Killers (2010) – The Movie

The show is amazing. Hilarious, interesting, very captivating.

What was more amazing was I kept going “this guys looks damn familiar..” all the way throughout the whole movie, and it’s not until I went to search on him on Google, that I realized, he was the hot guy that acted in “What Happens In Vegas”. I love “What Happens in Vegas”, and I love “Killers”, maybe I’m gonna notice what will he be acting in in future. (Argh, how can I not notice that he’s the guy in “What’s Happen In Vegas”?!?!?!)

Eh, before I talk about anything else. Ashton Kutcher is really, really, really (x100) hot. It’s ice cream for the eye from the beginning of the movie when he was going to the beach and he has his top off. Okay, I am pervert, I admit that. Eh, but I guess this director did well in treating ice cream for both female and male audiences. You’ll get it when you saw the movie haha.

What really caught my attention was the “love at first sight” theme used in the movie. I seldom came across any movie that will have this kind of scenarios happening. I thought “love at first sight” only happens in the Chinese romance novels I read or some lame Taiwanese drama.

Anyway, though the “love at first sight” theme doesn’t really convince me, but I guess that’s to make the movie focus more on the killing part than just purely their romance, so it’s not a big problem.

After the first 20 minutes(or so) of their romance, then the real deal came out and there’s a lot of smashing, shooting, fighting, brawling going around. The scariest thing of the movie is that they don’t know who are the enemies because everybody came to them disguising themselves.

I like the fighting, I like the romance, I like the ending, everything is very funny and interesting.

In conclusion, I think this is a movie worthy of watching, and I’m going off to watch Toy Story 3 on Friday, woo hoo~~

PS : My ulcer is really hurting like hell. The size of the ulcer itself is amazing. Ashton Kutcher is really hot.


12 thoughts on “Killers (2010) – The Movie

  1. mooyalty : i cant help it lol. toy story 3 kai lan booked me like 1 year ago lol. bo pian~~

    tengteng : eh.. i wish to watch with you too la. but kena booked LOL! aw man cannot ask you go find si hui, shes in friggin korea now LOL!

  2. hantu : stop going against ashton kutcher!!! his body is very very hot!!! just focus on his body will ye!!

    mooyalty : no im just trying to tell you that it just happens that toy story is booked by her LOL!

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