Horror Movies

People like watching horror / gruesome movies a lot nowadays. When I meant horror movies, it does not just refer to those that contain ghosts, for those that are under gory, thriller I also categorize them under movies.

Personally, I like knowing about horror movies / stories, I never watch them though, I think watching is too much for me, if there is one scene that I saw from a movie which has this close up view of a ghost or any gruesome scene that I saw, I think I will keep remembering it for the next 10 years and for the next 1 month from then on, I will have this scene keep flashing in up in my brain when I’m alone.

Due to me being quite free again during work this few days (Then again, I always managed to find free time for myself even when I’m very busy), I went up to read on horror movies again in Wikipedia. Sadly Wikipedia only have the information of movies that comes mainly from the US, or those that are more well known internationally, meaning, there isn’t a lot of movies that I can read up on. It would be better if there is someone that come up with a horror movie article in Wikipedia which also contains the horror movies from Thailand, Japan and Korea. I think horror movies from these 3 countries really owns haha.

Thailand horror movies, I’ve only saw a few before and it’s very very few. Theirs mostly involves black magic, voo doos and curses, so is it very scary? I can’t really tell either. I guess is a little on the gruesome part and some scary scenes. Wait, I think Thailand horror movies are more on the story part (Shutter is also from there right?), so normally there will be a reason for any strange occurrence in the show.

Korea horror movies are very very very creepy. You normally see green scenes everywhere and long haired girls basically keeps appearing out of nowhere.. (tsk, when I’m writing this now, suddenly like got a lot of sounds coming from my environment and people keep walking around, gives me a fright man). Hm, basically I think Korean movies also normally involves gruesome scenes, not gruesome in the sense that you see human parts everywhere, but is gory in the sense you will see blood around. So basically Korean horror movies are more on the scary part, have story and a bit gory.

Japan movies, I think the most famous horror movies series from Japan is The Grudge? I read up on the whole series of that, if I were to deduce the Japan horror movies from that alone, maybe it’s not enough, but not like I know of any Japan horror movies… Okay, generally for Japan horror movies / dramas, it’s a lot of long rebonded hair girls moving around in the scene. Their hairs will normally cover their whole faces and they always float around behind the character when they’re not seeing. It’s quite similar to Korean movies style really, but Japan horror movies are horrifying in the sense that the camera would film the ghost for a very long time as they are crawling / floating / whatever. Their movies have story lines, but it’s quite confusing at the front parts. I remembered watching The Ring and not quite understand why a fly appeared on the tv screen and in the end it’s a real fly and I still don’t get what’s scary about that. Eh, basically Japan horror movies contained a lot of gory and long haired girls around. At least for The Grudge series, people keep dying for no reason(they say is because of the grudge they had when they die, but why kill innocent people? ) then you’ll see human parts coming out from random parts? Hm, but I guess the tension level for Japan horror movies are very high for most of the time.

Then it comes to US movies which I read the most articles on. Of all the countries’ horror movies, I watched the least of US horror movies, I don’t think I even watched any of it. Well.. Channel 5 don’t really play horror movies and I would never ever go to the cinemas to watch a horror movie (why? Because it’s like 100 times the normal screen, 100x the long haired girls, 100x the tension and 1000x the sound, sound effect is really scary). US ghost movies are not that scary I think, they’re not the kind that really shows long haired girls or ghosts around in the movie, not that they don’t but it’s seldom. This is weird, my brain comes to a blank when I think about US horror movies. Eh, anyway I think US horror movies are more on the gory side. As in, it’s really gory movies. They have a lot of that, and definitely if gruesome wise, I think they’re one of the most gruesome ones there are out there. Basically, they have a lot of ways of killing people and definitely not in the easiest way out possible. At least for other countries’ horror movies, the ghosts kill you is once and for all, and it doesn’t take too long. US movies however, is a torture + slow death. US produce more gory movies than horror movies. Or perhaps their horror movies only consisted of gore actually…
Anyways, if you’re a real sadist, you can watch the Saw series, Final Destination series, I think ultimate is the Hostel movies.

I should really just stick to watching animations for the rest of my life. I would die in a cinema if I were to watch gory / horror movies.

Ayz, I should really do an analysis on pawn or I Am The Notorious Evil Hamster series instead. Definitely I would do a better job than analyzing horror movies.


15 thoughts on “Horror Movies

  1. oh~ i think thailand horror movies is the most digusting one eh. i will feel disgusted rather than frightened. Talking of Shutter, i rmb during the 3rd year when we have completed our final exam of the year. our english teacher shown us this movie in a lab or something where the movie is projected on the big screen, that’s the only time i watch horror movie on bigger screen and sound level higher than what we normally have at home. tho it’s only a sudden shock at some times but most of my female classmates got freak out and start to scream when there isn’t any scary part =_=

    Find one day I will con you to the movie theater to watch horror movie~~~ mooohaahahahahaha~~~

    1. lol.. my school is christian school. they wun play demons / ghost / horror movies for us de. i remembered watching the day after tomorrow and hiding from my CCA teacher who walk by our class (cuz ponned too many times). and we were made to watch christian movies before la.. yours isnt that bad really lol.

      i wun get conned de. hoho.

        1. lol. my comment got say that ponned class will be made to watch christian movies meh LOL!
          im saying that, got once my teacher was playing the movie “the day after tomorrow” in the class, then at that time i was hiding from my CCA teacher. then i was saying that most of the other time is they playing christian movies for us lol.

  2. heh.
    the whole Thailand is haunted i tell you. (i hope nobody from thailand reads this)
    and the whole rebonded hair hantu thing probably started from ringu (the original jap the ring) i think, although i could be wrong.
    korean horror movies, or at least the ones i’ve seen so far, are pathetic.
    and ang-mohs have no notion of horror. or maybe it’s because i live in a low crime rate country. its impractical to walk around worrying about psycho ax murderers.
    but in any case, they lack ghosts so bad they have to borrow ours.

    1. hahahaha true, though the last time i went is pretty safe for me >.> phew, luckily..
      i think the rebonded thing started very long long long ago ba. when i was young and watched horror movies i think already have le. i think there was one scene, i think is thr ring? or dunno which japan movie that showed this trailer of the woman with rebonded hair, then the camera turned around the woman, and you just keep seeing her hair only (cuz it covers her face) and that really freaked me out for no apparent reason lol.
      korean movies… i nvr actually watched the whole thing before…. but i think you can try doll master or a tale of 2 sisters? though i think they belonged more to a bit of gory…
      whereas for ang mohs movies… mostly is just gruesome and gross.. reading on the story itself makes me feel nauseous LOL!

      1. a tale of two sisters was quite awful. i remember watching it with mengzhou they all in sec school, back in sec 1 i think.
        and i think probably cos the movie was confusing, because it was trying to mimic insanity, which you only find out about at the end, and MZ they all completely paid no attention to most of the movie.
        i remember i was the only one who watched attentively from beginning to end.

        and yeah, maybe the rebonded hair thing is like a jap thing or summin. haha
        but asian horror can be very gory also i think.
        or maybe ‘cos recently came across two very gory jap films. (i really dont like gore.)
        western horror likes to go the disturbing/thriller route.

        1. eh.. i have no idea how i know about the show LOL i guess i was just randomly reading about it lol. and maybe saw it on channel 8 before ( though i didnt continue watching it haha)

          asian horror. no.. i think no matter how ang mohs gory is really gory to the max, they really just cut human parts and show it uncensored.. i know asian films are gory for some, but i still think the ultimate is the saw series and hostel. basically the whole show is to show you how man humans can be in their way of killing things. damn gross and gory..

  3. i havent seen hostel but yes, saw is definitely quite gory.

    but the japanese suicide club is seriously pretty awful too.
    within the first five minutes, 50+ schoolgirls die by suicide and blood is splattered all over the place; later in the film there’s fingers being chopped off, skin being ripped off, this creepy thing constucted out of human skin, etc etc.

    and i’m sure theres like even worse, even more gory b-grade films out there – i know them they exist though i dont know their titles.

    gore knows no boundaries man.

    1. oh yes and if you don’t mind being disturbed, you can try looking at the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
      It is just sick.
      You can try looking at this amv somebody made:

    2. i think if im not wrong.. hostel is even more gory than saw. because the hostel is literally a club that captures people and people bid for those being captured and torture them one. super gross to the max.

      eh.. okay then i think the jap one is equally disgusting. and yeah youre right theres definitely more gross films out there that we dunno.

      and no. i think i just watched the claymore anime i already felt quite disturbed and it’s not even very gory kind.

  4. eh? what’s so disturbing about claymore?
    your disturbance threshold is seriously damn low leh.

    1. thats why i toldja LOL. so dun ask me to watch anything gory tsk! claymore is kinda gross leh. though i dun really remembered what was it like.. initially i was very attracted to the anime cuz the female lead was using 2 handed sword or something and i like 2H swords a lot, then i think i see the anime have blood splattering everywhere then quite gross lor.

  5. i see. no wonder you never watch horror movies with me.
    actually i think what i liked best about the anime was the fact that FOR ONCE it’s a girl protecting a guy.
    although admittedly he’s quite young and he’s not trained like the girl is, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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