Thoughts Lost

The reason why I urged the people around me to blog, is so that I have things to do in my work at my free time, such as now which is after my lunch and the people around me have not yet came back from their lunches. The environment is so quiet now I can sleep within 10 seconds if there is a pillow in my hands. Anyway, cuz I have read almost all the horror and thriller movies plots on Wikipedia, read all my friend’s blogs up to their latest entries (I even re-read the stories that Oi have written during our Secondary school times), thus I have nothing to do now, which means I have no other options but to blog.

Inspirations of what can be blogged about only comes randomly, especially at times when there isn’t a computer and time for me to blog. At those moments , I would always have a lot of things to blogged about. Previously I even thought of something to blog about, I think that was 2 weeks ago when I blogged like 4 posts in 3 days. I thought that that was too much, I even had 2 blog ideas at that time, 1 which I have forgotten about it already, and 1 is that I don’t feel like blogging it anymore. Tsk.

Anyway, to say it in short is that though now I really want to blog, but I can’t find anything to blog about. My life is so boring that if you make it into a drama or a movie, it would bore all the viewers to sleep and be black listed as a witch craft drama / movie. I seriously think that the ah ma downstairs any HDB building would have a better life manually fanning themselves using fans and gamble and listening to the birds chirp. Haiz. Sadded.

I am so so so so tempted to quit my job and survive on artificial noodles for the rest of my life before I finally got admitted into a local university or an overseas university. That’s just a wishful thinking. I can foresee my terrible fate of being nagged at by both my father and mother forever and ever until the day I lie into the coffin and be turned into ashes, okay, that’s being exaggerating. Anyway, I will be forced to do all the housework for free and at the same time suffer the nagging and I won’t have allowances and have to survive on artificial noodles everyday for 3 meals. If that’s the case, I would be worse than what I am now.

Eh, I don’t even saw the point of me blogging this post haha. It’s just to pass some time and at the same time make myself even more emo and depressed at the same time. Today is my graduation day and I’m still doing my work in st, man, if there is anybody who’s looking through a peephole and seeing how I live my life, they would also use a Uzi gun and end my life for me.

I really really really wanna go Taiwan and holiday~~~ Thailand will do also but there’s a chance of me dying there so I think I would still choose Taiwan~~ Wait, my biggest want is to slack at home for 1 whole month.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts Lost

  1. im back from grad. oh man!! was sitting in the theater for 2 hours and listening to the people talking and waiting for everyone to go on the stage to collect the diploma folder and some other prizes.argh. damn tired now.

  2. hiya.
    why dont you write stories for me to read?
    since youre so bored anyway and i’ll love to read a story you write. 🙂

    1. i can onli write pervertic stories. do you wan that? even if you wan i also dun wanna write LOL sides.. i can onli write normal essays in chinese lol. im too lazy to type in chinese, very troublesome.

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