant going as in literally chasing, and the female kept running away and in between there are some funny parts.

If you’re looking for something fun to laugh at, maybe this movie might do the job. I’ve watched a few times of the movie’s trailer. A few times in the movie theater, I went YouTube to watch some movie trailers and perhaps that is why there isn’t this anticipation as you’ve already know what is going to happen when the funny parts are going.

In conclusion.. Actually I think this movie isn’t that nice, or it’s just not what I have expected it to be. Unless you watch it without watching the movie trailer first, then perhaps it will be like a good movie, since I watched How to Train Your Dragon without knowing what is it about (Not like the trailer gave much information either) and in the end it turned out to be super nice.

I think Ip Man 2 is going to be nice!! I wanna watch Back Up Plan too~~ I’m like 1 more year to R21 movies *smirk*. Oi Shan, go with me to watch R21 movies for our 21st birthday? xDDDD


9 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter – Movie

  1. what is IP Man? Keep seeing this movie title every where.. seems like quite a lot of ppl wanting to watch it.. Looking at IP man.. first thing i thought of is IP address.. =_= oh well.. I also want to watch movie in the movie threatre~~~ but not R21 movie! I wanna watch 3D movies~~~~

  2. ye wen~ lol.
    3D movies very expensive lol. i kinda regretted not watching alice in wonderland 3D though. >.>
    R21 movie ah… i think also nothing special lol. its the meaning of being able to watch it LOL!

    1. AIYA, you never ask me to go watch Alice in the Wonderland.. If not i will pester you to watch it in 3D!! ROAR! Once in a while watch the expensive 3D movie also not bad ma~ LOL! PLUS I HAVE NEVER WENT INTO SINGAPORE’S CINEMA BEFORE!

  3. eh the alice in wonderland is like randomly go watch de la. also not like i got plan beforehand lol. ‘sides i really didnt thought of watching 3D de. is after watching the movie then i thought the graphics seems nice and all. okay la. if next time got 3D movies i wanna watch i’ll ask you go xDDD

    the fonts ah. i dunno. now wordpress got this themes team, so they make a lot of new themes, they made this font to be this big de. not my problem lol.

  4. yeah, suddenly so big. good leh actually. Wonder if i can get mine to be this big too? Then can read stories easier.
    anyway, if you really want to watch R21 movies, now also can go what. just go cathay lor.

  5. good meh lol.. actually i dun really like it big sia. but since i dunno what other skins to get anyway so i got this haha. i think you can, but have to change the codes manually lor LOL!
    R21 movies? cathay can meh. but anyway r21 movies also not very nice. dun have the scenes that i really watch anyway. bah~

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