Due to Oi Shan requesting for me to write a blog post based on why I have came to this strange decision of going overseas to further studies, so here’s this post.

Then again, I thought I have mentioned about this like some posts back when I was thinking about going overseas to study. I know in the end I made up my mind to stay in Singapore to study, but what I was thinking before then and now shouldn’t be making a big difference. In short, I still think that SIM is not a good choice for me, basically what I want is a generalized course, something that can make my basics right, instead of something that goes on making my games programming skill better. The course that is available for me in SIM is the one offered by the University of Woollongong (can’t remember is this spelling or not), and for that course, I’m being offered a straight ticket to third year and then I will be able to get my certificate. Yeah, it’s cool, and in fact it’s the easiest way to get a degree, and it’s not that expensive either, since it’s only a 1 year course.

The thing is that the straight admission to third year meaning I will be taking gaming modules again, which involves the stage of using different game engines, and different game libraries that you can find online, which means that I should have the clear understanding of the codes programming languages, data structures and algorithms already. The thing is, THOSE are the things that I’m lacking. If I could get my basics right, using of the games engines / libraries would not be that much of a difficulty than knowing how to use them but I still suck in coding. And if I’m being admitted to third year, it will just feel like another year in DET in my opinion. I’m definitely not the kind who will take the initiative to brush up my own coding skills (especially not when I’m still working, I think still not even if I’m not working, I’m really the kind that needs a kick in the butt before I start moving).

The idea of SIM really, just don’t, attract me at all.

I know I am going to have a very very hard time paying back the loans if I were to go overseas to study, but at least when I get the cert, I will feel like I really deserve the cert when I graduate. I’m sure I wouldn’t get this kind of feeling if  I were to graduate from SIM. ‘sides, I think SIM is better for people who wanna go into business.

I even gave a thought about changing from programming into business instead. My supervisor was telling me that programmer don’t earn much, and it’s considered cheap labor (surprisingly, though it’s really the case in ST, strange), and that it’s hard to pursue a degree in that field since I cannot get into NTU. But when I seriously think about me going into Business, the idea just bores me. I’m definitely not interested in business, especially not when it involves customer service, no FnB. I thought it over and over, I still think I’m more suited for a programming life.

So after much consideration, I still think going overseas is a better idea. It’s also an opportunity for me to see how’s life outside Singapore, it’s a rare chance to have. Life outside Singapore might not be as safe, but maybe once I go out, I might actually appreciate Singapore more when I come back.

Okay, in case I’m being shit head about this and change my mind again, I’m only telling you that I already told my parents about my plan, and obviously they allow it.

PS : I feel like I’m writing a composition or something. Why is that? Weird.


4 thoughts on “Reason

  1. FIRST!
    i know you got write before ma. just wanted to know if got any special reason for you changing your mind.
    since you’ve decided jiu jia you ba. i support you!
    although i’ll miss you when you’re overseas. 😦

    souvenir please. 😀

  2. LOL tsk. okay… anyway im not sure if youre going to be happy with this piece of news here. my parents seems to be against me going all of a sudden. unless i can find one person to go with me. or unless im going to ignore their objections and go alone. ill see how and update you again

  3. how on earth are you going to find somebody to go with you?! confirm they read some article/heard from someone/got sudden random inspiration that australia very dangerous ar yada yada yada.
    eh, jia you ba.

    and although i’d like you to stay in singapore, i’d support you if you want to go de. (but not financially of course.)

    1. i dunno. i have this friend who MIGHT be going with me. but i would say the chances are low.

      my parents are actually encouraging me to go SIM to study. or to ask the MP to write a recommendation letter for me (i was so shocked =s). LOL!!! tsk. i need financial support rather than psychological one tsk.

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