Last Airbender – Movie

As I have promised to write about this movie, so here I am~

I went ahead to watch this movie without any background knowledge of what is it about at all. Cuz I didn’t watch the cartoon version, I only knew there was this kung fu monk who is a kid and goes around fighting (and I deduce that from just a picture of the cartoon). Anyway, thus I didn’t initially thought that the kid will be the Avatar. I thought the kid will be going around looking for the Avatar and protecting the person instead. However, because the title of  “Avatar” was already taken by another movie by James Cameron, thus I can understand why the original title of the movie was changed.

I did however, watched the trailer before, I was only obsessed with the graphics, and I still didn’t know anything about the movie. Thus, with not much of an expectation and clueless about the movie storyline at all, perhaps that was why  I thought the movie was very good. That sounds like a bad review, but I really enjoyed myself for this movie, especially after I watched a very crappy movie the day before.

Most of the people already know this basic information, so I think I’ll start off a little else it’s kinda hard for me to continue this review. As the name of the movie suggested, and the big big image of  the kid on the poster. The monk is obviously the Last person to survive of his clan / organization / family or whatever other terms could be used here. The term “Airbender” is unknowns to me at first, I even thought this show is a show about pilots and planes initially.

The word “bender” is people who are able to “bend” the different elements, meaning they can have a control of the elements. There are 4 elements in this movie, namely the “Fire”, “Water”, “Air”, and “Earth”. I like Fire initially, sadly, that’s the one that is the bad guy. Well, I do like “Water” too anyway, hahaha.

The part where they went to the villages that belong to the Earth people is so motivating, I almost even want to stand up and clap for the part when the Avatar went on shouting things like “You guys are amazing people, you have amazing abilities! You can use / bend Earth! Look around you, the Earth is just below your feet!”, I’m so totally captivated by that scene. Gosh, so nice!!!

I think I wouldn’t mind paying for another time to watch this same movie. It’s just too nice, I can’t even wait for the sequels to be out~

Anyway, the ultimate conclusion is that, if you’re paying to watch Frozen, you should really really really choose The Last Airbender. Or unless you wan to see the difference between Hell and Heaven, then go for Frozen first. I still have no idea why I spent 8 bucks to watch Frozen.

Frozen is definitely that I watched with Oi Shan 1 or 2 years back.

PS : The Last Airbender is really really nice! It’s definitely worth the money to watch it~


3 thoughts on “Last Airbender – Movie

  1. mooyalty : yeah i watched it in 3D but not much 3D effects though, the onli difference is that the subtitles are really 3D only lol.

    hantu : yeah, you can tell how bad frozen really is. i have no idea whats the whole main point of the movie. and its very very unrealistic at some parts of the movies.

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