Past Week

I’m shocked to realised that I haven’t been updating my blog since last Thursday. Hm.. Was really caught up in work nowadays, I’m staring at staring at my company’s computer screen for such a long time and with such intense concentration I’m beginning to feel that my eyes are popping out of my sockets. I think the next time when you saw me, you will see me with a pair of eyes like the gold fish in my house’s fish tank. I swear that my short-sightedness is getting worse now, I swear it is, sobs. Well, maybe partly is because I’m playing PSP in the dark before I sleep. It’s not my fault! After playing I can throw my PSP one side, turn my body the other side and prepare to sleep. Everything just works that perfectly.

Getting busy recently so much so that it seems to me my life is going at a fast-forward speed. If my weekdays life is going at a 4x fast forward speed, weekends are like moving at a 64x speed. Weekends just zoomed by and before I realised it, I’m struggling like a fish without water 7.45am on a Monday morning again. Life’s really sad for me. Okay, imagine, just imagine me rushing and rushing for work everyday, rushing in work everyday, rushing back home everyday after work. Then imagine another scenario in your brain, a typical ah ma holding a bamboo-fan in her hands, sitting downstairs just any other kind of HDB block, staring at whatever there is to stare at and slowly fanning herself, occasionally you will hear the sounds of the birds chirping, school students laughing and making noises. I don’t know if you picture it, but I can and I’m really depressed.

Hm, need to make a quick update on what has happened before I don’t even remember what has happened haha. I passed my Jap test. CAN YE BELIEVE IT?! I was like thinking, definitely fail now, I don’t even know what are the questions asking, or if not I would have get like 50+ marks. Shockingly, surprisingly, miraculously, I actually got a 60+ for the test. Oh wells, not like it’s the official test, but still… I’M SO HAPPY!! Well, of course my other friend got a pretty much high score, she’s like almost the top of the class. This is why going classes with a person much much smarter than you is a bad thing, I can’t even bragged much about my score HAHAHAH!

My face are much better now compared to a week ago. Last 2 weeks were more than disastrous with god-knows-how-much-work work was piled up on my desk and my pimples started popping out like the craters on the moon, it doesn’t recover and it’s like red thingies all over my face. Now it’s much much better and my work has pretty much cleared up or at least reducing now.

My beloved supervisor came over to my desk 2 days ago when the other guy was passing me work and was asking him what am I doing. He told the other guy that what I’m doing now is too tough for me (Like finally somebody realised my pain sobs *rubs tear from eye*), so he told him that it’s going to be tough for me and that it’s too challenging and I would need pretty much help. Anyway, since then, my work load has decreased like significantly, now I just need to pretty much handle the front end things (GUI) and don’t have to do too much of the behind-the-scenes things which is much much much easier. God, I love my supervisors! (Cries) Of course I also love the “shuai” one. I would really drool staring at his arms HAHAH! (Gosh, I’m such a perv in a weird way..)

Went for company dinner last Friday night. It was disastrous, I was waiting and waiting for the cereal prawns all along, and when the dish came out, I happily took my chopsticks and grab it, since I don’t wanna dirty my hands, I use my teeth to remove the head and the shell. Now, the disgusting part is, when I took the second prawn and bite off the head, blood. I meant BLOOD! The red liquid which I never would have thought I would see on that day spew out. I’m not kidding, the grossest part is some of the liquid got into my mouth and I thought it was oil, then when I looked down and realised it was blood. I nearly wanted to puke out everything, it’s really damn. gross. to. the. max. My other collagues even thought that I accidentally bit on my tongue or tooth and refused to believe that it’s the prawn, damn them… HAHA! Well, they did believe it in the end, but oh well. I’m like super traumatized now.

Oh oh, the most most important thing I need to say and this is like the most important part of the whole blog post is that my sup is wearing a black shirt that day and he’s like SUPER SHUAI!!!! I’m really going to faint HAHAHA! He was standing in front of me and sms-ing so when I looked front it’s like a direct clear view of his arms. Seriously, I saw a lot of guys’ arms, I even noticed other guys’ arms when they are helping me with my codes and I still think that his arms looks the nicest. Masculine and tan in color with a slight shape of the veins. Ah, I’m going to have a nosebleed hahahahahhahahaa.

Anyway, it’s super late now so I need to turn in now..



8 thoughts on “Past Week

  1. i really don’t get whats with you and the veins you know. i get the muscle. i get the tan. i dont get the veins.

  2. mooyalty : hmm.. i not sure also sia.. yeah duh, cuz its not my blood ma lol. just that my colleagues keep thinking that i bite my tongue or tooth and i didn’t realise lol =.=

    hantu : its really very hard to explain you know. but his veins is really very nice. it’s kinda obvious on his hand.. seriously when i just see him using the mouse, omg, i can really drool HAHAHA!

      1. forgot about it la LOL! ‘sides i dun think i will be taking a pic with him even if i bring anyway. its damn weirdo if i asked to take a pic with him can LOL!

        1. TSK! for the sake of ur friend’s curiousity.. make a little sacrifice by taking picture with ur supervisor~ its just as easy as a piece of cake~

          1. i wan to la. but how you tell me LOL! is like cannot be randomly “eh… can you take a picture with me?” is like wth. if im him, i would think im a stalker can LOL!

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