I don’t know why I suddenly got this urge to keep blogging, I think maybe back to MirlZ is really making me feel super excited because I really love this domain like very very much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve changed my blog theme and I think it’s really really nice I think I don’t really wanna change again because it’s so nice!!!

Anyway, I need to make a correction on what I have posted like a few days ago on saying my work load has decreased due to my supervisor telling the other guy that I need a lot of help in doing what I am doing currently. Well, in the end the back end stuffs is really passed back to him to do, but then that’s for only a few of the parts, I have just finished on those parts and now I have to continue back on what has been dropped halfway (never mind the details, it’s too long to explain) and now I have to go back to doing the back-end stuffs. Tch.

Not only I have this crap to finish. My shuai shuai supervisor just handed me a laptop, telling that I have things to do on them and I need the program inside. I already have 2 desktop computers that I’m using currently. With this addition laptop, I feel like I’m some very big pro kia doing programming but as a matter of fact, I’m just a small shrimp in the company. Zzz… What’s with this exaggeration?????

Okay, the main main point of this blog post is that, I STILL HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO, IT’S LIKE )*&#)@*#&02.

Give me Ak-17, I’ll settle myself. Zzz…

For some unknown reason, the crap that I’m doing crashed and I really very very very lazy and reluctant to find out what’s the reason but I still have to because I have to finish a lot of crap by the holy date of next Friday. Sobs.

PS: My supervisor is really really very shuai, I’m going to drool… >.>


4 thoughts on “Corrections

  1. me very tired. how did all of this shit fit into my room before?
    it’s amazing how i can actually own so much junk.

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