Frozen – Movie

I regretted not watching the Hong Kong movie’s that’s showing now in the theater, the one which features Charlene Choi of Twins, even though the audio in Singapore would not be the original Cantonese.

Or or I should have insisted on watching The Expendebles, at least it featured Jet Li in it, and Bruce Willis, I don’t particularly like watching fighting action movies, but but but it would at least have been better than watching this Frozen movie 2 days ago. I almost “froze” in the theater.

I had to rush all the way down to Cineleisure from my work place before 7.25pm (the show starts at this timing) and it’s already 7pm when Eda and me reached Yio Chu Kang MRT station. The time was 7 20pm when we reached Somerset MRT station and we had to rannnnn all the way to Cineleisure so as not to miss any part of the movie. Cathay had very little advertisement and we could only afford like only to be late for no more than 5 minutes. Even though there’s 6 lifts in Cineleisure, it still took a VERY long time to wait for one, squeezed into one, and go up to the 9th level. Met up with the others and ran into the theater.

Surprisingly, we managed to be in the theater at the exact timing with the show started off straight away after we had out butts on the seats.

Anyway, 20 minutes in the show and I start regretting watching this movie.

This show consists of a lot of talking, and the conversation wasn’t even interesting, we came to a conclusion that this movie are quite low budget. Since most of the scene only happen to be on the chair that’s hanging in the middle of nowhere, and then some gruesome scenes and MORE talking. It’s just talking throughout all the show, I don’t even remember what they were talking about, it’s not important.

Anyways, just to tell you a bit of what is the show all about. These 3 people, which until now I’m not sure they 20 plus or close to 20, but I think they’re still schooling, came to this snowy mountain place to ski, and this place only opens on the weekends, which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it happens that the day they went was a Sunday. They ski-ed a little in the day, and wanted to ski again in the night, even though everybody was already heading for home and the person who controlled the machine which power the chairs to move around told them that the weather’s turning bad and it’s better that they head home.

The trio insisted on wanting to go up, and the person had no choice but to let him up. Then as he was waiting, one of his colleague came to told him he will be working on the next weekend, which he argued and he went back to the office to argued with his boss and telling his colleague to wait for three person to come down first. So as he was waiting, he saw three person ski-ing down, so obviously he thought it’s the three and then he closed off the machine and then started the theme of the whole movie.

Just to emphasis, the place only open on the weekends, so even if they slept through for one day or 2 days, they will have like a few more days to go. Needless to say, they were on a mountain so the temperature is considerably high.

The show is gross, I never regretted watching a movie so much, I practically had my jacket covered most of my view the whole time and frantically going “nooooo”, “ouchhhhh”, “ewwww”, “oh my god oh my god”, I think if you guys were there with me you would have be ashamed of sitting next to me. Though there are somebody who did the same as what I did. 2 couples even left the theater.

Have no idea how can people stand watching saw. I can’t even handle something like this.

Point is, this is really a bad movie. I don’t even know what’s the selling point of this movie. Cuz if you’re in to watch something gruesome, Saw is definitely a better choice, the gruesome-ness in this movie is only a few parts (though it traumatizes me enough already). If you’re looking for a plot, no, there’s no plot, some of the parts don’t even make sense.

This movie made the one I’m watching yesterday seems so so so so so (x 1000) much better and nice. I don’t wanna write 2 reviews together, so I’ll talk about the movie I watch yesterday another day.

PS: I’m wearing this blue cap in my house to stop my fringe from coming down. My dad and my bro saw me in the cap and both of them didn’t ask me anything about it. Am I SO weird that when I does weird stuffs it doesn’t bother them anymore?!?!?! =s


3 thoughts on “Frozen – Movie

  1. mooyalty : yeah, i meant that movie. I know the story is weirdy and it doesn’t look that interesting. but what im trying to say is i would rather watch that than this movie LOL looks gay meh.. okay la…

    hantu : ai ya i cant la. cuz i think the others enjoyed the movie (im not sure) LOL. ayz. stupid movie.

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