I’m so tired today. I had a very very bad dream yesterday night. Oi Shan, being the ass she always am, thought that something bad has happened to my supervisor in my dream and thus I categorize it under bad dreams. Tsk. Even though I’m really mad-cow crazy over my dear supervisor, and I do dream of him sometimes in the night, but why would bad things happen to him in my dreams. More likely that he will dream of bad things himself, I never dreamt of bad things happening to people, and I seldom heard of that case too. Tch.

I had a few bad and weirdo dreams before. When I was in primary school, I kept dreaming of Sesame Street. I always dreamt of this wooden cabin whereby the Sesame Street characters are inside. I’m always playing with a stupid dumb ball in the dream and the ball would always roll the alley behind the AMK shop houses, to be exact, it’s the area next to the back door of MacDonald. The kid me would always run to get the ball and end up at the same place and then I will see the Sesame Street characters. Not sure why it’s a nightmare but it always gives me the creeps. ‘Sides, I don’t really watch Sesame Street when I was young. I had this dream a few times.

The other one which I think is really scary is the one whereby a taxi driver keeps chasing after me with a knife. After some struggling, the knife accidentally cut out half of his face. Then I thought it’s over, just when I started feeling relieved, he took up the knife and continued chasing me again. This dream is also very tiring, is like I kept running and running in my dream and the taxi driver is like the killer in “The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon” whereby it always appear right behind me. Bahz.

Personally, the taxi driver dream topped the chart of my Nightmares list and then I had this dream yesterday night.

I dreamt that I got married yesterday, to a guy that I don’t even know, needless to say about the love part. You know it’s okay if I dreamt about getting married to my dear supervisor, but imagine if it’s a guy that you don’t even know, never even interact to. That guy was a random guy that’s working in my office, saw him around a couple of times but never spoke to him at all. And he’s an Indian. I need to state that I’m not a racist, but I really need to specify that I prefer Chinese, due to the fact that I think different races will cause a big problem between communicating, and I’m really much much much more better when conversing in Chinese. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I’m mumbling about when I speak in English.

Anyway, the dream was really horrible and tiring, because I have no idea why the me in the dream actually agreed to the proposal. (It’s really crazy) Then throughout the dream, I kept thinking about how I should initiate the divorce (why did my mum agreed to the marriage too?). You know sometimes when you’re in a dream, and somehow you know that’s a dream. Sadly, I thought that was really a reality and that freaks the hell out of me.

Ayz, my brain should have chosen someone better, really. Luckily the dream didn’t have any censored parts anyway. I was so worried and worried that something is gonna happen, and luckily nothing happened, I don’t wanna imagine it anyways. It’s too freaky. I hope that I will dream of my dear supervisor instead tonight, and that would be the ultimate sweet dreams hehe.


9 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. sounds funny.
    you seem to have this constant fear of boys who chase you or marry you or something along those lines. you dreamed something similar before also lor! you told me before.
    damn farnie.

    maybe youre seriously destined to be single forever, to suffer from such a bizarre paranoia.

  2. mooyalty : got violent meh. onli the taxi driver de ba haha.

    hantu : you really building happiness on my misery. oh wells. then dun glare at me whenever im enjoying your suffering. tsk.
    i dun have constant fear of boys chasing me la. since when i say that sia… you make me sounds like some les… sides, where got guys chase me lol. in your dreams? yeah i was telling you like yesterday =.=
    stop planting curse on me that i will be single forever you shit head.

  3. no, secondary school also you told me something similar before.
    i remember finding it very funny.
    you even told me it was something like some kind of horror movie and i burst out laughing and you said it was really damn scary lor!
    but i failed to empathize. >.< hahahahhaah

    1. is it… this is weird… i really dun remember LOL but if ure talking about sec sch i think i know the reason why i said that then. but oh wells. thats history! LOL but the nightmare was really scary. sumpa lol.

    1. you horrible horrible person. i hope that you will dream of being married to someone you hate the most. then maybe you would be able to empathize with me then. and then i can indulge myself in your misery. tsk.

  4. hahahhahah
    i think you torture me enough as it is.
    dont need to add on liao.
    your curses are ineffective against me.

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