Wassup yo! How are you?

I was heading towards the ladies today in the office and then I saw this HR guy who recognized me. So he was like all smiles and

“Oh hey! Eugenia!”

and me, not having the mental preparation of seeing somebody I know on my current trip to the toilet, froze and gave a weird smile ( I think, since I totally relaxed my facial muscles at that time ). Then, I thought that will be over, he continued with another line, while we were both walking away from each other,

“how are you?”

Then, my brain froze again. So I just gave a weak reply


And he’s like going all cheerful on me,


Oh wells.

I don’t really like people asking me how am I, I know it’s just basic greetings, and something to know how you’re doing recently, but most of the time, I thought that sentence will bring down the whole atmosphere. Especially when people like me just goes


and I’m pretty sure most of the people do it this way. Erm. Of course there are also a bunch of cheerful people who will be like


Okay, I totally cannot imagine myself doing that. Not when I’m being forced to leave my bed early in the morning and I have to go through the pain of seeing my aunt still sleeping soundly while I have to get up and bathe. Not when I slept late last night, and I really really wanna go back to sleep. Not when I have to go to work for the next 9 hours, sitting in that stupid office chair and doing things that I have no hell of an idea what I’m doing, which I don’t wanna to do but I have no choice but to do it because that’s what makes it a “work”.

What’s the best timing a random passerby A, B, C to Z will ask you

“How are you?”

It’s definitely in the morning. When you finally reach the office, with the hair going everywhere but not in place where I combed it to be, beads of sweats coming down from the sides of my face, I just woke up like no more than 1 hour ago and I still don’t feel like opening this precious mouth of mine. All I wanted is just to fill up my water bottle with warm water in the pantry area, and then sometimes you’ll see people who will ask you this question.

In-gamers, especially those who are from the western countries would like to say


When I first saw this sentences the few times way way back in when I was in Secondary school. I really had a problem answering this question. I didn’t know it had the same meaning as a simple “How are you”. And even though I wasn’t doing anything when somebody was asking me that, I will immediately find something to do…

Like take my cup and go to the kitchen to get myself a glass of something to drink and then I will reply things like

“Just went to the kitchen to take a cup of <insert drink name here>.”

or whatever other things I can think of.

Which is why when I call people on their phone, I will prefer to ask something like

“Oh! You’re still living?”

Well, at least the other party could say something like



“I would rather wish I’m dead”.

I would have rather people ask me this instead of the normal polite greeting which get my brain tied in dead knots.


4 thoughts on “Wassup yo! How are you?

  1. FIRST!
    woohoo! Double firsties!

    i had a guy friend who’s like you but maybe even worse. in the morning he’s the most quiet, angry looking person in the world. you ask him question he’ll dao you one.
    so i got used to it and when i met him in the morning i’d dao him also.
    so one fine day, the guy happily said to me, based on his own weirdass assumption, “hey, i’ve realised that you’re just like me!”
    and i gave him The Look.

    so, unfortunately, no, i cant say i relate.
    even if i’m exhuasted in the morning, i usually greet people and talk normally on the train.
    i just fall asleep in lectures/midway through conversations thassall.

    and yes, i’m the type to ask my acquaintances “how are you?” with a bright, cheery smile.
    luckily you’re not one of my acquaintances. hehehehhehee

    1. erm.. i will still talk when people talk to me. just that i dun really want to. cuz im still quite tired. but if really just wake up from sleep kind, then that one i really really dun wanna talk. so actually by the time i reached the office, it’s not that bad already.

      and yeah, luckily im not LOL! then again, i dont think you ever asked me things like “how are you?”. your reaction is more like “eugeniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” then i’ll be like “oh, hello”. something like this LOL!

  2. yup i know LOL.. cuz you always do that when you saw me LOL

    and. oi shannnnnnnnn. i also wanna giv you your damn birthday present…. its gonna be like 1month soon LOL!

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