It’s been raining continuously for I-have-no-idea-how-long-it-actually-is now. I only remembered that it’s for a very very long time. Not really continuously like everyday raining, but almost. Anyway, I didn’t quite remember that this period is a rainy season, I only kinda remembered that it’s only till the year end that the weather turns rainy. Somehow I only remember the rainy times now, maybe it’s cuz I came out work already, and unfortunately, because the bus stop is far from my work building, no matter the stop is on the opposite side or on the same side, I will still have to use my umbrella because the path from the building to the stops are not sheltered.

I hate using umbrellas.

It’s one thing that really is troublesome, it’s such a big thing that no matter it’s the big umbrella or the small umbrella, it will take up a lot of space. The big one will have to occupy my one hand, and the small on adding on to the weight of my bag. When the rain is big, the small umbrella will be deemed useless, apparently my “holding umbrella” skill really sucks big time because randomly the wind will blow the whole thing upside down, and then I will have to pull it down again, and by that time, my whole body is half soaked, make is 3/4 soaked. However, if I bring a big umbrella, not only it looks stupid, I will have to keep taking it on my hand and I hate that a lot.

I love rain though. That’s provided I’m in an indoor area, sitting down comfortably without any plans of going out into the chaos for the next <insert hours here for the number of hours it will take for the rain to stop>. But if I’m outdoor, and by outdoor which means I have no choice but to die die use an umbrella, then I would hate the rain a lot. Hm, actually this is equal to bullshit, because a lot of people will think the same way. Wahaha.

Whenever it’s raining heavily outside, and you’re in an indoor area, with the air condition on, and there’s no sounds around you and you look out at the rain through the see-through window, it’s almost like a different world. The wind could be very big outside, and you could see the rustling of the winds, and of course if you’re “lucky” or “unlucky” enough, you can witness the struggle of a tree against the wind, but of course the young ones would fall first. It’s really like you’re so near to the thing and then yet, you’re so far away from the falling because you know even if it falls, it wouldn’t fall on you. I guess it’s only when it really IS going to fall on you that you will feel the chaos outside.

Anyway, point is that, I have been bathing the cold water for a very very very very long time. 3 months at least I guess, I’m sure my dad has no plans on buying a new water heater thing so as to force our whole family to bath cold water (which he has always wanted for ten thousand years). I think I wrote that I was forced to bath in cold water like a few months back and yes, I’m still being forced to. Sadly, just as I cannot get used to sleeping early and waking early lifestyle even though it has been for more than half a year already, I still cannot get used to bathing in cold water. The best thing is due to all the raining recently, especially in the morning, I’m not sure whether it has been raining the previous night but the floor is wet and I assumed that it rained and sadly, the cold water is even colder. I’m seriously dying from the cold, being made to bath in ultra cold water every morning. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Rain

  1. LOL! yeah the water is damn cold during rainy days. lucky thing is that i have a working heater, tho i did not use it this morning. i think i have to use it later since its damn cold now. whee~ boil water lo.

    1. YEAH LA! im going to die liao lor. every morning being forced to bath cold water. 30% of my souls kena dispersed every morning i stand under the cold water la. boil water =.= LOL but im bathing under the showerhead ma, boil liao also bo use… unless im bathing in bath tub leh.

  2. i used to bath in cold water last time in hall also, even though i had a heater. okay lar, you get used to it. mine was cos of my eczema, so had to use cold water. on the plus side, it forces you to bathe faster cos of all shivering. >.< hahahah

  3. i bath so long liao lor. i still cannot get use to it la. its torturous!!! and i dun wanna bathe faster la. i wanna take my time lol!!

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