Random 2

I’m sitting in front of my office’s computer, staring at this wordpress blogging page for at least an hour (doing other things at the same time of course) and to my horror, I could not come up with anything to blog about. I was thinking of writing about my anti-social-ism, but then I thought I seemed to have wrote something like this before, maybe quite different from what I was going to write, but somehow similar, because the theme is there. Then I thought, how about writing a them on Competitiveness, but the thought of it makes me don’t feel like typing, so in the end I could not come up with anything else to blog about.

Somehow, I think blogging is something that you have to do often, because for me, once I started posting a post, I wanna to keep posting something on the blog (even if sometimes I run out of things to talk about, then just type craps). If one doesn’t blog for a long time (like me), I won’t even have the thought of updating my blog or have the mood to think about one thing to blog about. WordPress really drives me to blog (I don’t know why either), I know that sounds like what a person will say when an actor / actress just got awarded the Golden Horse award or the Grammys award or whatever other awards there are and the people always went on stage to say something like “I want to thank blahblah, without him / her, I would never have succeeded.” You should really thank your parents, because if not for them, there wouldn’t even be a chance for you to fail. Okay, back to topic. If I’m at the blogspot, I really won’t bother to update. I just hate the interface *sigh*.

I just did something stupid on my computer. I wasn’t listening to my ear pieces now, even though my colleagues and bosses aren’t around to catch me loafing off my job, but just in case if somebody walk past and I hear their footsteps, I will have the time to switch to other windows and act innocent. Anyway, I was staring into the screen (again) and thinking what should I blog about next, then instinctively I clicked on ITunes and picked on one song and was thinking which song is nicer to listen to, then it struck on me that I’m not even listening to it. Tsk.

I want a rabbit!! (Yes, I still haven’t give up on that idea!) I won’t have a boyfriend, so I wanna to have a rabbit!!! I know, first question is, what has no boyfriends got to do with anything? Cuz I’m bored, I’m bored bored bored. I need more lives around meeeeee, my friends are all busy with studying and working, I’m almost going to play Mr Lonely song everywhere where ever I go. Can somebody throw down a boyfriend for me who looks exactly like my handsome supervisor just a bit taller than the original one? Bahz. Or you can throw me a netherland dwarf rabbit that’s grey / white or white / brown in color..

Haiz, I sounded like some desperado HAHA! Okay fine, make it a netherland dwarf rabbit then.

This is the first year I’m going to have the most miserable birthday in all my 20 years because I think my friends are all busy working / studying / rotting somewhere where there’s no reception and I think I’m also going to end up just working on my birthday. Why? Because I have took all the leaves I can take for my Genting trip!! And I don’t think it looks good that I keep taking leaves the moment my probation is over. So I think I’m going to just end up working on my birthday, oh well. At least I have my supervisor to look at on that fateful day.

Eh. I really wan a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit HAHA!


4 thoughts on “Random 2

  1. FIRST.
    we can just hang out late lor. stay over or something. it’s a friday. not too bad lar.
    no matter what you cant top my last year birthday okayyyy?

  2. hantu : stay over? where lol. hotel 81? LOL oh wells. see how first lor. even though i might not have to sweep or mop the floor on my birthday but i still have to work 8 hours a whole day whats the diff lol.

    mooyalty : right… LOL! i dun feel comforted at all LOL!

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