I really need a sleep. Went to attend Jamie’s wedding yesterday, and I reached home at like 2 plus am. The happiest thing is I didn’t take leave today and I’m ultra sleepy now, especially in a very quiet environment like my office where you can only hear the sounds of keyboard typing and mouse clicking, hibernation temperature, and most of all, a very very comfy chair.

Yesterday was very fun, went to Hotel Rendezvous and set up a little on the seating arrangements, then slacking around with my friends~ The buffet was really nice, I first time saw a self service laksa, and surprisingly the laksa is very nice, I thought it only looked appealing. The desserts are the best though.

What I didn’t thought would have happened was that Jamie took us back to their room after the whole thing ended and they even brought 2 red wines with them. After finally finishing the wines, they still wanted more beers. Ayz, why people like to force each other to drink alcohol when obviously everybody are in no condition to drink already. So weird.

By right I should be doing programming job, but I’m suddenly wishing that they can take all the programming jobs off my head. I enjoy finding out solutions to the terrain converting and adding things in, I enjoy more on the finding out of how things are done rather than doing the whole thing myself, and the programming really makes me wanna die. Using Qt is fine, the hard part is not about Qt, the hard part is about the whole program because the documentation that the wonderful people came up with is totally not “reader / user friendly”, finally found ways to do it, but the worst thing is I don’t know how to implement it ayz. God, use a hammer to whack on my head to make me feel clearer zzz~

Had lunching with Oi Shan just now, I finally finally tried the Bak Kut Teh that I always wanted to eat but didn’t order myself because I don’t think I can finish it. Ordered a braised pork and the salted vegetable (don’t know what is it called in English), now it’s proven that it does not only smells nice, the food tasted nice too!

I’m going to get LG KS360 tomorrow. Sad thing is pink is not available. Never mind~ I will still get the black one, since I tried a few retailers and all have black left only, I guess not really fated with the pink one. However, I die die also wanna change my phone so I don’t mind getting the black one.

Kays, I’m back to struggling between doing work and sleeping and not sleeping etc. Adios~


9 thoughts on “Sleepy

  1. FIRST

    i dont understand why you like it so much. its not that i hate it. but it feels like i’m not eating my money’s worth cos half the fatty nonsense.

  2. my first is gone again~~ nooooooooooo~~

    braised pork + salted vegetables = 梅菜扣肉?braised pork with preserved veggie? or pork belly with preserved veggie?

  3. hantu : ah.. i think is the preserved veggies nice ba LOL! i like the vege a lot.. the meat is okay~

    mooyalty : eh… braised pork leg lol. and yeah preserved veggie haha

  4. tengteng : cuz the design really very pretty!! LOL i dun care for the functions as long as can sms and call can liao. other things not impt to me LOL!

    mooyalty : too bad, alr preordered liao LOL! im gonna buy it~~~~~

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