My Bleak Bleak Future

After thinking for such a friggin’ long period of time,  I still could not decide where am I going to further my studies. My dad asked me, my mum asked me, my brother asked me, my boss asked me, my shuai supervisor asked me, “what about your further studies?”. Yeah, Eugenia, what are you going to do about your further studies?


I have no friggin’ idea. I got rejected by NTU, and I know that even if I wait for the next 10 years applying for the same school, I would probably only get in like 10 years later. By then, I would be the oldest student in the school. I would hit the Guinness Records. Maybe they will still reject me after 10 years. $110 of application fees just flies off if that’s the case. Apparently, this year NTU’s computing science started offering Master’s Degree for the course, which makes it much harder to enter the school, and friggin’ me who just happened to have a not-high, not-low GPA would be even harder to go into the school even if I wait for another year with 1 year of relevant experience.

Which only left me with 2 other choices to go. SIT or SIM. Sadly, I still think that both institutes are not really recognized. Most importantly, both courses gives courses for games programming only. I NEED THE BASIC PROGRAMMING SKILLS, dammit! Now that I think back on my 3 years of poly life, I really wonder what I’m doing. Okay, I know, slacking. Bahz.

I’m stuck with doing this stupid Qt interface thing, which I really know I’m hard coding. I have no other way of doing it, because I have no idea of how other ways I’m supposed to do it. And even hard coding fails. Zzz. If brain transplant can really work, I would really go around killing people and get their brains, okay, I sound gross. Point is, I have no idea how to do the friggin’ thing, my brain is bursting, I can’t think straight anymore, but I still have to complete the thing.

That’s when I thought, should I change career? Looking at all the paths available, which only gives F&B, customer service, business, science, IT. Seriously, I think only IT suits me. The only problem is, what’s next? Even if I do pursue 1 year of degree in SIM or SIT, I don’t think my standard of coding would be any different, considering that they allows graduates from my current course get direct access to the last year, which means it takes only a year to get the degree.

If I really have to choose, I would rather choose SIT. At least Digipen is more renown for games. I thought SIM was a better choice, since it offered Computing Science as a whole, but the direct admission to the third year really freaks me out. Because that will mean that it’s teaching the same stuffs as SIT, since it will only be touching on games programming for the third year.

Flying overseas is still a very BIG temptation. The only thing is that, I will be alone if I go there on my own.

Man, I really need some light to shine on my head, I’m totally stuck with nowhere to go.


10 thoughts on “My Bleak Bleak Future

  1. why would you want to learn basic programming? i think with relevant certificates you could find a job in IT industry. i don’t know if it really matters whether where u study maybe you can ask people in ur company on views on qualifications. Actually, Digipen is recognized by the game industry and the Singapore government. So you don’t have to worry.

    i don’t know whether you think “Further studies in order to get knowledge and improve yourself” or “Further studies in order to get a degree”

  2. I think a degree is just a additional bonus in finding a job but since you already have a job. I don’t know if you have plans to “jump” to another company. But your current work experience is also another bonus to your resume. Having a good degree is just like a key to open up more job opportunities or maybe higher salary. i think there are more factors to consider about the future and not just only studies or getting a degree.

  3. i dunno.. maybe cuz my basics sucks like hell? or actually i would mean i wanna learn the general programming again ba. not just jump straight into making games again lo. i know about the certs being recognized and all, SIM cert by the uni of wollongong or something de also recognized by cert. but the thing is though they say is recognized, but when you go out to work, they will filter you out also. im on the further studies to gain further knowledge part.

    its precisely that i asked people around me that i have second thought on going into sim / sit. i wun be staying long in this current job honestly. especially not when they prefer degree holders to dip holders.

    however though, i think the chart is that i will need to get a further studies before considering all the other options or careers.

      1. those very big companies and no link with govt de lo.. i think companies like the one u working now will recognize them.. but it really depends on company de la.. i think digipen is quite well known as for SIM i dunno..

        1. orh yeah. big companies.. and no, the one im working in now dun recognize them, which leads to the second thoughts im having now also lol.

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