My toothy hurts too.

But it’s definitely not as bad as Oi’s case. She’s going to pluck her tooth out today and thus most likely she’s not gonna make it for any celebration at all for my birthday. I requested for a soft toy anyhow and hopefully she got one that is cute.

Anyway, I think this starts from a few weeks ago, when I drank a cup of cold drink, I think it’s green tea during lunch break on a random weekday, then to my horror, a toothy that’s on the left starts to hurt. I’m not sure the exact position, but it’s definitely not the last one. Oh gosh, retribution is gonna fall on me for not taking care of my teeth for a long time. I never had sensitive teeth before, so I’m thinking does it mean that my tooth is gonna decay soon? Bahz, I hope I don’t end up like Oi, having the toothy being plucked out with a cost of 4 digit number. Oh, now that I think about it, Oi, you can buy 4D with that 4 digit number. What’s the number eh? I’ll ask my mum to buy it for me.

My birthday is coming soon. In another 12 hours it will be my birthday! It’s gonna be a boring one? Since I will still be working on my birthday. Tsk. I even had a week off when I was working in Body Shop. Sad life I’m leading here man. I can’t wait for tomorrow though, cuz I will be going to friend’s house to have steamboat!! Hopefully I have enough determination to leave her house and go back home to sleep, had been staying overnight at her place for a few times already.

My mum initially offered to give me 200 bucks for my birthday present, 100 from her and 100 from my father. So I was thinking, since it’s my birthday today, maybe I could like don’t give them 200 from my salary this month and get an additional of 200 bucks from them.  So I asked, so this month I don’t need to give you guys 200 bucks right? (I really was thinking that my mum will say yeah) To my extreme shock, she said I still have to give (and to think that a few months ago, she still say that I don’t really need to give her the 200 bucks). So I asked again, then what’s the point of me giving you 200 bucks and then you give me back 200 bucks? Isn’t it the same? Once again, her reply left me dumbfounded. “Yeah, so I don’t need to give you this 200 bucks already right?” What the hell. So what is it I’m getting on my birthday? NOTHING.

I can’t believe this man. It was in the morning and I didn’t bothered arguing with her.

Yesterday night, I asked her, so I’m not getting anything for my birthday present? My mum insisted that she did give me something, which is the additional 200 bucks I got to keep from my salary. So instead, I asked for a rabbit (trying my luck), and for this, her reply was really up to my expectation, which is a straight reject again. I got pissed off and said that if that’s the case,  I don’t want anything other thing.

I thought that was the end of topic.

This morning, she asked me again, why did I say that I didn’t receive anything for my birthday present (I think my dad talked to her last night about this else she wouldn’t have asked this again). Then I repeated the same thing again and she made her point again and obviously, both of our points didn’t go to each other, I seriously don’t understand, I thought I would have gain an additional 200 bucks, but if all I did was to have the additional 200 bucks from my salary, that just means I didn’t get anything right? Since I WORKED to get my salary.

Anyway, I got pissed again, then I said, for her birthday, I still gave them 200 bucks and bought her an additional wallet, and what did I get for my birthday? Nothing.  (I guess it’s true that women always like to bring up old things to argue about) I think my point finally went through, and though that wasn’t really what I’m trying to say, she took out her wallet and wanted to give me back 100 dollars, which I of course rejected and she insisted. Then at the same time, she brought up the whole thing of me spending their money last month when I went Genting with them (no wonder I’m her daughter man). I’m so so so so so so so damn pissed off, I rejected taking the money and went to change my clothes for work instead.

Oh fine, it’s not a new thing that my mum is definitely much more biased towards my brother. I swear that if the same thing happens, she would have give him the 200 bucks without saying anything. I can’t believe she can be THIS unfair to me.

Like all the scolding I got from my supervisor ( not really scolding, but it wasn’t nice things to hear anyway) yesterday for the whole day wasn’t enough and she have to make my day worse with all this nonsense, especially it’s something over my birthday. I broke down in the toilet and then I still have to go to work. If there is a reason why my life line is so short, it’s definitely because of my own doing.

I bet if tonight I’m going back home and she’s still gonna talk about this, I’m really going to go bonkers and start shouting.


9 thoughts on “Pissed.

  1. aiyo, why you birthday soon still so ji dong. thats why must be like me, expect nothing, get nothing, be as nothingness. although the tuition and the mopping the floor and going to school part last year i could still do without.
    but anyway, i’m going to go to the dentist soon. lazy go there wait so hang around at home first. and walao, first thing i see when i come your blog is you talking about YOU AND FREAKIN UNHYGIENIC YET NOT DECAYING TEETH.
    i hate your ass.
    and your mother got offer that much yi jing suan bu cuo liao.
    if it were my sister, she’d still have to give money and the cake would be bought by me/my sister. dot.
    our house celebrate birthday is super sad case one.
    okay i dont think that makes anybody feel better.
    if it makes you feel better, just imagine poor oi shan screaming in pain in a dentist’s chair lor.
    that might bring some joy into the life of sadistic people like you you you.

    1. OMG HHAHAHAHAH! THAT IS FUNNY!!! You just made my day oi shan LOL!! *beam*

      yeah i told this to ricola also, and then i realized how lame i am LOL! oh wells. i was just in a bad mood and this kind of thing really sparked off my temper. but it’s really because of the unfairness my mum always treat me that make me very very very pissed off. in any case, this year is the worst birthday i had with my family, but i think it might be one of the best years i will have with my friends though. but your house situation is kinda funny, and yeah it doesn’t make anyone feel better LOL! but then again, for your family is different because your mum treat you guys the same. try imagine your sis getting a 200 dollars for her birthday, and you got nothing for yours then perhaps you might understand (with a lot of other unfair things).

      and poor oi shan screaming in pain in a dentist’s chair sounds does bring joy to me, cuz you sounds really funny. and no im not sadistic LOL! but your comment is real hilarious LOL!

      thanks oi shan xD

  2. huh? pluck a tooth need 4 digit meh? lol.. i extract my wisdom tooth only 3 digits.

    don’t argue with ur mother la, even u really gt extra 200 dollar and ending up spoiling ur relationship btwn both of you is not worth it. Sometimes, as children we don’t have a choice. The only thing we can do is to accept it. (I always have bad times with my mother also, but i choose to just forget and move on)

    Think in the other way, that you are not losing ur dearest $200 from ur salary for receiving $200 from ur parents. (I hope =D)

    Cheer up!!~~~ Good thing is you still have ur friends around you.

    1. yeah lor i also think she kena scammed. she plucking gold tooth LOL! wisdom tooth onli 3 digits orh. weird then how come her normal decayed tooth still need 4 digits LOL!

      yeah, thus i gave up already. even if argued finish liao, she gimme the 200 bucks, it also don’t make a difference already. oh wells.

      yeah, in the end it’s my friends who make the day lol~ so its still okay wahaha

      1. lol.. plucking gold tooth wont be expensive tho.. lol.. bcos can get back the gold tooth and sell it for money or place it for an auction. oh yeah, there’s a person whose gold-plated false teeth sold for over 10k pounds in an auction.

        1. LOL yeah make sense also. gold tooth sell liao also can make money LOL! and for that auction selling false teeth thing is gross LOL why would anyone wanna buy it la!

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