Legend of the Fist : The Return of Chen Zhen – Movie

I’m starting to love Donnie Yen a lot a lot after watching this movie. Ip Man and Ip Man 2 was great, but I think this movie is so so so so so so so (x100 times more) captivating. His stunts were amazing, and it looked very real (I mean of course there will be parts that ropes were used just so that the actors would be safe, but his moves just looks very realistic).

I like the movements at the front part, he was seen holding 2 daggers in his hand, with his mouth holding on to the handle of a 3rd dagger, he avoided all the bullets that’s shooting him, and made his way up vertical walls by  stabbing the 2 daggers in his hands into the cracks of the wall. Just when the enemies finished reloading their guns and is prepared to make aim again, he threw out the daggers straight at them, killing them with one strike, go up front, take back the dagger and aim for other guy, aim for the other guy, took back both daggers and so on.

I was trying to recall, but I don’t really remember, is there any part in the Ip Man series that showed Donnie Yen with his top bare? I don’t remember any of that scene. Hm, maybe this is the reason why I felt this movie is better? HAHA! Okay, there’s this part at the back where he took of his shirt and I was practically staring at his body (Oh, perverted me HAHA).

Like I’ve said before in my review for The Expendables, I really like watching movies which feature the good guys winning all the bad guys without too much of a struggle. So, you wouldn’t be surprised to see me liking this movie a lot. Chen Zhen could take on like more than 10 people most of the times, what is amazing (apart from his body of course) is that when he attack the bad guys, you wouldn’t be shocked to see that the bad guys couldn’t stand up after taking a blow from him, because his blows always looked so swift, yet powerful at the same time. Whenever I watched these bad guys getting beaten up by him, I would feel sympathetic for the victims.

I think if I were a bad guy in the show, fighting against somebody like that and I see so many people practically “flying” around (have their assed kicked), I would automatically find a safe spot, drag a person’s body on my mine and act like I’m dead. I think even if I go running up front and try hitting this guy, I will still end up lying on the floor, so I’m just skipping that unnecessary part and move on to the final stage.

If you would want any secrets from me, you wouldn’t even need to use any physical force, show me the tools meant for torturing people, or just demonstrate strikes on a sandbag, I think I would just give up and say everything (I know I’m useless sobs).

There is this one part in the movie that I really felt like laughing when I saw it, though it wasn’t meant to be funny at all. After all the killings and sacrifices of a lot of people, Chen Zhen finally made his way to the final boss, which is the general of the Japanese Army. Even though the killing of this general would not stop the war from happening (like duh), but since he was an ass for killing everybody in such a cruel way, and to make the situation a bit better, his defeat is very necessary.

So Chen Zhen went into the dojo alone, and there’s this more than 30 martial people wearing this white color taekwando kind of uniform sitting on the floor, awaiting his royal arrival. Chen Zhen killed this bastard-who-should-really-been-killed-like-10-thousand-times and all of them stood up and attacked him instead. I suspect there’s like 100 of them, else why else after KO-ing so many people, there’s still like another 30 man army going after him. Anyways, the point is that, after KO-ing all of this white taekwando people, and his HP (health points, in case you people don’t play games) practically goes from 100% to like 10%, then the general finally stood up and said something like “Don’t touch him, I will deal with him myself”. If he has said this before all the woo ha, at least people would think he’s strong, but he said this after all his 30 – 100 men army lies down on the floor being KO-ed, it just turns the whole thing into a joke.

As for the bastard-who-should-really-been-killed-like-10-thousand-times and why I said that, you can like watch the movie yourself, he got whacked the most, and perhaps eve when you watch the part you will feel sympathetic for him, even though he really deserves it haha.

Eda said the whole show feels like it’s promoting Donnie Yen, I agree with this though, and it’s been very successful, because I will definitely watch the next show that Donnie Yen stars in. His martial arts is so nice!!! (And his body)


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