Random 4

My specs is gone, I have to survive with my contact lenses for the next 4-5 days. As most of you who have seen my specs, the nostrils are gone, and it looks damn weird when I’m wearing it. It’s been that way for a month or so, I just couldn’t bring myself to go all the way down to Toa Payoh to get my specs fixed at the spectacles shop I always went to. The question is, why do I still make my specs at that place if I know that I’m going to be very lazy whenever I have to go back to the particular shop to get new specs or to fix things up? I have no idea, it’s really because my parents always brought us there and we were told to come back here the next time, asked them the reason why we have to go back to this particular shop, and they said that the shop is good with nothing to support their answers.

The shop is always flooded with a lot of people though, as compared to the normal spectacles shop you see around everywhere with almost no customers inside, this, is a very weird scene.

Anyways, I decided that since I will NEVER, EVER go there alone (unless really really absolutely necessary), so I brought my friend to go there with me instead. The initial plan was to just implant the 2 nostrils there and the job’s done, oh, and I wanted to ask them to at the same time fix the thing that supported the specs on my nose, it became quite shaky and always slide down. In the end, the optician told me that she would have to send the whole specs back to the manufacturer to fix the thing, thus,  I ended up buying a daily contact lenses from them to last me till I reached home, because I simply refuse to come back on another day to get the thing fixed. It will take me a lot of persuasion, self-hypnotizing, effort and determination to come again and get the thing fixed even though the sliding is a big problem.

Well, at least I finally got to get my specs fixed up. I’ll just have to wear my lenses for the next 4-5 days the whole day, cuz without it, I’m as blind as a bat.


2 thoughts on “Random 4

    1. no la. i got permanent contact lens ma, so i onli got the contact lens for that day to let me survive until i reach home that day LOL else i really cannot see a thing at all. no. i didnt set any title for the blog post, then they anyhow set a blog title for this. so yeah lol. just a random number

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