Dozing Off

I had a hard time struggling to stay awake for these past few days. Especially during 3-4pm, where I just finished my lunch not long ago, the office is very quiet, with only typing sounds, occasion hushed talking, cold air con, wearing my jacket, sitting on my comfy chair, having practically nothing to do except to read finish my stupid e-book which teaches me to do Lua scripting (No, I refuse to get more programming work to do from the other team, looking at the codes just makes me wanna sleep more and more depressed).

I was writing notes on a notebook given to me by ST when I first joined the company 4 months back, to make it easier for me to digest the information and in the hope that writing would make me stay awake, which in the end did not work out as planned. Just as the saying goes “Life doesn’t always comes out as planned”, I was scribbling and scribbling, jotting points from the e-book to my own book, my brain struggling between reading and dozing.

As I was jotting and jotting, and the percentage of soul leaving my body became higher and higher, I dozed off while my hand is still scribbling. The moment I dozed off, I will wake up with a jolt and stared at what I’ve written, illiterate, and words that are not what was supposed to be written. So I have to take my correction tape to tape over it, repeat the whole cycle again for another 15 minutes before I decided that I’m really exhausted.

I have finally managed to sleep in the toilet. I went to the toilet, and dozed off for around 15 minutes before going back into the office. I always forgot to bring my watch with me to keep track of the time, and thus I was sleeping and worried at the same time. Nonetheless, despite waking up at least a trillion times during the short 15 minutes of rest, I did managed to get some sleep.

As I’m typing this, I’m yawning away and my eyes struggling to open. I won’t be falling asleep today because my superiors are not in the office and this is the perfect timing for me to do whatever I want, which is why I could have the time to write this.

Will be watching Toy Story 3 tonight. Will update about the review soon~ Wee~


6 thoughts on “Dozing Off

  1. “words that are not what was supposed to be written.” –> makes it sound like what lar, especially coming from YOU.

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