3 days counting down

I always like it when there’s something to look forward to, but of course it might be a good and a bad thing. Good thing is that when you have something you’re looking forward to, you will feel that the time is moving faster than usual, and when that something is reaching, or happening soon , the kind of feeling, the anticipation and anxiety makes you feel excited, in a sense, it will somehow make your life happier for that few days. Well, of course the bad thing is that once what is gonna happen has happened, then it’s gonna be depressing for a while.

Point is, I’m finally going Genting in 3 days time!! I know a lot of people will just give me the “Chey~~~” look and think that what’s so great about going Genting. I really enjoy going Genting. I have posted the trip to Genting with my friends before (well, of course the post is sadly deleted. Oh wells), and it’s not long ago that we have went there, and then I’m going to go there again.

I really really like going Genting. If you ask me to choose places between going Genting or China, Genting is the choice. Thailand or Genting, Genting. Hong Kong or Genting, Genting. Taiwan or Genting, ….Tawian. Haha. You see.. I really like going Genting a lot. The next typical question after hearing me beat about the bush will be that “what’s there to do in Genting?”, I know there’s practically nothing to do in Genting except for Casino or Theme Park. I’m not a outdoor person, every time I walk into a Theme Park, and there’s kids running around or teenagers queuing up for the rides, I will feel like an old grandma walking into this place, crowded with young people and I’m definitely not one of them. The only sad thing is that I cannot enter the Casino, I have always wanted to go into R21 movies and Casinos once I turned 21, but as the deadline is coming closer, I’m not holding those thoughts anymore.

Firstly, though I really really really still am interested in R21 movies, the theaters that are showing these films are definitely very run down, and needless to say, those who are watching the show has got to be guys, and who knows what age they might be. As what I have discussed with my friends in secondary school during one sunny day, we were having a lunch and I was jio-ing Si Hui to watch R21 movie with me when we turn 21. She agreed, but then later, we have come to a conclusion that most likely it’s all the old men watching the show, and who knows what they will be doing in the theaters apart from just drooling (then again, drooling itself is gross already), that idea really put me off.

Secondly, even though it might be a R21 movie, it’s still a movie shown in theaters, what I’m thinking is that it might not be showing the whole thing, so might as well I could have just get it from the Internet, which I really don’t.

Casinos-wise, apparently a lot of people smoke in there, and gambling doesn’t really fascinates me. What’s the point of playing something that you know you will have like 90% chance of losing, especially when all the feng shui in the Casinos are made such that people will lose money. I don’t win lotteries, and I never won any lucky draw too, so I think most likely if I go in there to bet, my money will just flows down the drain.

The only thing that really attracts me to Genting is the weather. When you go to overseas to other countries, you will be busy shopping, looking around, touring, exploring around in the given time you can stay there.  If that’s the case, it’s not really relaxing right? It’s just another busy day, just that the venue switched from Singapore to other countries. Whereas if I’m in Genting, I know the place quite well (‘sides, the place is really small ) , I could just walk off alone and slack around, relaxing and enjoying the weather, I don’t have to rush to a new place and see how is it like since I’ve been there for a lot of times already. If I could bring my laptop there and play WoW then it would be perfect.

Then, next Friday when I come back from Genting you will see a very depress Eugenia. HAHA!

Well.. At least when I’m back next month, I will be able to look forward to my birthday. Then to National Day. Then next public holiday which I don’t know is what cuz it will be like 2 months away.

Eh, I don’t think you guys need souvenirs right… It’s just Genting, most importantly, I don’t think there’s anything for me to bring back hahahahaha~


3 thoughts on “3 days counting down

  1. FIRST
    and i want a souvenir!!!
    although i dont know what you can get me either….>.<
    eh, but i want souvenir!!!

    1. i seriously dun think i can get you anything from there that you cant find in singapore sia =.=…. ill see ba, but i dun think i will be able to find anything, so bo pian la hor LOL!

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