Where’d you go~

If you can imagine how I’m feeling now, the song “Where’d you go” keeps playing in my mind when I’m blogging this HAHA! So it keeps going
“Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.”

Okay, I admit I’m crazy hahahahaa.

Only difference is that I do know where he goes afterall.

Alright, in case you guys still can’t guess who I’m talking about. I’m referring to my supervisor. Ayz, since he just went overseas, I feeling so bored and bored and bored and bored.

And bored.

And bored.

More boredom.

x 100.

I have no more shuai ge to stare at!!! You know how good it is when you do coding and you do do do, then you wanna let your eyes have a rest and look somewhere else except at your computer screen. At this time, I would look towards the direction of my shuai shuai supervisor. Sadly, he’s gone with the wind now to the place where there’s a lot of cows and sheeps. I really wanna go there too, sadly, I don’t have the money (like duh!) and I think it will be like 10 years time before I will have the money to go there (wipes tear from eye with a hankie).

Okay, cut the crap and I’ll go straight to the point.

I have no motivation to do work. Because my shuai supervisor is not around!!! The moment he’s gone and today I went to the office 10 minutes later  than the normal 25 minutes late for work(okay, not blaming on him, the air con in my aunt’s room is too tempting for me and I took my own sweet time bathing and changing clothes). Not like I’m doing my work all the time, just that when both my bosses are around, I will have more motivation (though most of the time I think the shuai supervisor also know I’m doing some other things because he always walk past my desk when printing stuffs, unless he’s not looking at my computer screen, which is really hard, but as long as I can deliver my work on time, they won’t really interfere much. I’m such an ass). Anyway, so he took offs starting from today, and surprisingly, my bigger boss went to site office ( I think ) at around lunch time.

That equates to, no government HAHA!

Anyway, because the bigger boss is starting to worry that I’m being caught up in another project too much and apparently he want to withdraw me from the other project so as for me to concentrate on his project and I felt bad for the other project’s person, so I still forced myself to do work nonetheless and finally finished the stupid 1 thing, and since I’m going off soon and I thought I should blog, thus I’m here to blog about how much I miss my “ice cream” for my eyes (I’m really starting to sound like a big stalker… I admit I am).

I’m knocking off in 15 minutes time, because my company says that today is a family day, so they want us to go back home earlier to have dinner with our family. Initially that was really what I wanted, I even planned to go the library first before going back home. Then my brother called me during lunch time to tell me that they’re gonna fly me aeroplane because my brother’s birthday was yesterday and he’s going out to celebrate his birthday today and my mum think it’s not necessary to go out for dinner if my brother’s not home. She offered to bring food home for me, but then my dear friend next block to me asked me for a dinner earlier and I rejected, so I thought she would be free, and I rejected my mum’s offer and now she’s telling me she have things in the evening. )*(&)@*&$)@ Oh, and before this, I actually asked my dear friend yesterday if she wanna have dinner with me today(if yes, then I’m turning down the family dinner), she said she was busy, and smsed me in the morning to tell me she’s free, and I told her about family dinner. Zzz. Doesn’t this sounds complicating. I think so too, thus I’m quite lazy to explain it any further, too bad if you don’t get it. Basically, a lot of aeroplanes are flying around me.

Oh well. I’ll just go to the library later and hang around.

If you’re asking me what’s with the sudden thought of me going to library because I’m not such a hardworking person ( which I think most of you are thinking in your brain and gonna ask me in the comments box ).

It’s because I wanna make myself looks more studious !!!(push specs up with a finger).

Okay, fine. I just can’t resist getting a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and thus I going to read up some books on taking care of a rabbit (sooner or later I will need this knowledge anyway and since I have the time and the mood to go down to the library, then might as well haha).

The more I read up on the rabbits and see the pictures, the more I can’t resist myself from getting one. Tsk.

Sadly, my house is too small. I don’t even have a room for my own (isn’t this sad), it’s not that there isn’t space to put a cage somewhere (I won’t put it outside the house, I seriously scared people will steal because the rabbit is soooooo cute), I just think that only me in my family could stand critters’ smell. I had hamsters before in my house, and all my family members were saying it’s very smelly, but it doesn’t affect me at all, in fact, I couldn’t even smell it, or subconsciously I didn’t mind. Actually, I even picked up the hamsters and snuggled it against my face before (I even have sensitive face, but  nothing happened after I snuggled it).

I need to emphasis that there is nothing wrong with my nose, in fact, my nose can smells things from far away (but mostly it applies to food, don’t ask me about distance, just that normally I smell things that my family can’t and there are really something that’s producing the smell). Thus, I don’t really understand why am I not affected by the hamsters’ smell.

No matter what, I don’t think my parents are able to withstand the rabbit’s smell ( though I have no idea how smelly it is ), and I don’t think I can put it in my aunt’s room because she also won’t able to stand the smell. My bro’s room is too small.

Oh well, perhaps I will have to wait till my aunt went back Malaysia and I could have a room of my own. That would take at least 10 years. Tsk. It’s really what the hell. I’m still thinking of ways to make my rabbit dream comes true.

PS : I really really really want a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.

PSS : I really miss my supervisor. *wipes tear from eye” HAHA!

Sometimes, when I read back on what I’ve blogged. It seems like it does contains a lot of crap.

Anyway, that’s just how my blogging style is like HAHA!


11 thoughts on “Where’d you go~

  1. EEKS! you actually snuggled the hamster against ur face!! OMO!!! IT’S SO DAMN GROSS MAN!


    But then, hamster really smells lah~~~ the urine is the most smelly that i couldn’t tahan. Oh well, in the end some of the hamsters are given away. And day by day, the rest of the hamster die one by one~~ I wonder is there any disease going ard the ham ham but we din bother to bring them to the vet. Oh well, in the end all of them died and we din got a chance to bury them~ my mummy threw them into the bin and down the chute. Actually, the hamsters were from my sister’s friend but my sister very 3 min and in the end she just leave them to rot and my mummy take care of them instead. TSK!! That is so irresponsible~~~

    So!! Once you get a rabbit, be sure to take good care of it till it’s death!~~

    1. lol. ai ya. nothing happened ma in the end. and ‘sides, they look too damn cute le. i cannot resist the temptation LOL!

      i think okay leh. not really smells to me LOL! maybe cuz i love it anyway LOL! when i was young that time my mum also take cared of it for me instead =.= . oh well. i admit that i 3 min that time also, but i think now i have the ability to care for it liao. i wanted to change the beddings myself de la.. but then every time my mum cannot stand the smell then she changed and she also scared i dunno.. in the end jiu zhe yang… but if im getting a pet, i wan to take care of it myself onli.

      yeah, if im getting a rabbit i definitely going to keep it until it die. problem is. i dun think i can get it yet… haiz

  2. rabbits are pretty cute. although they eat their own shit and stuff…
    but they’re kinda cute.
    but please please dont get one from the pet shop. i dont know how else you can get one but dont encourage the trade please. and they tend to be inbred or somthing, not too sure, higher vulnerability to diseases.

    say no to pet stores!!

    1. of course they’re cute LOL. okay la. im okay with them eating their own shits.. i read somewhere on a book that says that they get the best nutrients from eating their first droppings (not sure is true or not =.=)
      i dun think im getting from the pet shop, most likely if im getting it, i would adopt it from people ba. thing is even if i wanna get it from SPCA also cannot, they dun have the kind of breed that i wan lol..
      i didnt know you dun like pet stores so much LLOL!

  3. pet stores are breeding animals for profit, getting them from sources that churn them out like factory-products.
    and the demand is what allows pet stores like this to survive anyway.
    and yeah i think it’s probably true. rabbits arent that good at digesting stuff. have to eat again (dont know how many times) to max out the nutrients.

    1. got so bad meh LOL but one thing im scared for adopting from people is that scarly the rabbit is a mixed breed and they claim their pets to be netherland dwarf sia. for one thing, pet store wun do this kind of thing ma..

  4. how you know also lor.
    i think you should go find out what kind of certification you can get or whether there are ways to tell.
    in any case, mix-breed is okay also what, as long as its cute.

    1. well.. because if really is they anyhow customers would go back find them.. whereas if adopt from people if really is mixed breed find them back also cannot find liao zzz
      i onli wan netherland dwarf rabbits cuz they wun grow big, and if smell also will be lesser la thats what i think

  5. http://www.helpinganimals.com/Factsheet/files/FactsheetDisplay.asp?ID=36

    i really wouldnt trust a pet store just because it’s there.
    clothes shops stay put too but they can still sell you bad quality clothes. and refuse to refund you. @#$%#
    but, anyway, you’d better do your homework first before buying from a pet store.


    also, i looked around the net and it says that although pure breeds like the neatherland drawf rabbit tend to be cuter and prettier, pure breed pets tend to have hereditary medical problems, because of the inbreeding you know.
    (Netherland drawf rabbits commonly get dental malocclusion, because of the inbreeding.)
    not to mention pure breeds also cost more.

    so i highly encourage you to get a rabbit from the SPCA or somewhere else.
    if you do that, you’ll be saving one rabbit life, as opposed to just encouraging the continuation of rabbit-production mills.

    1. oh i didnt check my blog for the previous 2 days so i didnt notice got one pending comment haha. yeah if normally >2 links in one comment will need my approval that its spam or not spam de.

      anyway, i wan netherland dwarf is because if small one is already damn smelly, then bigger smells even worse right. my parents already could not stand the smell of hamsters (small size somemore) then if its bigger right, its correct to deduce that it smells even worse lol.

      point is, im not getting a rabbit any soon now so dun need to worry LOL!

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