NYP Cert

Finally went to collect my cert last Friday, submitted to the HR just now, and I’m gonna get my increment of 100 bucks in salary hoho~ (So what, it’s still minus-ed by CPF, in the end it doesn’t make a difference for the 100 bucks zz, oh well better than nothing!!) It was a pity not going for the Graduation Ceremony since quoted by a lot of people that I’m studying 3 years just because of this day (my shuai supervisor actually told me that too) but I will have to take a leave on, spend 30 bucks to rent that damn gown, and I still have to wake up early in the morning when it’s an off day, and my parents would also have to take a day off (after much calculation is done, I realized that we will be losing a lot of money and that’s not worth it at all).  So I concluded that not going would be better than going, and thus I didn’t went after all. The greatest pity was not seeing Mr Ng wearing suit!!! If I was there I could have shown my mum how shuai Mr Ng is HAHA!

Anyway, went back to NYP with Xia and Eileen, Eileen was there to accompany us and to come out and absorb some Vitamin D since she’s about to have mushrooms grow all over her body soon, and Xia also went to collect the cert. Wanted to go and take a look at Mr Ng for the one last time (and pester him for recommendation letter) but to my horror and shock and surprise and sadness (and whatever words you can think of to fill in here), apparently he just went for NS re-service. That explains the ignoring when I emailed him about recommendation letter (not an excuse though because he still sent out emails before he went for re-service).

Saw Melissa (supervisor in charge of my Final Year Project) and chatted with her like for 3 hours (amazingly long). She was asking me to leave my current office and go back to NYP to work (you know, that’s really a good idea, since after calculating, apparently the pay in NYP will be much higher than the one I’m working in now), but I’m really lazy to move my arse here and there and the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that I won’t be able to look at my shuai shuai supervisor anymore HAHA! Oh yeah, she was the only one who saw my supervisor at that time when she came to visit me. Sadly, she don’t remember how he looks like and she said he’s not shuai, because in the first place he’s short. Ayz, fine, like I said I think a lot of your guys wouldn’t think he’s shuai when you saw him. Still, his face, arm and perfume smell is gonna make me nose bleed.

Okay, point is, I’ve finally gotten the blue leather case with the precious cert inside. The good thing about the cert in NYP is that we were given this blue hard leather case that you can open and TADA!! The cert will be inside there nicely. The cover is of good quality too. At least when next time you go out to work and bring that cert with you, it will looks so much cooler. Ah~ I like the cover so much~~~ (Squeeze my face against the leather casing)

Ah, I managed to beg 2 recommendation letters from my boss and our course manager haha. I don’t think it will help though. I think when the rejection comes again I will feel damn tired for wasting my time for nothing. Wasted efforts begging course manager and my boss for the recommendation letter zzz. Nonetheless, maybe the letters will come to use in the future anyway. I really like the recommendation letter given by my boss though, so sophisticated HAHA! I was quite shocked that I really managed to squeeze out 2 recommendation letters because I thought Mr Quah are really just entertaining me because I asked for the recommendation letter quite last minute-ly, I only asked for it like last Friday, and I needed it by yesterday. He gave me his private email and asked me send him details on Friday itself so he could help me do the recommendation letter and surprisingly he replied me on Saturday. I initially thought my boss forgot about me too as I kept checking my mail on Friday(he said he will send it to me on Friday) and there isn’t any incoming email and then I received a call from him on Saturday asking me for my private email and there I got it.

Very touched for the letters seriously. Though I think most likely it will be waste of their hard efforts, I still am very very touched towards my lecturer and boss haha~ Seriously if I’m gonna try NTU again next year, I think they will still reject me right? Perhaps if I keep trying until when I turned 40 then they will let me in and I will get the Guinness World Record for being the dumbest person on Earth to keep trying to apply for the same University, then they accepted me because of the Record. Ayz. Sadded.


5 thoughts on “NYP Cert

  1. FIRST
    wah, like so long never get liao. what a rare achievement. i’m getting a bit afraid scully someone just nice post something before i can finish this comment.

    and as much as i would not like to dictate your life, i would very much like if you DO NOT leave until AFTER i leave, thank you very much.
    and if only friend’s reccommendations help. *sigh* i would totally write a 3000 word essay on why my school should let you enter man.

  2. SECOND!
    Hello~~ Absorbing vitamin d will cause more mushrooms to grow.. aiya, at first I thought going to Bishan after that who knows in the end nvr go.. TSK~ I cannot imagine u talking non-stop and not feeling any sort of sourness in the jaw.. my jaw nearly dropped after laughing too much..

  3. I think you should stay in your job. After all, your company is quite known in the industry right?
    Pay may be higher in NYP, but if you’re going to find other job next time, the resume put ur current company sounds better…

  4. hantu : HAHAHAHAHA!! thanks for the 3000 words but like as if it’ll helps else i would threaten my brother to help me write too HAHAHAHAHA! so touched *wipe tear from eye*, ah, relax la. like i said, i wun leave st because of my shuai supervisor (thats one point) and the other is that im lazy to move my arse around changing environment and looking for new jobs so you can stop worrying hahaha.

    does it matter to be the first anyway =.= LOL

    mooyalty : ai ya, i also thought going ma. but i enjoy talking to melissa HAHAHA i didnt thought that would have talked so long too. talking is not a hard task for me la. i need to non stop talking for at least 8 hours last time in body shop can LOL got laugh a lot meh.. okay la…

    tengteng : nah.. i wun be moving la. yeah its more reputable in a sense haha unless youre in the company then you might hear bad comments from customers (at least thats what i heard ahaha). and i wun go back nyp la. so troublesome lor. at least in st, the stress not that high, im just a small prawn in the company, if the sky drops on my arse i still got a lot of people to help me push it up LOL! yeah especially not leaving after my boss took the time to help me write recommendation letter sia LOL!

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