Back from Genting~

I’m back from Genting.
It’s a real pity that I still can’t go into the Casino yet. Never mind, i Have 13 more months to go and I will be able to enter Casino. I’m so counting down to the day I turn 21. If only my age can just stops at 21 and stop growing haha.
It’s not really cold in Genting in my opinion, I brought this stupid heavy jacket there and I didn’t even use it at all for the whole trip. Worst thing is, it took up so much space. As I go around wearing my long sleeved shirts, I could still sweat sometimes when I’m walking around shopping. Next time I’m going to just bring normal shirts there and no more bulky jackets.
In case there’s people asking for sourvenirs.. No, I really didn’t bring anything back for you guys. I was thinking of bringing back chewing gums or bubble gums as souvenirs for you guys, however due to the fear of being stopped by the police at the custom check points, I didn’t get any. I didn’t even had any gums throughout the 4 days trip too so don’t get jealous. Anyway, gums are the only things that can be bought in Genting that cannot be found in Singapore, and since I’ve already stated my point, which means there isn’t anything else that can be bought in Genting that you can’t find in Singapore. I did offered to buy tea leaf eggs for you guys because I think the tea leaf eggs in Genting is much nicer than the ones sold in Singapore, but of course when I can finally pass the eggs to you guys, I think it should have been rotten by then.
Anyway, I always got into hibernation mode when I’m in Genting. I did want to do some studying on my Jap since I’m so so so behind the class but as usual, it’s not until the very crucial moment then I could concentrate on studying, so I didn’t manage to do any studying at all. On the second night, when I could finally settle down and read up on the vocabs, a stupid big moth fly into the room, my concentration got blew off, and I got freaked out by the stupid bug, in the end I ended up not studying anything again. Why did I even bring the books there anyway zzz.
I bought quite a few things back though, bought a BUM jacket which was on 50% sale, and the best thing is it’s white color. It’s half as heavy as the one I have brought there some more. 1 BUM long sleeved shirt which was also on 50% sale I think. The best things of the whole trip is the 3 DVDs I’ve bought.
1) Nodame Cantabile + Paris + OVA
2) GTO – Great Teacher Onizuka (old film I know)
3) Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei
And all three together is only about 50-60SGD. *crying tears of joy*.
I should really took today off. So I could stay home and watch my anime!!! Oh wells. Never mind, it’s good that I didn’t take anyway, since I’m only left with 9 days of leaves until the end of 1 year of work.
I really really wanna to go to Taiwan. Bahz. Can somebody come and sponsor me the trip~

4 thoughts on “Back from Genting~

  1. already go genting liao, still wanna go taiwan, you greedy pig.
    hurry up and pass me some cereal lar you!!

  2. mooyalty : tsk. i wan the trip there. not the map you shit head LOL

    hantu : eh.. genting and taiwan cannot be compared de leh.. tsk. come and get the cereals yourself la lol.

    tengteng : i also wan.. i wanna go taiwan LOL!

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