Detective Dee : Mystery of the Phantom Flame – Movie

I kinda got my expectations raised when the person who went to watch this movie with me told me that the show is not bad (as according to her colleague). Anyway, kinda lazy to explain who I went to watch with, most of you don’t know her, and it’s really just a random event. Especially when I learned that the movie is gonna be 2 hours long (Most of the movies that I’ve watched that has a long duration are normally not bad), so then it got my expectations up a bit again.

I should go straight to the point of why I think this movie is not good. I think there is too much CG in this show, there are parts where I think CG might not be necessary, but maybe in order for them to cut the cost of finding the props for the part, they used CG instead.


There are a lot of Hollywood movies which involves a lot a lot of CG for the movie, such as Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring, super heroes movies. One conclusion is that Chinese’s CG skills wise could never be compared to the Hollywood’s standard. I Have never seen really good CG in Chinese movies before, whereas there are so many good movies with realistic CG but all was done by westerners. To think Chinese slogs so much as compared to Westerners, but when it comes to better skills, Chinese are definitely not the winners.

Anyway, the movie started with a scene looking down on the Chinese Imperial palace from the top, I thought there are so many normal Chinese dramas that also have this kind of scene, so I believe there is definitely places like this for them to take the scene. They used CG for it instead, and one look and you could tell it’s CG, it does not look real. Then there’s this 2 horse coming into scene, with a carriage behind them, and it’s also in CG, which is the reason why I thought is all this necessary for making a CG out of it? I think in order to cut cost, or to saves the trouble of finding this props, they created CG, but because the CG standard is really not there and in the end it became a con.

Apart from the actors, costumes, and some places that is real, I think every other things are done in CG. Even the whole storyline is made up, oh wells, since the whole movie is a fabrication anyway… Everything in the movie happened because of this small little bugs that’s also created in CG. Ayz, I think they should just create a CG movie out of this.

After watching The Legend of the Fist and then this, the standard of Legend of the Fist is definitely much better. Chinese martial art fighting movies don’t need to have CG in it, so in a sense, we are not showing our weaknesses here. Instead, everything looks realistic even though when you watch the movie and you will think “wa… how did he do that?” or “is that really possible?”, but because it looks real, (even if we do know there might ropes hanging behind t hem to help them) you will also kinda believe that only the martial people can achieve this. However, if the CG is unrealistic, you don’t even need to stop to think that whatever is being done is fake.

One is a movie that shows all the good points, and the other shows all the bad points. I would watch 3 more time of The Legend of the Fist to watch another 1 more time of Detective Dee. Not blaming on the actors of course, because I love Andy Lau (I love a lot of guys as long as they’re good looking HAHA), but the storyline itself is not amusing.

One thing that I need to say that is not related to the movies at all is that, if you guys like to shake leg, please try to refrain yourself from shaking leg in Cathay movie theater. The seats are so close together, even if you just laughed and your body moved a little, it can affect the people around you, needless to say when you’re shaking your leg.

This movie is 2 hours long, halfway into the middle, I keep feeling the vibration of the chair and initially I thought is somebody behind me kicking the seat. Then, after a while, I realized to my horror that it’s the guy sitting beside me who’s shaking his leg furiously. My whole chair was shaking (of course not that furiously), it’s almost like I am watching a 4D show. Whenever he shake, I would be like “ARGHHHH” all the way, and grasping very hard to my jacket and forcing myself to concentrate on the movie instead of the vibration.

Why the hell do I need vibrations when watching a PG movie, ARGH!! (I think Oi Shan should understand this part).

I kept thinking what should I tell the guy beside me to stop him from shaking his leg, but I thought it might sounds rude, in the end I just continued “ARGHH”-ing and grasping to my jacket whenever he shake leg.

So PLEASE, if you guys go to the theater, have to refrain yourself from shaking your leg because it’s very irritating!!!


7 thoughts on “Detective Dee : Mystery of the Phantom Flame – Movie

  1. YEAH!! i dun like shaking legs.. especially in threatre! TSK! damn irritating.. everytime ppl shake leg and my chair vibrating.. i feel like grabbing a hammer and break the damn leg of the person.

    Anyway, i dun think actors are hanged by ropes.. lol. it’s shld be called wires instead! LOL! ropes just reminds me of those can be burned by fires~~ HAHAHAHAH!

    1. YEAH!! i really feel like strangling the guy beside me. very irritating!!!! in the end im so conscious of his leg shaking that even when he stopped shaking, im still preparing myself for the next wave of vibrations you know LOL!

      sui bian ropes or wires la. understooded can le LOL!

  2. i totally sympathize with you. but you really should have just asked him to stop. youre paying money you know!
    and oh, i actually watched this movie.
    me and my friends thought it was an entertaining B grade movie.
    when the deer came out and started talking, my jaw just dropped open and i cracked up. i think after that point, there was just no way i could take the movie very seriously. >.<

    1. I don’t know leh, but it seemed very evil of me to ask him to stop shaking his leg, kinda felt like pin-pointing his fault in public, though I thought I really should have told him. Nvm.

      the movie, is totally not nice, i’m very disturbed by the graphics, at least when it comes to western movies, even though a lot are fabricated, but at least the graphics look real enough, but this one is really just cheap CG.

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