Ip Man 2 – Movie

A lot of people like to call this movie as I.P Man. Actually Ip Man is supposed to be pronounced in Cantonese, just that for people who don’t know anything about Cantonese would have pronounced it as I.P man instead of reading Ip as one word. Which is why I would rather just call this movie Ye Wen, which is its Chinese name than to try pronouncing the Ip Man.

Not saying that pronouncing the title as I.P Man is wrong, it’s just that I feel funny whenever I heard somebody pronouncing it that way (I’m referring to my friend by the way).

As compared to the first film, I think the first film is much better than this one. However, one good thing about the sequel is that I feel it is less violent than the first one. Ip Man 1 is funnier in some parts, but one thing I really hate about it is that most of the time the martial artists will attack their opponents’ head (not referring to the main lead here), especially when I was watching in the movie theater, so it seems even more violent than it already is. I have expected the sequel to Ip Man 1 is gonna be even more gory, bloody and violent and surprisingly, it’s pretty much okay. At least not that much of a direct head bashing.

I was worried that it’s gonna be super gory and violent, which is the reason why I watched How to Train Your Dragon previously (not regretting it of course) and I refused to watch the Ip Man 2 DVD.

In the end, I watched Ip Man 2 with my friend last Saturday, then after that we watched Ip Man 1 and we both came to the conclusion that the first one is better. I think mainly it’s due to the funny parts. Ip Man is better well of in the first one than in the sequel, it’s so heart-wrenching to see how they’re like in Ip Man 2 as the family had to struggle a lot for money.

The highlight for Ip Man 2 is because… there is Huang Xiao Ming in it!!!! Huang Xiao Ming is the China male actor by the way, he also have a album (but his singing is kinda average, there’s even one part that he went upstage to sing live and the female host forgot to cover the mic and made a comment that singers nowadays don’t really know how to sing, they could just publish an album if their looks are good, and the best thing is what she said was broadcast-ed, yeah else how I would I know anyway) and he will be acting as Ip Man’s first disciple (yoo hoo~~).

Anyway, if you have watched the first Ip Man movie, then it’s better to watch this sequel because it’s really not that bad. However, if you have not watched Ip Man 1, then GO WATCH IT!! What I’m trying to say that, the series is really pretty nice hahaha. Maybe because Donnie Yen is really very “shuai” hehe *drools*. Of course I still think my supervisor more “shuai” though HAHAHAA~~~ *drools even more*.


9 thoughts on “Ip Man 2 – Movie

  1. WOA~!! Salute to the female host!! It’s so damn true la! Nowadays singer not up to standard still can release their personal albums~~ this sucks to the coreeee~~

    Why you are so excited of Huang Xiaoming. >_> i don’t think he is shuai in anyway and i don’t think donnie yen is shuai in anyway~~ and i don’t know whether ur supervisor is shuai in what way <_<

  2. its true but she was saying it when huang xiao ming was singing, it’s damn rude lor LOL! actually huang xiao ming also not sing until damn bad( of course not good also la) but at least he sang live and not play CD ma, that alone is not bad le. and super gang ga when she said that, everybody including huang xiao ming also heard la, damn poor thing.

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! huang xiao ming very shuai what!!! when he acting as yang guo!!!! and donnie yen is shuai in the sense when he fighting, very shuai kind of shuai. and MY SUPERVISOR IS VERY SHUAI OKAY!!! gao shen me!! tao yan!!

  3. she did not did that on intention bah, so it’s not very rude~ it’s just a criticism that is accidentally broadcast-ed live~~ LOL~ anyway also 没什么大不了~~ even president can get criticized, if cannot take it just roll to one corner and cry. Not HXM nor the female host’s fault, it’s society’s fault.

    1. but i agree la. that nowadays most of the singers dunno how to sing =.= but roll to one corner and cry LOL! very evil la you HAHAHAA

  4. hello!!
    but true la, what she said.
    but oh man, the number of times this kind of thing happens! hahahhaha

    i liked the first ip man, budden didnt watch the second one.
    until now, i still havent even watched ironman 2 and my darling robert downey junior!

    1. yeah its true. but i really pity HXM you know, hes taking the effort to sing live (not playing CD somemore) and then just nice its the part where he stops singing and only the music is going on and the voice came out. its like……. damn sad case for him la. then he have to continue singing somemore. feel very poor thing for him.

      hmm the second one is not bad. but i feel very ke lian for the ip man lol. very poor thing. and the best thing is no head bashing~~~
      i dun like ironman =.= i seldom watch movies with a man at the back one. ip man is different though since its not literally man.

      1. dot! but the first ironman was really quite entertaining!
        so you mean you didn’t watch spiderman, batman, she’s the man, catwoman?

        and ya, that guy really really very ke lian. if i was his fan, i would seriously send her a Mount Fuji-sized amount of hate mail sia.
        tut tut.

        1. hahaha.. just nice those films that you mention i nvr watched before LOL! okay la, spiderman got watch la but its because channel 5 was playing it (and you know how they like to replay the same films over and over for a thousand years) and i just happened to chance upon it, then because no other show to watch then i watch one.

          oh i didnt went to check if she did got scolded by people or not HAHAHA! mount fuji sized LOL

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