A Night Out with LOSErs

LOSErs is really a weird name. Oh well, It’s the one that best describes the clique anyway since the name was taken from the first letter of our names and combined together.. Like I’ve said SOLErs is not a better idea haha. If only my name is Ugenia and then we can call ourselves SOULs, the degree of cool-ness just went up by 100x.

SOULs – 100x cool-ness

LOSErs – Zzz

See the difference, haiz.

Anyway, went out to town yesterday just to chill out and talk crap about personal lives. Personally, as compared to walking around and shop for fill-in-the-blanks-here. When it’s a bigger bunch of people going out, and when I meant bigger bunch, the number > 2 is already considered bigger bunch, nobody actually is looking for things while shopping. Especially when it’s a bunch whereby they hadn’t met up for ages, and ages I meant as in > 1 month. In this kind of situation, when we’re talking about shopping, mostly people are just browsing through the items (without the items really going into brain) and talking at the same time, and most of the time, the focus is on the talking. Since everybody know that we’re-not-shopping-but-just-talking-and-looking-really is what we’re really doing, it might be a better idea that we just pick somewhere nice and not that noisy like a canteen to chill. This whole chunk, if I was to summarize, is that we did just chose a place to chill out after all. Hehe.

The venue?

The 2nd top floor of Shaw Center. Yeah, if I’m not wrong, we were at Shaw yesterday. I never really go shop in Shaw before, there isn’t much things then, I only know that there’s counter brands on the first floor.. Takashimaya has that too, and I don’t really see the point of going to Shaw just to look at those. Especially when I also suck in directions, a lot, I’m not interested in being adventurous and venture into places I’m not familiar with, since like I’ve mentioned before, I DO get lost in games (I think some games have too complicated maps anyway, imagine playing a first person shooter game and get lost in some random place, before you know it, BANG! You ended up lying on the floor, tsk!) Anyway, I definitely definitely need to mention that stupid Oi is late again.

Please, please, please, set a time that you can reach instead of just setting a time for reference and nobody is following them. Tch.

Can you believe it? People who are working arrived earlier than the ones who are not! ARGH! They should really be dragged out and get a shot right in their heads and I will gladly do the holy job. Okay, the blame is actually entirely on Oi because although Si Hui was also late, but she wasn’t very late, she was late because she was waiting for Oi. Being fooled for x times and I still arrived quite early the previous time only to wait for Oi to arrive like 30 minutes past the agreed meeting time. So this time I called her up around 6 30pm while comfortably still sitting on my office chair, enjoying the air con, using the computer to read blog and surf net..

E : where you?
O : On the bus lor.
E : On the bus to where?
O : On the bus to MRT station lor~
E (sighing) : Please tell me you just boarded the bus from NTU..
O (Guiltily) : Yeah..
E : You can reached on time meh?! We’re meeting at 7pm leh!!
O : Ai ya, very fast one la. Won’t be that late.
E : You’re at Jurong leh!! Stop lying me, I’m not going to fall for your trick again!

Knowing that everybody including a no-sense-of-direction person like me would know that she’s definitely going to be later than just late, she started persuading me to go to the waiting place to accompany Lynnette, because everybody including a person who is always late like her know that Lynnette is definitely going to hammer her to death for her late-ness. Everybody who knows Lynnette like she and me know that if we’re all late, the anger and rage is just gonna be directed at her. Thus, being the cunning little piece of shit that Oi really is, she wanted me to go accompany her so that she would not be tear into pieces if she is very late. Oh well, of course I didn’t quite bother because I just want to sit one side and watch show when that happens, I was quite caught up reading Oi’s blog yesterday and in the end when I reached Orchard it’s around 7.20pm and needless to say, Lynnette is there and even more needless to say is that Oi is still not there. She reached at 7.45pm. Haiz.

Anyway, Lynnette and me decided on Long John before they came and no objections were accepted so we ended up in Shaw. It’s really a nice place to go on a weekday night because everybody’s working and going to school the next day and there isn’t much people there. I should have really brought my camera there but I forgot about it haha. Hmm, maybe the next time I would bring then. Ayz~ Else I could have uploaded the pics on this post already. Sad~

Were discussing about our future plans, and mentioning to them about my plan, discussing about Oi and Si Hui’s GPA and how Oi should really be shot to death and corpse be trampled on when she has quite a high GPA and still not happy about it. It’s really like the good old days where we just sat around and talk about random things which I don’t even quite recalled now because they were really very random, we had a good laugh and that’s what I really called chillin’ out haha~~~~

Reached home around 11.30pm yesterday. I’m not having enough sleep. I’m like super super tired now. The thought of Si Hui and Oi still sleeping on their bed when I have to struggle between Life and Death on my bed in the morning really makes me feel like taking out a Uzi gun and shoot them to death.

Still, it was fun hoho~

Oi, if you’re late the next time, I would ask Lynnette to head shot you. =P


6 thoughts on “A Night Out with LOSErs

    1. LOL!!! wth~~
      i dun understand why reading this would make you miss my cute face so suddenly lol >.>
      oh well~~ so sad.. i wonder when you will see my face ever again hahaaha~

  1. i highly resent that excerpt of our conversation. it totally didnt go like that like at all, please.
    and i think the acronymn LOSErs is farnie!! but yeah, please go change your name.
    (and my GPA is seriously normal for my course, ya?)
    let’s go out again soon soon sooooooon.

  2. mooyalty : shit you LOL my photo is like a valuable thing can..

    hantu : of course its not exactly like this.. you think i got like super memory ah can remember everything, but you were saying you wun be that late.. and it’s almost like the same thing la! when i called you you were on the bus ma!!
    change your ass la LOL. tell that to my parents i cant do anything about it lol…
    yeah go organize a chillin’ day and i will go LOL

  3. walao. oioi ur grade is good enough can liao… I think i would be at teh end with all the jc students there///and I just realise that the girls there will be younger than me by 1 yr. wth .

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