Random Rants

Nothing much to write about (because my life is sadder than the ah mas downstairs my house), yet I have to find something to do because it’s lunch time at my work place and I don’t wanna go lunching.

Every time I look at the blog statistics and saw people clicking from interesting places to come to my blog, I would feel very amused.

I’m very stuck about continuing this post. I need to say that Lynnette is super pro, how did she managed to blog so short and sweetly about random things that only god-knows-who would understand? (not meant to be sarcasm or what, but serious damn pro, just that I really wish you could crap more and explain more HAHA)

Sometimes when all the more you hate a person, subconsciously you would find out more about that person, or you would deliberately find out more information / news of that hated person.

I’m the latter. I need to admit that I like to hear bad news about that hated person. As much as how much I try to ignore, forgot, don’t care about what has happened before, sometimes you just want to know how’s that person faring etc.Mainly is because I want to know whether that person has gotten into shits and that would definitely make my life much more better. (for a while that is)

This does not apply to everybody of course, I know a lot of people who can really ignore that person for life and erase them from memory gradually.

I can remember shits that happened to me like more than 10 years ago, yet if you’re asking me who’s my first crush, I wouldn’t even recall that person’s face or name.

When a person remains on the top for too long, sometimes they just overlooked how it is like to be at the bottom.

Even if they were at the bottom before, once they got to the top and as time passes, they would forget their past and not remember the pains anymore.

It’s not just the authority that’s having this problem, it’s more like it’s in a human to have this kind of a reaction.

If there are any situation that allows them to fall back to the bottom again, they would learn to be much kinder and forgiving. I think that if they do have the chance to get back to the top, it’s very likely that the same thing would happen again.

I should really be doing my work. My shuai shuai supervisor is off to the land of cows and sheeps, my boss just went down to site office (which is in Changi, I pray that I never ever have to go down there). Meaning I could really just slack through all the way (not when the piles of work load is gonna topple off my head), but I still have to catch back my soul and brain from lala land and finish reading the damn documentation (god knows how many documentations there are for me to finish). I started blogging this during lunch, so I thought it appropriate that I finish it as soon as I have the time in case I will lose motivation.

Did it occur to you that people like to do things that they know will have a negative effect;

Watching horror movie knowing that it will freak the shit out of you.

Saying things that you know you shouldn’t but you just said it anyway for fun? To let the person have a piece of your mind? To get something off your heart? For whatever reason you can think of.

You know that the other party is going to be pissed off if you keep pressing on, yet you continued pressing on for the answer.

Staring at the computer for > 12 hours knowing that it’s gonna hurt your eyes.

Continued playing games knowing that if you don’t stop and study now you’re not gonna get high marks for your tests.

Knowing that you’re gonna spend your whole life repaying debts that’s longer than the Nile River and you know you’re gonna spend your life earning what you’re spending and persevering on surviving.

Knowing that we’re gonna be strangers in our own land some day and psycho-ing that that day would never come though you and I know that what it really is.

Knowing that it’s office hours and I should really be doing my work and I’m not doing.

Just to mention, that I’m not emo-ing, just having a lot of thoughts going through my brain and I feel that I should lay it out somewhere.

PS : I really want a rabbit but I really can’t think of a way to have it. TSK!

Me : I really want to have a rabbit.
Bro : Buy lor.
Me : Bo space.
Bro : Don’t buy lor.
Me : But I really want one.
Bro : Then buy lor.
Me : But bo space!!!
Bro : Then dun buy lor.
(continued for another 5 times)
Me : Stop repeating the same thing! I wan a rabbit!
Bro : I wan a dog.
Me : Har?
Bro : Actually, I want a tiger. Tiger’s very cute
Me : …


13 thoughts on “Random Rants

  1. First.

    Please lah, I’m blogging in simple english lor.
    Somemore you study literature, you should try to analyse what I writing mahhh

    On a side note, I totally agree with ur bro that tigers are cute!!
    I want to touch them and feel how the hair feels, like it is soft and fluffy?
    (I sound like some psycho here…)

  2. LOL~ it’s rather strange to be finding out news of the person u hated.. lol.. btw, whose news do u want to know about? LOL!!

    I think people are remembering shit things happening ppl do to them more than good things ppl do to them. So i suggest u do shit things to ppl ur shuai shuai supervisor so that they will rmb u for life.. HAHA

    Yeah, I like to remind you about the worm in the durian and guavas~~ LOL~~ which i know there might have some negative effects..

  3. tengteng : yes, its definitely simpler english as compared to wong oi shan de movie reviews (every time i read her reviews i just wanna throw rotten apples at her head ) but the problem is it’s too random. my literature skills have no ways of linking your post with anything in the world LOL
    i know tiger is cute =.= , white tiger nicer. but i think i would prefer a lion haha

    mooyalty : at least for what i know, i know a few people like that who will do this kind of things, and im really this kind of a person haha.as for who is it jiu haha. skype then tell you. then again maybe you could have guess it LOL! negative people remember negative things ma, likewise vice versa ba haahha. and no, i onli wanna leave a pure and innocent image in my shuai shuai de supervisor de heart so i dun wanna spoil my reputation xD.
    you go eat your own sour sop la!! LOL disgusting..

    hantu : migrate to africa lor. white tiger better, i still wan my netherland dwarf…

  4. “every time i read her reviews i just wanna throw rotten apples at her head” –> wei, what is this?

    and i want tiger. me no care what colour. s’long as it’s a tiger.

    although a lynx would be wonderful too. or a panther.

  5. me no like lions quite so much.
    ‘cos they’re pack animals, dogs practically.
    lionesses do all the hunting. that annoys me.

    1. pack animals are good~~ so wun be lonely ma LOL! and true la… lionesses do the hunting… then what does the male do ah. sit around and zuo bo ah.

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