It’s gotta be PMS

I feel miserable, and I can’t pin point which exact problem I’m facing now that I’m feeling this way.
Cuz there’s too many problems that I’m facing now anyway.

I can’t stop sighing, and I have practically no mood the whole day.

I cut down on the days that I’m going out recently. Even had 2 days to slack for the whole day last week (Have no been purely playing games the whole day for a damn long time).


I’m still feeling miserable.

I can’t find a reason for this abnormal behaviour of mine.

So I think, my period should be coming.

I’ve lost my motivation to go to work. If you guys know what that means.


3 thoughts on “It’s gotta be PMS

  1. gambatte!
    but speaking from personal experience, i used to blame my bouts of irrational anger on pms as well, as anguished as i was that i was being controlled by my hormones.
    however, about a year later, i realized that i don’t actually experience mood swings once a month. or all that regularly before my periods either.
    sometimes i think it’s possible we’re just angry at something we’re not directly conscious of, so it might or might not be pms. or pms is just bringing out what was latent beneath the surface.
    and since it’s not like you’re in an environment you’re very happy in, that might actually be the more direct cause.
    just food for thought.
    gambatte! x2

  2. erm i think is more like what you’ve said regarding bringing out what was beneath the surface.. once in a blue moon, i will have this kind of outburst when my period’s coming lol.

    anyway. i think i really damn zhun. its here today LOL~

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