Bye to my Overseas Dream

This is a very sad news for me, though I think it might be a good news to you, but I think ultimately I don’t think anyone would care enough because no matter what shit a person go through, he / she just have to get on with life.

At least I know that Oi would be very happy that I made up this decision.

Anyway, point is, after much thinking, figuring, brainstorming, struggle between life and death, I painstakingly made up my mind to not go overseas for my studies.

1) My parents will not able to afford for my studies
2) Ultimate conclusion : I am not fated to be rich bastard

I went to check up on the study loan interest, though previously I already thought it will be 4.5% and then I realized that the interest rate is 5.25 or 2.52 or somewhere there in between P.A. I would never never ever be able to repay that debt unless I slogged my poor ass off, get rid of my Leo personality and shopping illness for the next 10 years of my life after graduation. After 10 years of slogging off, I would still have to spend another year to repay my parent’s CPF debt and then I will start slogging my already poor ass for the next [insert number here from when I’m 31 until the year I’m dead lying in the coffin] working to buy car, house, and just surviving in this society.

I have no idea why I didn’t see it that I would never be able to repay the 60-80k of SGD no matter with interest or not, then again, maybe ultimately I just didn’t want to go overseas alone. ‘sides, there’s too much procedures I would have to do if  I am really to go studies abroad.

After thinking through, I think with a SIM computing science certificate, or a Monash University computing science, I think at most the difference in the salary is at most $200? Unless I could have graduated from Monash with a First Class Degree (which is quite impossible because I could never never ever become a person who mugged 24/7), or unless there is a company that really just require people to hold a cert that is from overseas. One of my colleague kinda struck some sense into my harder-than-diamond stubborn brain that actually it doesn’t really matter which school you’re from, as long as it’s recognized and it’s more important to aim for the top 5% or top 10% instead of aiming which better university to go to.

Thus, that is the reason why I ultimately chose this. Tsk.

Now, the problem is whether I should work for another year and apply for NTU next year or just apply for SIM next year. If I’m applying for SIM, then there’s no rush to go in since I can wait for next year’s intake, and if that’s the case, I might as well wait for next year’s NTU intake since there isn’t much difference too. Ayz, this is so frustrating.


12 thoughts on “Bye to my Overseas Dream

  1. although i’m happy you’re staying in singapore, yeah, it’s really quite unfortunate for you.

    but singapore universities are already subsidised like crazy and even then paying off a bank loan is enough to drive you crazy, so i suppose there really is nothing much you can do.
    this really is an option that only rich kids can afford.

    and yes the thing that matters most is how well you do, ultimately.
    and just wait for NTU lar.
    SIM is more expensive and in any case, NTU is a better school. seriously, i’m not just saying that ‘cos it’s my school. my loyalty is to WKW, not NTU anyway.

  2. mooyalty : eh… i think i checked on the courses available for the 4th uni before.. doesnt seems interesting to me leh… unless they added new things and i didnt saw lol.

    as for the appealing.. im waiting for letter from my boss and from ng hs lol. i think the dead line is quite long right anyway LOL

    hantu : but ntu is really damn hard to get in la. theyre like rejecting everything they can from poly unless youre really with the certificate of merit lor. tsk. damn frustrating. damn saddening that local students kena rejected for local universities argh!!! im going nuts. and sides. what if every year i go apply for ntu and keep kena rejected. its tiring also lor LOL but most likely i will be waiting until next year ba, since even if im going sim i wun wanna start so soon >.> see how first ba. cant decide really haiz.

  3. lol. i don’t have cer of merit but i still can gt in hoho.. =X told you to email that person ur father told u to email to~~ lol~~ yea its rather frustrating that local students cant get into local uni because of the high cut-off point which i think totally >.> ~~

  4. my friend got dip with merit but also kena rejected… i think wat matter more is the cut off point for ur course..

    1. hmm.. i also got a friend got dip with merit but thats because she got a IT cert and she chose a business course.. maybe your friend did something like that? but the best thing is i dunno whats the cut off point for my course sia. they got write anything about cut off point meh LOL!

      1. orh i went to see the COP for last year NTU intake. with my GPA, all i can get in is nursing =.= if thats the case, i dun need go into computing science forever liao lol.

          1. yeah. need at least 3.4 to get into computing science, computing engineering is around 3.35, and they actually say that comp engineering is harder to get in =.= but then again, my gpa isnt high to begin with. i dun think appealing would help. and the best thing is there isnt even an option to attach recommendation letter to the appealing sia. >.>

  5. hm, budden nevermind la. you said that after one year of working it’s easier to get in right? then wait till next year lor! for the moment, just earn money.

    1. somehow i think that most likely wun get in even after 1 year of working sia. oh well. not like i really hate going sim now. im happy with my working life now LOL! or rather. is used to it, though im slacking pretty much of the time.

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