A Chance

It’s been so long since I ever blogged when I’m in the office recently. I go for my lunches now everyday, as just for your information in case you forgot or didn’t even know that I didn’t went for my lunch previously during my attachment period and the first month or so when I joined the company officially because I didn’t know anyone here and I refused to go to lunch alone. Thus which is why I had so much time to blog like almost every other day since I’m using my lunch time to blog. Eh, I did blogged during office hours and that was when my monitor was much smaller and I’m sure that my bosses won’t be able to see it from behind my back (or maybe they did and I didn’t know), my screen now is kinda big so if I’m at the wordpress blogging page and I’m typing chunks and chunks of words, it’s kinda obvious that I’m not doing my work no matter they know I am blogging or not. ‘sides, most of the time they wasn’t at their seats previously, but now is much more dangerous and the point is that I don’t really have the free time (whether during office hours or after lunch) at all. Zzz.

Thus, now they’re gone I think I should grab the chance to blog now HAHA! I’m such an ass~ Oh well, since I did pretty much and handed in the thing to my another colleague again, so let me slack for a while and then at 5.45pm I will need to go on a security walk around the office to look for unlocked cabinets etc.. Hm, this is my first time doing this haha~ (Duh, since I just joined the company like for only 2 months now).

My mum and dad already gave me the approval to study overseas, I’m so shocked that they actually agreed to it so fast haha. Oh well~ If I won’t be able to get into NTU by next year, most likely I will be flying overseas to continue my studies. Then again, maybe I might just fly next year’s March. Point is I need somebody to go overseas with me to study.. Apparently my dear friend Weni Teo die die wanna to go Sydney to study if she’s going overseas and seems like she is also considering the universities in Singapore. Maybe I should try psycho-ing Edalene to fly overseas with me haha. NTU is like still not sending me rejection letter. Are they like going to carve the words on metal plates before sending me or what. It’s like taking so long.

Ayz, I really really very attracted to the idea of flying overseas now hahaha. What the hell~ Thing is the money is not coming from my parents, I think they also won’t have the money to sponsor me anyway. They were actually suggesting me to get bank loan, surprisingly. I was considering that option anyway. Hm, meanwhile I need to wait for Weni Teo Weni to come back Singapore first before deciding what I should do next haha.



10 thoughts on “A Chance

      1. ai ya. last time i say i would move back de ma~~ but then didnt say when nia hahaha.. no la. i wun leave my mirlz wordpress again~~ *wipes tear from eye*

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