Friday the 13th

This post has got nothing to do with the topic at all. I have nothing to blog in particular and there isn’t anything decent to talk about recently, so this is just gonna be another update of my recent life, which means that the title of the post is not important either.

There’s one thing that should be worth celebrating, and it is the fact that my father, finally, finally, finally, installed a new water heater in the toilet. And the water heater is pink in color. It’s so nice!!! I really wanted to take a picture of it to show you guys how nice it is, then I think it’s a pretty lame idea. Okay, the point is not about the pink color, it’s THAT I finally don’t have to force myself to bath bloody cold water in the frigging morning especially when it’s raining / after raining.

Went to play Left 4 Dead 2 yesterday night with Oi Shan and her colleagues, so there’s like a total of around 7 of us, including me, Oi Shan and my brother. I really have no talent for First Person Shooter games man. Aside from the fact that I really have no sense of direction at all (and this kind of games never provide a world map or radar system), my aiming literally sucks. Whenever the hordes of zombies appear from nowhere and charge towards me, my first reaction is to take gun and shoot at them, and at the same time frantically moving the mouse to shoot those that are swarming at me behind me. Jordon, a guy sitting on the left side of me (Oi Shan was on my right) on the other hand, is taking things slowly, he see the zombies come and just slowly “bang bang!” and the zombies died, I’m like “bang!” x100 and there’s only like less than 5 zombies on the floor. God, I don’t even know how I managed that.

Going to get the game by tonight, I so going to train up my aiming skills. So then can play versus mode again wahaha. I still have to play my WoW at the same time, why am I making myself so busy >.>

My bosses are off to the site office again today, and I’m TOTALLY in a slacking mood, which you can tell since I’m blogging this during working hours. All I really wanna to do is to close my eyes and sleep though, but that will mean I’m gonna just go struggle in the toilet.

It’s either I’m really fated with toilets or what, even when we were playing Left 4 Dead yesterday, and I was playing as zombie,  I was suppose to spawn in somewhere that the opponents (the living) will not able to see me, and I ended up spawning in the toilet. Is that sad or what

I have to wake up early tomorrow in the morning to go to my Japanese class again. Bahz, I’m so sluggishhhhhhhhhhh~

(This part is added at a later time………….)

Due to Oi Shan requesting for this part, I thought I should write about this.

The whole bunch of us was walking towards the hawker center for dinner before we go for the LAN thingy. Just then, Oi Shan, being the perverted person who spots out for weird stuffs (she will definitely gonna rebuke this, but it’s true that she’s the first one who saw this ain’t it) said “ooh! ooh! got flasher got flasher!!”

Being the weird pervert girl that most of the people who knows me know (like who else don’t know anyway), at that time I was looking at the artwork by Yuan Li (another colleague of Oi Shan’s). When I heard her, I immediately looked up and said “Where?! Where?! Where got flasher??? Where??” Oi Shan, being used to my hentai-ness, only pointed out to me that it’s at the front, so I eagerly looked in the direction she pointed and then she said “ai ya, those 2 guys not wearing shirts lor!”. Sheesh.

Results of the day : A few more people know I’m perverted.

PS : And that I sucks TOTALLY at FPS games.


6 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

    1. i would have asked you to come lor. but we were playing at night. >.> i think you cant, but bo pian cuz we can onli like go after work O_O~

  1. ae what happened to like blogging about you and your sicko attitude towards flashers?
    and i want to play L4D2 again!~

  2. I would like to clarify it wasn’t “ooh! ooh! got flasher got flasher!!” but more like, “ae, look got flasher. haha.”
    big diff you know.

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