MC 2 Days

It’s been such a long long time since I had a fever. Whenever I know that I’m going to fall sick soon, I will start taking a lot of Vitamin C and drinking a lot of herbal tea. This time, however, the herbal tea came too late and my sickness came too fast. I think it’s because it ate too much chocolate? I ate a lot of chocolate (not all on 1 day, but consecutive days which kinda worsen the condition anyway) and spicy food, and curry, and fried food. Even now when I write about this, I’m shocked that I’m only sick like at this point of time, I have been living unhealthily for a long long time, especially I sleep late and I’m damn stressed at work.

When I finally feel that fever is coming, it’s on last Saturday, and it was kinda late, the bitter herbal drink is not in the fridge, and I know that calling my mum to get it that night won’t help because she don’t pick up her calls. I tried doing a bit hugging the Buddha’s leg and drank more water that night and popped a few Vitamin C pills. Then I tucked in to sleep at around 2am, with the air conditioner on. After rolling tossing around for like 10 minutes, I felt heat around my throat, that’s when I realized that it’s too late for anything, thus I off the air con (if not my dad would blame my sickness on the air con, and I won’t be able to use it for the next 3650 days). Still, the next morning when I wake up. DANG! Fever.

I was still squirming in my bed at 3pm. My dad and brother was in the living room piecing together our new sofa set (bought from IKEA, and IKEA things are known for its DIY-ness) all the time that’s why I had my peace until then. SMSed my brother to help me get my fever medicine and a KOI cup of water (because my throat feels like it’s burning and I don’t feel like opening my royal mouth to talk). 3pm came and they finally finished their work, my bro came into the room and saw the message I sent him, asked me if I’m dead and proceeded to help me take my water and my dad came in at last. I told him I was sick. First question he asked me is it because of the air con, I told him no. Seriously, I’m smart ain’t I? I knew he would definitely ask about the air con, luckily I off it hoho, else it’s really no air con for the rest of my life.

Then he walked off and left me to rot and die in my bed. My brother could not find the medicines and just threw me the water to drink, I turned to my right and rested my head on my right shoulder and continued rotting for another 30 minutes and my dad decided that he cannot see his daughter rotting in this kinda manner. He wanted me to get up and bathe, due to my water heater being spoiled (like for ages already), I can only bathe in freezing cold water, so if I have fever and bathe the cold water I will feel better. Don’t know what kind of theory is that, but he kept forcing me to wake up and go bath (he’s forcing me to undergo spartan training when I’m sick) I ignored him and continued sleeping, luckily he went out after a while and I continued rotting on my bed again. I woke up like around 5 plus and my dad was back, so I got up and bathed, I didn’t want to but my hair felt really gross, oily and limp and all clustered together, I have no other way but to go bath, ‘sides, I still have to go out that night for Mother’s Day celebration.

Anyway, after the bath, I really felt better, though still sleepy. Went out for dinner with family to celebrate Mother’s Day. 1 blue note is gone for treating ourselves to dinner at a coffee shop nearby. Wanted to go AMK Hub have dinner but there is so many people around and in the end we walked back to our house nearby and had dinner instead.

I thought most likely I should be fine already(with 80% of me still thinking I will fall sick), because I have a lot of things at work to complete and I cannot afford to be sick. Who knows the next day when I wake up and TA DAH! Fever came back and is definitely more serious than on Sunday. I struggled and struggled in my sleep to wake up to call for making an appointment at the clinic downstairs and finally I managed to do so at 10 15am. I made the call and stammered about making an appointment, and much to my dismay, the person told me that the appointments for the morning time is full, I have to call back around 2 to make the appointment. Morning consultation time is from 9am to 12.30pm. I called 2hours before their lunch time and they say is full. ZZz~ Especially when I have go through heaven and hell to make the call to them. Bahz, I went back to sleep again and I think my fever kept going up because my head felt super pain and I kept thinking about the work in my office. (I’m starting to pity myself, dammit). Around 12 plus, I finally cannot take the heat in my head, I woke up and looked for the fever antibiotics and popped 2 before I went back to sleep again. Luckily the fever went down. I called the clinic at 2 and surprisingly they tell me to go down at 4. EH, seriously I would have died if not for the fever medicines in my house zzz. I staggered my way down at 4 and I still have to wait until about 5 plus before I got my turn. Ayz. The clinic here is so popular or what…

Anyway, got a 2 days MC. Didn’t want to take MC for yesterday but luckily the doctor gave me since apparently yesterday morning my temperature went up again. Oh well… Sadly, I’m back in the office now and seriously I feel like sleeping. Haiz~


4 thoughts on “MC 2 Days

  1. Don’t eat vitamin c tablets~ it’s of no use and it will cause lotta side effects like kidney stones, headache when u take more than needed. Your immune system will be weaken if you take too much vitamins. Best is to get vitamins from ur food rather than eating pills >.>

    anw, your house there de clinic damn popular.. i always go and have to wait for very duper long time.

    1. actually i didnt know vitamin c tablets is bad sia. i thought is the same? just that being restructured into tablets forms hahaa. cuz i seldom take fruits ma so i thought maybe take vit c is easier.
      oh well, anyway my house de also finish liao. so maybe not restocking then >.>
      oh i just went to read up on it. really got side effect sia LOL thanks haha, else i really didnt thought that there is side effect for it <.<

  2. you poor thing. your family is just as helpful as mine. wow. that’s seriously amazing.
    actually it might just be worse – at least mine didnt drag me out of the house. i wouldve just puked all over the table.

    and if your house keeps those small yellow pills they often give for fever, you can try that next time. or just plain old panadol. the basic idea is to knock you out for long enough for your body to recover by itself, which generally works.
    although it’s really dumb, like waddya need the doctor for in that case. they issue it for everything – from fever to itching to any kind of sickness they cant identify.

    and your house there de doctor really is the rocks man.

    1. yeah, my dad gets noisy everytime when i’m sick. and it’s hard to probe him to say more things normally zzz. no actually luckily sunday i wasn’t that serious yet, i not sure i had fever already or not, but it still wasn’t the worse yet, that’s why i could still stand up and go out.. but if it’s like on monday, i really would have just yelled at him to let me rot into the deepest level of hell lol.
      actually i have la, my brother cant find it onli zz hehe. yeah if you find one corner and rot in there for a day or 2 most likely your sickness will recover, but with medicine it’s faster and less pain. so i rather take the easier way out haha.
      yeah, everytime i sick i have to like crawl from one hell to another hell to wait for death or something, the queue is like super long la. but the doc is very attentive though. at least she paid me more attention than what the polyclinic docs gave me >.>

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