Lunching (LOSErs – 1) at workplace

Si Hui came all the way down from her home (not that far anyway) to my company just to have a look at the 2 guys that I said was not bad looking. No wait, 1 is not bad looking and the other is very shuai (the shuai one is of course my supervisor). I really thought she wouldn’t make it on time since it was already 11.50pm and I heard from Oi Shan that she’s still at her house area, I wanted to ask her to U-turn for home instead, but she insisted on coming. Surprisingly, when I smsed her where is she, she said she’s at YCK already. Either Oi Shan’s news is very very outdated or Si Hui is really using her teleporting skills. How could 1 reach ST from her house (somewhere in YCK area) to YCK MRT station in less than 5 minutes time (not mentioning that whenever we meet ouside, she will be stuck at her house’s bus stop for a millennium because the bus takes a very long time to reach), maybe she’s practicing witchcraft.

My company has 2 gates, one front gate and one back gate. The back gate is not really literally back gate though, because back gate is supposed to be on the behind of the building (which explains the definition of back right), but nope, the distance between the front and the back gate is only about 100m, and they’re on the same road. Normally the team of people I’m working with would go through the front gate to the shop houses to have lunch, especially today is such a sunny day, it’s a better chance to go further away to have lunch right? Though it’s really sunny today, but I don’t know which invisible lightning struck them, they actually decided to go by the back gate to the neighboring building to have lunch instead (I even asked Oi Shan to meet me at the front gate and I think they’re at the front gate), I could only ask them to walk back instead. (Oh well, it really isn’t my fault, I was ultra shocked that they will be going to Tech Point to eat and they made me go further places the previous 2 days when it was raining T_T)

Much to my disappointment, shock-ness, surprise, (whatever words you can fill in here) Si Hui actually thought that the other 2 guys (which obviously is the other 2 guys other than my supervisor and my boss) is more shuai than my supervisor. How can it be?! okays, I finally gotta accept the fact that maybe my taste really got problem after all (at least I told her that the guy with the initial of K is much better looking than my supervisor definitely). Oh well, I really just wanna stick to the fact that my supervisor is shuai-er.

I think this might be a good news to all those who have to tolerate my constant crapping of how shuai my supervisor is and what a nice body he has. Apparently my like-nes of him has reached the peak (maybe it’s a HOORAY! for you all?) already, which means that there’s 2 options, that
1) It will constantly stay on the peak, going like a straight line
2) It will start going down (which I think is what you people are hoping for)

Then again, it’s better that the line won’t go there, else if not I would start losing motivation and then sooner or later would leave the company HAHA!

GRR. I’m so stuck at my work, I never thought that there will be a day that I say this. I’m so glad that year 1 had modeling module, else if not I would be stuck at what I’m doing for like 10 thousand years (I managed to solve a few problems based on the logic of 3D models but seriously I don’t know how to solve this ultimate last problem and I have to finish that terrain by afternoon tomorrow. Best thing is that the graphics person has not get back to me yet).

Wish me luck. I need a lot of ’em.


3 thoughts on “Lunching (LOSErs – 1) at workplace

  1. FIRST

    and ya, frankly i’d much rather look at the temp staff boys in my office lar. although none of them interest me at the moment. i like some of the the temps very much though, both genders i mean. they’re really pretty friendly.
    it’s so much easier talking to your own age group. ahhh the wonderfulness of it.
    and yeah, i quite expected sihui’s reaction but rather than being funny, i seriously think it’s frankly quite horrible to all the guys in question.

    1. hantu : yeah i guess it’s really much easier talking to own age group people, I really have a generation gap with the people in my office, even with the people that is on the same team as me. Sigh.
      Si Hui ah. Don’t know la. I’m just kinda surprised that she as saying that your one is better looking than my one *sulk*

      mooyalty : yeah you can be very happy now LOL! apparently it’s plunging. But then i wont have any motivation for work if that’s the case though *sadded*

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