Really really no mood for work

I’m waiting for my colleague to finish his damn work and then we can finally leave the office, well, I could have leave him to finish all his damn work himself and I’ll just go off myself, but he will definitely definitely say I “ps” him. And for people who don’t know what that short cut means, it’s “pang seh”. And for people who still don’t know what that means, it kind of means that I left him in the lurch or something, one good thing about Singlish is that, sometimes, it’s very hard to find a word that can describe the situation best all in one language, just like now, just like every now and then, and some words are more impact-ful when used in another language even though both might mean the same thing.

He promised me at 6 37 pm that he’ll need 10 minutes, and apparently it’s like 6 51 pm now, and there is no signal of him going to complete his work soon. Oh wells. If he suddenly messaged me that he’s done I would have glare at him anyway cuz I’m in the middle of blogging.

My official last day of this company is 12th November 2010. Sadly, it’s still very long. Ever since I have been in this company, I’m busy cleaning shits for people. (Again with this long tale) When I came into this company as an intern, there was 2 more interns before me who did not manage to complete their IA project. They threw to me this pile of codes, which I took some time looking through and I have no *&)*!&#)!#!)*() idea what the codes are doing and obviously, they don’t. Ignoring the fact that the codes are so complicating and messy, all the long pieces of codes are being squeezed into one small tiny .cpp file. It’s a miracle that it can work anyways. So after a while of looking through and my brain literally went blank, I decided that it might be better to do my own.

And now, I don’t have to start the whole thing of doing again (not because it’s troublesome and need like 6 months to do, but it’s really because I have no idea how to do either). All I have to do is to maintain the thing, solve the bugs, and be there when somebody found bugs with it. Thing is, if I’m not the person who do this, I have 0% of participation when the thing is in it’s “manufacturing” process, and now they want a person with 0% of participation in this to maintain the whole thing. To make the whole situation more interesting is when this person has a weak coding foundation and refuses to understand how the codes in the whole big big 10gb plus program works.

It’s definitely  the 10 thousand time that I regret not throwing in the resignation letter earlier, which leads to this miserable stage of clearing people’s shit and my own shit at the same time. Bonus point : my salary remains the same even when I’m doing 2 person’s worth of work load. Hm, I’m actually doing close to 5k $$$ of work for this next 2 months. Imagine if I did not throw in resignation letter, I will be stuck in this stage for the next god-knows-how-much-longer.

I’m stuck with this few problems / bugs which I have no clue what am I suppose to do. Asking the people from the US support team is a way, however, due to the timing problem, my question can only be answered the next day. AND that is provided they really understand what I’m asking (which is normally not the case).

Ah, I’m definitely in a self-pity mode now.


11 thoughts on “Really really no mood for work

  1. anyway because of having this shit thing.. it’s still some good experience.. in dealing shits. lol..

    finally!! FIRST!!

  2. hmm? got google ads?? i dunno eh. i think since im logging in i cant see? lol. i think they added it in, i didn’t add ads to my blog haha.

    and. this kind of experience, i’d rather not have it. im rather pissed at being the one who have to clear the shit. especially about the ranking difference and me having to deal with work that’s assigned to a person that’s 2 ranks above me. it’s more than just unfair lor.

  3. LOL.
    I did that kind of shit too. People passing to me what they don’t wanna do.. and I get to be on the receiving end of guest shouting at me on the phone. Bloody hell.

    1. LOL!! really. so cham. orh meaning people pass the role of “receptionist” to you ah. or until kena get scolding liao then pass the thing to you LOL

      1. no cause I worked at the room reservations mah..then sometimes the people who booked room kept delaying giving credit card authorization (if they are paying instead of guest) and I got to call them and pester them, and got one time the guest never showed up in the end mah. the booker has to pay for the 1 night room charge (cos he never cancel or anything), n they ask me to call n tell him. And wth he scold me lol idoit!

        1. my sympathies to you haha. quite poor thing though. customer service very sian de sia. always randomly got stupid customers.. oh wells. luckily youre not working there liao anyways haha.

  4. i feel the utmost sympathy for you.
    and yeah…12 nov actually quite far away….jia you ba.
    unfortunately that will be around the finals period for me. but if i can squeeze time out, i will definitely go celebrate with you de. 😀

    1. yeah.. 12 nov is really damn far. actually is much better already. initially they wanted me to stay until the end of nov lor. siao bo. then i just told them my future boss cannot wait so long lol. at most help them for 2 months. but but but.. 12 nov is still very far though… eh… the people in my office damn lame leh. one guy is like in front of me, the other is like 2 rows behind me but they’re using phone to communication. i can hear both of their voices when they talking through phone somemore lol.

  5. ahahahah farnie!!
    eh budden you found a job somewhere else already meh? (so fast!) or you just faking them? they ask where you working how?

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