Much as I’ve always complained that Oi Shan’s not updating her blog enough, I realized that the frequency of me blogging is not that high either (Though I think it’s still higher than yours, Oi).

Anyway, went out with Oi and Si Hui last Friday. It was really an enjoyable night for me, though I think it’s a complete opposite for Oi since I could feel her hateful glare shooting at my back the whole night. For a detailed description of what happened that night, I think it’s best that Oi’s blog post was read instead because it’s so hilarious and descriptive, I couldn’t stop laughing no matter how many times I read it. Good job! Oi! So long since there is a post of yours that makes me laugh so madly.

Oi Shan’s blog post

World Cup started last Friday, as mentioned in Oi Shan’s post that she saw “c. his full view…from twenty metres away. (He was at the bus-stop across the road.)”, I have guessed that my beloved sup went to his friend’s house to watch World Cup or something. Isn’t it right to deduce that sporty guys / majority guys like to watch World Cup a lot?… … And no, apparently I was wrong to make such a deduction because this morning when my brother and I was waiting for the traffic to turn red (was secretly hoping that my sup would not see me ), he saw me and in the end we walked to the office together again, in silence. Ayz, that’s the reason why I was hoping that he would not notice me. We were still chatting for the first 20 seconds I guess when I was asking if he watched World Cup and he shake his head much to my disappointment ( cuz I was guessing that he watches World Cup). Well, if last Friday he went to his GF’s house then I’m gonna cry my hearts out. (Naw, I will just chase after Oi Shan instead) Then the rest of the walk was done in complete silence.

Eh, by right Virgo and Leo should be able to clique (at least that’s what I saw on the damn online astrology thing), maybe it’s not accurate after all. I seldom walk with people and there isn’t anything to talk about at all (because my interest covers quite a wide area, most of the time there will at least be 1 thing that can be talked about for a long time), because those who I can’t find anything to talk about, I wouldn’t choose to walk with them in the first place. Ayz, I’m trying very very hard to treat him like a normal guy, but I think is really damn damn damn hard to find something of common interest. (Then again, if I really treated him like an ultra normal guy, I would have just say he’s very shuai straight to his face) Or maybe because it’s Monday today, and he’s having Monday blues? Bahz~

Was back to looking for my World of Warcraft account and sadly, I forgotten the damn password for that account (after thinking very very long for the username some more), cuz that account didn’t belong to me, it belonged to my brother’s friend who has stopped playing WoW, he have bought up to burning crusade, so I bought the Wrath of the Lich King to continue playing it, so if I have to start a new account, I would have to buy up to burning crusade (which cost $39.99 USD) and the Wrath of the Lich King, again ($39.99 USD), which after calculate would amount up to 100 bucks SGD. The best thing is there isn’t anyway to deactivate the Wrath of the Lich King CD key, which forces me to have no choice but to buy it again which is ultimate idiotic. Seriously hoping that the WoW support team could like reply me a bit faster so that I can go back to playing it zzz. I wouldn’t bet on it though, I think they would be thinking that I’m trying to hack the account =.= Ayz. This sucks.

I really need to get a life. I have off on last Wednesday and apart from reading evil ham, I don’t know what  else to do zzz. Ain’t in any mood to play games some more, something is definitely wrong with me(and I don’t mean the evil ham part in case you guys are thinking me reading there is already proving that there’s something wrong with me).


3 thoughts on “Random

  1. hahahah jia you. i sympathize with you. i suppose it’s hard to talk normally to guys you like.
    although it’s been a while since i’ve experienced that kind of problem….
    it’s not like i bump into johnny every other day….*sigh*

    and i cant believe youre so amused you actually went and linked my post. is my pain really so amusing to you?

    1. no actually, I didn’t quite have the problem of talking to guys I liked. In fact, I can still chat with the people I like in my poly life lol. I need to be honest that my sup is really hard to communicate to. Guess he’s a really calm and quiet person, (a bit weird too), he really onli talked when there’s something of interest to him.

      the thing is your that blog post is really very funny. I would have tell it to everybody I know about that thing. I would have shown the other 2 guys if they weren’t mentioned in the post themselves LOL! and yes, your pain proves as an entertainment to me.

      I find it a great pity that you didn’t went into the Gents. I was just gonna fold my arm and watch you walk in. *sigh*

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