Random 3

My life is as plain as my blog theme now. I decided that because my life isn’t that interesting nowadays, so I thought I should choose something that’s not as fascinating as my blog theme.

My life more or less consist of working, dinnering / shopping, sleeping, working, dinnering / shopping, sleeping and this goes on for the whole of the five working days in a week. It will then break out of that loop and goes into another loop for weekends, which is going through the life and death decision of waking up for Jap lesson on a Saturday morning or just sleep through it and skip the lesson, lunching, either going home and WoW or end up rotting at my friend’s house till the next day, or another nua-ing day at home with WoW.

The cats downstairs live a life 9999999999 times more interesting than mine.

I can’t even find a blog title for this post of mine. No wait, I doubt I can find blog titles for the future blog posts I’m posting, because there’s nothing, NOTHING, and seriously NOTHING significant enough for me to blog just for that thing.

I’m actually going Karaoke with my colleagues next Sunday. Wish my luck man. Have no idea how it will turn out to be, especially when I’m the only girl around, and the only girl around don’t sing female songs zzz.


3 thoughts on “Random 3

  1. i prefer to read black on white lehhh. easier to read.
    but dont worry, you can blog about my birthday.
    and about how much you love me. etc etc.

    1. theres a white one for this. but i think the black one looks nicer though. i prefer the black color one lol.

      and. there isnt anything to blog about your birthday. i didnt even blog much about my birthday tsk. and. even if i write a 1k words on how much i love you, nobody will read, it’s also very hard for me to write this kind of things (when its not a truth). tsk..

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