The Expendables – Movie

The Expendables (2010 film)
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Yup, I should have watched this instead of watching Frozen. Sigh.

Anyways, have no idea why I have been watching movies in a row this recent days. Too many nice shows coming up, and too little other activities to do. OH GOSH! Have no been playing my WoW for a long time. Tsk! What the ()*@#)!#. Back to main point. Surprisingly, I think I might be into action movies than I know, I never really WANT to watch an action movie when I saw a trailer, or when I know there is an action movie coming up, but I never ended up hating it after watching one.

Then again, what can be hated in an action movie? Unless it’s especially gory, but if that’s the case, it would be labelled under gory instead. I can stand heads flying off a person’s body, but not when the camera purposely zoom in and show a 100% full screen of head.

One thing, action movie, so as it’s called, is full of actions, so you will never end up sleeping in the theater (unlike stupid Sky Crawlers which is a crawling speed). Especially not when the sound effects are so damn loud.

Jet Li is ultra hilarious in this movie. I think people who talk about funny things with smiling face are funny, but those who say funny things with a straight face and not realizing that what they said are funny are the real hilarious one. Jet Li is totally this kind of person in this movie.

Hm, I’m definitely a very biased kind of person. When I watch a movie, I would expect the heroine(s) of the show to have all the advantages on their side, I know it’s unrealistic, but I prefer this kind of show rather than watching the heroines struggling to win the bad guys, especially when in an action movie. The heroines in this show are ultra pro, there were so many baddies shooting at them, and miraculously all the bullets missed, and when they counter striked, all their bullets got their targets. It’s definitely unreal, but it’s very nice to watch as you see so many flying around, hear the bombing and bullet sounds coming from everywhere. Though it would be nicer if the volume in the theater could go down a little. I nearly went deaf.

Was shock to find out that the director was one of the actors himself, which is Sylvester Stallone, then again, had never watch his shows before. His arms did attracted my sight most of the time though, his veins are really revealing, a lot. Hm, ever remember when I said that I love my RO’s arms, cuz his veins are really nice to look at. Sylvester Stallone’s was really bursting (is that the word to use haha), I think one blow from his arm, could really kill a person. He seriously don’t look like his age.

One show did caught my attention when we were watching the trailers before the real show started.

The Shock Labyrinth.

Okay, I really did get a shock of my life. I didn’t even watch the trailer. Sound effects were really scary, and our seating positions were really perfect, I didn’t have to watch the trailer and I know how scary it is going to be from the sounds alone. So I was staring at the left corner of the movie theater through the whole of the movie trailer while my friend stared at the right corner.

At one point, I turned to look at the screen, and I saw this woman with her hair down was walking away, but her head turned a 180 degrees back at the camera, then I heard the sound of bones cracking, and then I never look at the screen again for the rest of the trailer.

So, now I’m very very very interested in the story. Can somebody please watch it already and tell me the story, pretty please haha!!

Hm, director of the Shock Labyrinth is the one who directed Ju-on before I think.


5 thoughts on “The Expendables – Movie

      1. lol.. who ask you to spend so many money. work for so long jin ran dun have money to buy a laptop?! i thought if u work for 4 months u will be able to save enough money to buy laptop.. O_O

        1. no la. like youve said lor. i spent a lot de ma. especially when i have to fu zhe my own transport and meals everyday leh. some random money here and there then jiu gone niao.

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