Toy Story 3 – Movie Review

I should have blogged this 1 week ago, I watched it on last Wednesday, but I was too obsessed with playing World of Warcraft nowadays so I’ve been neglecting my blog. Also haven’t the time to do it in the office, not when especially my bosses are around, but today they are busy with something else and not in the office, I swear I really wanted to do my work and I was really doing it just now(while chatting with my friends on Skype of course, it’s woman’s natural ability to multi task hehe). Then I thought, it’s been a long long long long time since I’ve updated my blog, my conscious keep reminding me to blog, but because my life are so boring nowadays I have nothing to blog about.

Anyway, back to the point.

I wanted to watched this like 2 weeks ago, even planned it way way way long before the movie is even out, because my dear friend bought the first and the second movie, and we decided that we should watch the third together. Thus, we decided that auspicious day to be on the Friday of 2 weeks ago. After queuing for a while, and seeing that the tickets are running out fast, we decided against watching it on a weekend, the tickets are more expensive and we believe that the seats would not be good. Went for dinner instead, and then just as we were discussing whether we should watch it on a weekday in the coming week, she decided that she’s not that interested in the movie already. Especially just when I’ve rejected 2 of my friends’ offer just to watch with her. ZZz.

Apparently, she heard from her colleagues  that the movie is not that good. Then I told her that quite a lot of reviews and people say that it’s nice though. After a while, we discussed about it again, and then she stopped me abruptly and told me that if I do wanna watch it that much, I can go ahead and watch it. Whoa, at that part of time, I really wanna show the holy finger, but of course it was in public and I’m still trying very hard to maintain my image. So in the end, I really didn’t watch with her haha. I guess a long and rainy day at work makes people piss off easily.

Luckily, Lynnette didn’t watch it yet, and I think it’s actually the first time that I watched a movie with her only (Aww~). There’s 2 time slots for that day, which is 7pm and 9 40pm, due to the fact that I will have to work the next day, we try to make it for the 7pm and we decided that Lynnette will queue for the tickets first, then I’ll just make it at that timing.

One thing that was unexpected that Lynnette never bought tickets on her own before (cuz she had her friends to do so, for eg, when she’s with the LOSErs, Oi Shan will be the one responsible for leading the way and buying tickets and whatever other “customer”-service related things, though she sometimes lead the wrong way of course), so she asked the person to recommend her the seatings instead.

So when I saw the seats start with the alphabet “B”, I thought that it’s gonna be quite far away from the screen (but well, cuz it’s Cathay, so I think it would not be that bad). Then to our surprise, the person who recommended her seats gave her the couple seats. Till now I’m not quite sure is it a couple seat or not, because at the end of the movie I realized  that you can put down the rest arm, just that it was pushed up so the 2 seats are connected. Point is, we were surrounded by couples anyway, so I think it should be a couple seats.

It’s not bad, but I think sitting with my supervisor in the seats will be much better *grin*.

I just realized that after bullshitting for so long, I have not start with the review yet. So here goes…

I think the movie is not bad, I really think it’s because Oi Shan was emphasizing on how good it is to me that it actually brought up my expectations of the movie? I think maybe it’s better that people just don’t tell me that a movie is very good, cuz the outcome always turn out  to be the opposite of what was expected.

I’m not saying that the movie is bad, it’s really quite good, but not one movie that I really love I think. One thing different about this movie from the others is that there are deeper meaning in this movie, as compared to the previous 2 movies. I would suppose that this should be last movie of the series, because I don’t think there is any ways to continue this movie anymore too.

1 thing I really don’t get it is the emotional part. Some people said that the movie is quite touching, so the emotional people can prepare tissues for the movie. Now, I’m really emotional when it comes to animation, I don’t cry when I look at shows like the charity shows (I do know people who would cry when they see those, by right these are more sad than animations but I just get really emotional when it comes to fiction stuffs). Until the end of the movie, I still don’t get which part of the movie is sad. I think maybe it’s the separation, but I think it’s for a better ending, so… yeah.

Anyway, I think this movie is meant more for grown ups more than kids in my opinion, I don’t think kids will be that interested in this movie since they wouldn’t have got it at this age, and if they really got it, it might not a good thing for them either.

One thing that I really like about this movie is Buzz’s Spanish mode. There are a lot of parts that are really funny, and I don’t wanna spoil the fun, so go watch it if you really wanna know haha.


7 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 – Movie Review

  1. Sheeshhh~ gt such things as couple seats. oh i dun even know the armrest can be put up and down.. ahh.. nvr went to the local cinema threatre before. =S

  2. lol… I think the arm rest is there in case e couple decided to break up halfway duriing the movie and then push down to separate…LOL

    This is why Oishan has to be around to buy the tickets.

  3. mooyalty : yeah i didnt know also LOL!! onli that day then know yuan lai the couple seat is like that d hahaha

    tengteng : LOL!! thats lame!! LOL like as if theres reason for couple to break up during the movie man LOL even if there is.. if the couple still stayed to watch the movie after breakup also very pro liao hhahaha

    yeah, oi shan is of utmost importance when its about customers services LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. dot. couple seats in cathay are shown in red so it’s pretty obvious but it’s a bit strange for the cashier to give you couple seats when you asked her to pick for you. even if its possible to pull the armrest down. ahahha

    and i remember i first watched a movie alone with lynnette when we watched shutter. 😀 wheeee!~
    *waxes nostalgic*

    and yeah, it’s quite an adult’s movie, budden i dont really think it makes it any less a kid’s movie.
    afterall when i was a kid, i dont think i understood alot of the subtleties of the a few of my childhood movies. but i enjoyed them anyway. it’s only when i grew up that i truly understood how depressing it was for mufasa to die or stuff like that.
    but admittedly yeah, the disney classics were a lot more straightforward and a lot easier to grasp for children.
    toy story 3 had a lot of reference jokes and stuff that required a basic level of comprehension and worldliness that young children dont always have.

    not to say that you have to dumb down everything for the kiddies.
    for one thing, there’s always studio ghibli. miyasaki makes the most bizarre films and kids get it. more than adults possibly can.
    strangely enough i think children are more intuned to certain types of knowledge than others.

    but i think that scene with big baby on the playground is goddamn creepy! this needs a PG rating at least!

    1. have no idea. but oh wells. is quite comfy anyway HAHA!

      i nvr watched a movie with her alone before, so i didnt know she would go “shit” all the way throughout LOL

      hmm.. now that you mention it, yeah i didnt realised that some of the disney classics are depressing too haha. i think i didnt even find it sad when mufasa died. not until when i grew older and watched it again, then i teared haha.

      miyasaki’s movies don’t make sense at all lol. though i do watch them when i was little, but i think i didnt get what it meant, and i continued watching it anyway, strange me haha.

      yeah the one with the baby is creepy. conclusion is, the baby is really creepy LOL

  5. total horror movie lor!
    if i wasn’t in a cinema i would’ve been shouting “RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!” lor. >.<

    1. hehe.. thats furnie LOL!!! wow.. would have like to watch you shouting that in the cinema man lol. but also provided that im not the one watching the movie with you haha.

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